Tutorial: My Gnomescape: Cosmo Cricket and Pink Persimmon Make Me Happy

Is my Gnomescape.
What is a Gnomescape, you ask? A Gnomescape is a happy little 3-dimensional gnome home created by MEEEEEEE!!!! And it happens to be on the list of cutest things EVER! Today, I am going to share with you how to make a Gnomescape like mine (or a similar type of shadowbox piece if you happen to not be into gnomes and mushrooms and such. Although, I'm not sure why you wouldn't be into those things because they are pretty much just GREAT!!!!)

Here is what you will need. Cosmo Cricket Earth Love collection (LOVE is RIGHT!!!), Pink Persimmon Ribit Stamp set, Nikoart gnome stamp, a 6x6 shadow box frame (mine is Jolee's by EK Success), various inks and applicators, a sheet of vintage book paper, a chipboard house, colored pencils and/or markers, some glittery stuff, adhesives, and some wire. That should pretty much cover everything.

Begin by cutting your background paper to the correct size to fit the back of your frame. Mine was not quite 6x6, so be sure to use the backboard as a guide. Ink the edges (you will be doing a lot of this).

Stamp your images onto cardstock. I usually stamp a few of each that I want to use just in case I don't like the coloring the first time around. I think I colored 3 of that large mushroom before I was happy with it! LOL!

Cut out the images that you plan to use in your scene. Be sure to leave the black ink line when you cut out your images so that they really pop when layered onto the background.

Cut two more layers to add to your background. I used the bird paper in the middle and then used the rolling paper for the 'ground' in my scene. I simply used the patterns on the paper to guide my cutting. Adhere with multiple layers of foam adhesive. Note: If layering onto different levels your adhesive may have to be different thicknesses on the top and bottom - be sure to watch for this so you keep it all even.

Cover the chipboard house with the vintage text paper. Assemble the elements onto the background as you want them.

Be sure to add your elements at a variety of depths to give your piece a lot of dimension.

For the very bottom of the frame I wanted to add something that looked fantastical, but also added some fun to my piece. I chose to cut a strip of cardstock to fit the bottom of the frame and cover that with a shimmer flake. I spritzed it with some Glimmer Mist to change the color a bit and added a few pearl beads, as well. I then adhered the strip to the frame.

Because this is such a dimensional piece, it only seemed right to have something hanging in my shadow box. I cut these fun flowers from the Earth Love papers out to dangle from the top.

To adhere them, simply add a glue dot to the back of the flower and attach a piece of wire. Coil the top of the wire (the part not glued to the flower) and use a glue dot to stick that to a circle of cardstock (I chose to use the center of more flowers to keep them decorative) and then adhere to the top of the frame at various depths. Trim off any excess wire.

Once you have everything in place all you need to do is assemble your frame and hang! I love this thing! It was TONS of fun to create and even more fun to have in my studio! It makes me SOOOO happy!!!!

What do you think? It's totally a happy-making kind of project! Really! I promise! It is! You could totally make these as gifts! And...it actually doesn't take all that long. I know it looks like it would take forever, but it really doesn't!

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  1. This is super cute...I love all the layers!

  2. This project is why you're my hero!! I just love this. Such a great project!! x-Diana

  3. awww this is sooo adorable!! No matter how sick I am if I visit your blog you always make me happy & giggle!Ohhh if the world was full of Jingles what a happy happy place!!

  4. This is super cute! I have a shadow box I want to make like the sand dunes but I haven't quite figured out how I want to do it yet. This gave me some ideas.

  5. Jennifer, you are so dang creative, I LOVE this idea! Totally awesome, and I might have to make my own little happy scape scene soon. Thanks for the instructions!

  6. WOWZERS!!! What a gorgeous project! I love everything about it!

  7. So elfing cute...love it

  8. So fun and too cute!

    I've been thinking of trying a paper art project and after seeing your Gnomescape, I'm now inspired to actually do it!

  9. Wowzers! This is SO cool! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I came here from the CC blog and I'm so happy I did! This project is simply FANTASTIC! And your blog is such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  11. This is ultra cute. I have a couple little ceramic mushrooms sitting on my scrapdesk that I've been saving for a 3D project just like this....might have to dig out my CC scraps this weekend!!


  12. OK, Wow! As you would say, "that is wicked cool!" Wow!! Feel free to send it to me, my address is ... lol!

  13. Holy crap!! I'm so glad they posted this link on the CC blog because this is totally amazing!! LOVE the idea and all the dimension - just fabulous!!

  14. What a fabulous project! Love all of the dimension!

  15. Wow, this is really cool with amazing results. Thanks so much for the tutorial, I will be back for more inspiration.

  16. Hi, I got here through the Cosmo Cricket blog and I'm glad I paid your blog a visit. This gnome box is so cute!! Perfectly made.

  17. this is adorable.....Over the top! I gave you an award!


  18. Way cute!! But too much cutting for me. I can't believe how close you got the flowers.. Awesome!!

  19. Hi Jingle!
    Followed your link here from the Paper Crafts blog.
    Just have to say cute project! :)

    Have a great Saturday,

    Paper Crafts Go-to-Gal

  20. So creative!

    Its my sons birthday this thursday, and I think I've got a fun dinasaur idea going on in my head - thx for the inspiration!

  21. I love the 3D effect! You are so crafty,I wish I had even half of your skills..

  22. So cute! You have such great creativity!

  23. No way Jingle...that is a rockin' project! And those stamp sets are darling...thanks for linking...I'm off to check em' out! Yes, that is the cutest project ever.

    Jamie :)

  24. I remember these from years ago. I loved them and still do. I love all the detail and layering. Great job!

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