Happy Haunting! {Sketchy Thursdays}

Sooooo....do you want to see the CUTEST STINKING CARD EVER???

Okay, so I may be exaggerating JUST a bit, but I am still really excited because I"m totally in love with these little monsters! LOL!

So, for Sketchy Thursdays this week I decided to go ahead and do a card instead of a layout seeing as Saturday is WORLD CARD MAKING DAY and such!!!

The Cardstock and monster stamps are from Crate Paper. LOVE THEM!!!

The brads, ink, and alpha stamps are all Close To My Heart.

The decorative tape is Martha Stewart for EK Success.

The Letter stickers are Making Memories.

The ribbon is American Crafts.

The Colored Pencils are PrismaColor.

I am officially out of breath now! LOL! Enjoy!

(Sorry this is so fast and furious, but The Hubbums just got home and it is also officially my bed time. I'll see you folks in the morning with a WAY cool vintage find!!!)

Wordless Wednesday & More World Card Making Day Inspiration

Okay...here's the deal. After this sentence I'm going to try REALLY hard to not use words. REALLY HARD. I'm going to try.






Just a reminder that card making doesn't have to be complicated! These are quick and easy cards and TOTALLY cute! What do you think?

Ooops. Yeah, that's a fail on the wordless gig. I'm not ashamed. Just say'n.

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World Card Making Day - Are YOU Ready to Create?

Yup! World Card Making Day is THIS SATURDAY!!!! I'm pretty excited about it! Nothing like a good excuse to forgo all household responsibilities in the name of crafting!!!

And today, my Honey Comb munching friends (oh...wait...that's me...you probably are, indeed, NOT eating a bowl of dry Honey Comb cereal right now. Oh, well. Just pretend. Nod and smile....that's what my family does....), I have a few fabulously simple cards to share with you. I usually don't post more than one or two at a time because I sort of like to horde my blog material, so you should consider this a special treat! Cards AND Honey Comb Cereal. Yup. It's a good day for you!

This is the card that you got to see a sneak of yesterday. I totally pulled out a bunch of stuff that has, well, let's just say it had 'made itself at home' in my stash. *clears throat* Yeah....it's totally been sitting around for at least a year...some a lot longer. Just say'n.

BUT...the point is that those 'old' and 'outdated' supplies look neither old, nor outdated on this fun, cheery card! Pull out those supplies! Use them for some cards! It feels good!

Okay...moving on...
See that black flourish die cut? Yeah, that one. I totally didn't even know I had that. It came in a lovely baggy of cuts sent to me in a lovely package by a lovely person and I thought it was great at the time and because I tend to get compulsive about putting new stuff away the lovely little baggy of lovely die cuts from the lovely person got put away and I never really saw the treasures that lay within! BOY was I excited when I pulled them out the other day!!!

(Oh...and yes...I am compulsive about putting away new stuff. The funny thing is....I am so NOT compulsive about putting stuff away after I take it out to use it, hence the current hurricane that is my scrapbook studio.)

Again...moving on.

This one doesn't use super old stuff, but it does use super FUN stuff! Is anyone else head over heels in love with the American Crafts Flair accents? 'Cause I like TOTALLY am, dude! Seriously. I know other companies did it, but for some reason theirs has caught this scrappy fish, let me tell you!

And....we have one more...

Am I totally and completely gonna marry this card 'cause I'm so majorly in love with it? Yes. Is it totally a scraplift. Maybe. Sort of. Well, yeah, it totally is. I used completely different colors and stuff, but I got the basic idea from Card Creations Volume 7. Actually, all of these cards were in some way inspired by this issue. It's awesome. If you don't have it go to Barnes and Noble, get yourself a cup of tea and buy this. You will be inspired for Saturday's fun and festivities that DO NOT include house work of any kind. Just say'n.

SO....that's our post for today...by "our" I totally mean "my" because we all know sure as hell nobody else would take credit for this insanity I call a blog! HA! I hope you have a super happy Tuesday and I hope even more that you will join me in celebrating World Card Making Day on Saturday and I hope against ALL HOPE that you will leave a comment today so that I don't have to roam the streets during my lunch hour begging people to read my rantings. Tell me which card is your favorite! ;-) Thanks for reading! Love you guys! *insert big cheesy grin here*

Okay...seriously. I'm done now.

Jingle out.

HA! ! ! ! ! Cracks me up. Every time.

Bye now.


It is SO Monday Today.... (*And a Winner!)

So...are you ready to hear my sob story?

Yup. I'm totally going to whine for a minute!

So, here's the deal. I went to bed with an annoying, albeit, not huge headache.

I woke up with a great big huge gigantic yuck of a headache.

How did THAT happen?

Not to mention that I also felt WAY more tired than usual. I'm guessing that's 'cause I felt like I wanted to remove my head. Just say'n.

I'm not usually one to get migraines or substantial headaches, so I'm just not liking this on little bit, I must say.

THEN....I head on over to Use Your Stash this morning to check out the DT work and guess who's card isn't posted?

Yup. That would be mine. I guess they didn't get the email from me, but that's no big deal because I can send them my card right now, right?


Sort of.

I hit the upload button right before leaving for work, as I often do, and then left for my hour long journey letting my good 'ole Mac do it's thing.

I'm not very happy with Flickr right now.

The upload did not complete.

Actually...I did get ONE photo uploaded to my account, but I have no idea where the rest of them are. SOOOooo...you get a SNEAK of my card instead of the whole thing! Sorry about that! LOL!


I am actually pretty happy with the card, though. I totally dug deep into my stash for this challenge! It's a REALLY easy challenge, too, guys, so you totally should play along this week! All you have to do is dig deep! So head on over to Use Your Stash and get busy!!!!

And....now I get to work all day. Yay. Containing this excitement may prove to be difficult. Just say'n.

BUT....I do have a winner to announce, so hopefully that will make a certain someone have a MUCH better start to her week!!!

The winner of the Custom Poster from Large Format Posters is...... Jessica from Adjusting to the World!!!! Congratulations, Jessica! Please contact me within the next 48 hours to claim your prize!!!!


Switchflops by Lindsay Phillips Review and Giveaway!!! *CLOSED*

There is nothing better than a great giveaway on a Friday, and let me tell you, ladies and gentlemen, I have a GREAT GIVEAWAY for you today!!!! Seriously. I'm wicked crazy excited!

I would like to introduce you to Switchflops by Lindsay Phillips!!!

Here is what they say:

What They Are: Classic sandals with a fresh new look.
...(an) innovative, interchangeable footwear line.
...All of the SwitchFlops straps are undeniably stylish.
Create an endless shoe wardrobe with over 70 strap choices.
Here is what I say:


Yes. I am totally serious. First, let me begin by telling you that I am not one of those people who wear flip flops every day of my life. Nope. I'm not. I don't even wear them every day in the summer, actually. Would you like to know why? I will tell you why. Because most flip flops out there are just plain YUCK! I like SHOES!!! Real ones. With cuteness, comfort (although, even I've been known to consider that optional if the cuteness factor is high enough), and style. I consider my shoes to be part of my outfit and a very IMPORTANT part at that.

You know those $3 flip flops they sell at a certain trendy store that every teen in America seems to own? Yeah...those ones. These are NOT those flip flops! Those flip flops are flat, plasticky, and in general, not cute.

SwitchFlops, however, are AMAZING! I started seeing a few bloggers talking about them and I got curious because they really are an ingenious idea! The strap velcros onto the shoe and you can purchase a variety (over 70, actually) of straps to switch out giving you ENDLESS options! I LOVE THAT!!!
There are a variety of great shoe styles to choose from, as well, so you really do have TONS of amazing choices when creating your own style shoe!

SwitchFlops sent me the Lulu in Black with that absolutely ADORABLE Black and white polka dot strap attached. Umm....can anyone else say CUTE???!!! They also sent me the Cora (cute purple) strap to switch out. The purple strap looks SO cute on the black shoe! I really love it! Plus...now I can totally wear the same shoe two days in a row because all I have to do is switch out the strap!!! Yay me!!!

Let me tell you what struck me right away with these fabulous SwitchFlops. Comfort. As I previously mentioned, I don't like those thin flimsy cheap flip flops that you get at that one blue place, and part of the reason that I don't like them is that they are SO painful! Seriously! When I look at a casual sandal like a flip flop, I expect comfort. SwitchFlops are, indeed, comfortable! They have a nice thick sole and I really feel like my arch is supported in them. I took a walk during my lunch break yesterday and these were perfect! They were cute enough to go with my outfit, and practical enough to wear for my walk. Actually, when the box first arrived I had just got home from work and my feet were KILLING me! I had been wearing a on-supportive shoe and I had made the mistake of walking a mile and a half in them. That hurts. I was so excited about the newly arrivedS witchFlops that I put them on right out of the box...Aaaaahhh.

I kid you not, folks. My feet felt SO much happier! These are really a comfortable and cute shoe, all rolled into one! I really can't say enough good about them. I am 100% totally sold! These are great shoes! My next strap is TOTALLY going to be the Brittany! I love it!!!!!!

Also, SwitchFlops is doing a great thing for the community, as well! They have recently launched their Breast Cancer Awareness SwitchFlops!

Cute for a Cause! Seriously, folks...you can't get any better than that!!! 25% of the proceeds from this SwitchFlop will be donated to Youngh Survival Coalition and The Mammography Voucher Program at Morton Plant Mease. I will be posting more on this later, but I love working with companies and supporting companies that do great things. This...is a great thing. There is a wonderful opportunity to share your stories on the website, so please check that out and share your story to inspire others!

Now....for the GIVEAWAY!!! ( I know...that is what you have all been waiting for!)

SwitchFlops by Lindsay Phillips has generously offered to give ONE Just Jingle reader with a US address ONE pair of Switchflops (your choice of style) and ONE strap (your choice)!!! How exciting is THAT?!!! I'm excited.

You do not have to be a blogger to enter, however, this one is open to US addresses only. Please be sure to leave your contact email (you can disguise it like this if you want: jinglesells at gmail dot com).
1. Visit the SwitchFlops website and tell me which SwitchFlops AND which strap you will chose if you win! (Don't worry...you can change your mind later if you win!;-))

***Optional Extra Entries***
2. Follow my blog. You MUST leave an EXTRA comment letting me know you follow.
3. Post about this giveaway on your blog with a link to this post along with a link to SwitchFlops. You MUST leave an EXTRA comment with a LINK to your blog post
4. Enter my Large Format Posters Giveaway. Leave an EXTRA comment on THIS post letting me know you entered!
5. Follow JustJingle and SwitchFlops on Twitter and tweet the following:

Enter to Win a Free Pair of SwitchFlops from @JustJingle and @SwitchFlops! http://tinyurl.com/y9qzptk

I was sent a pair of SwitchFlops and one strap to review. I have received no additional compensation for my review.
Giveaway Will Close on Saturday, October 3rd at midnight EST.


A New Old Purse for ME!!!! {Vintage Thingies Thursday}


Can you EVEN STAND IT? I totally can't! I am so excited about this little purchase! I mean, it was pretty expensive and all, but you know...when you just LOVE something....

Because I took the photos indoors, at night the color is a bit off, but it is a fabulous, striking turquoise color! LOVE!!!!


It is really in great shape, too. It has a small scratch on the back, but that just adds to the charm! Seriously...this is the cutest purse EVER! (At least for today.)


And now the cuteness is going to EAT YOU UP!!!! HA! Okay...so maybe that's just funny to me. Oh, well. BUT, this is the inside! Totally lined with a neat beige-ey kind of color that I love. It has a strap in there, too, but I think I like it better without the strap. It totally stays open like this because it has that sort of metally thingy in it that pops it open and then you just snap it shut. I hope some of you speak Jingle. Sometimes it's hard being me and trying to communicate with the rest of the world! LOL!

But, anyway, I am totally and completely head over heels in love with this fabulous new vintage handbag! Like, I said....a little pricey, but it just may be the best quarter I've ever spent!

Tee-hee....yup! You read that right! He wanted fifty cents for it, but I totally talked him down. I do so love a good yard sale now and then!!!!

Have a Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday!!!! For more simply awesome Vintage Thingy posts check out Colorado Lady!


Forever Love {Sketchy Thursdays}

This turned into SUCH a fun layout to create! Diana and Heidi over at Sketchy Thursdays put out yet another fantastic sketch to jumpstart this layout!

I actually stayed pretty tightly to the sketch. Instead of small photos at the bottom of the page I chose to add some fun handmade embellishments, but other than that, I loved the clean lines offered by the original design.

This photo was taken on our anniversary last year. We spent a quiet evening at home, but it was still a special occasion, so I thought this shot was a great way to commemorate it.

forever love

The patterned papers are all from Chatterbox, along with the chipboard letters. The brads and the glitter letters are from Making Memories. The stamps and ink are from Close To My Heart, and the Glimmer Mist is by Tattered Angels. I also used a sheet from a vintage encyclopedia and some fun sequin fiber along the edges of the black mat.

Forever Love title
Forever Love bottom title
forever love handmade embellishment

I created the embellishments by punching scalloped circles from vintage book page and then giving them some color and shimmer with the Glimmer Mist. I then layered the distressed velvet paper circles and the printed transparency punched circles and brought it all together with the glitter brads.

forever love stamping

I love how the date states the journaling for me in such a simple manner.

forever Love handmade embellishment close up

Head on over to Sketchy Thursdays to see the work of some other great designers!

It is Officially Here - {Wordless Wednesday} - Oh...and I'm officially addicted.


It's officially here. *sigh* At least it's pretty!

And....I am officially addicted. Yes, my friends, I am a Gleek!

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White Man by the Michael Grungor Band

So, I don't usually post much in the way of religion, politics, and such, just cause, well, quite frankly I could go on for hours on all of the above, but that's not really the purpose of this blog, so instead of ranting I just avoid it in general. However...this was too good to avoid. I just love it! Even if you aren't religious in any way, you may find this interesting. Actually...if nothing else... the artwork in the video ROCKS! Seriously - I totally love it! Way fun! So, that's all. Let me know what you think. I'm curious!

Thanks to Jesus Needs New PR for sharing this video!

Have an Awesome Tuesday!


A Simple Card Using Old School Technique

***Don't forget to check out the giveaway in Saturday's Post!***

Well, I pretty much failed this week. I originally created this for the new Use Your Stash Challenge. The thing is...I totally screwed up. I skipped a challenge!

So....here's the deal...check out my card....tell me what you think, but just don't use it as your springboard for the UYS challenge, k? LOL!


I actually was so proud of myself, too, because I totally dug deep into my stash for this card! I pulled out my old LIGHT BOX! I know...go ahead...catch your breath...it's pretty shocking. I decided to give the good 'ole brass template dry embossing technique a try again and I am so glad I did! I love the way it came out!


I decided to keep it simple instead of inking or chalking the design. I think it stands really well on it's own. I also want to try it with Glimmer Mist, because the brass would work really well as a mask and I am sure it would look fantastic!


In addition to the old school technique, I also pulled out some older papers. The green is actually a Christmas paper from BoBunny that I found in my stash and the other is from the Cosmo Cricket Tapestry collection (remember that one?). I somehow managed to get a TON of that collection, so I need to start using it all! LOL! I finished the card off with a gold grosgrain ribbon and then edged it with Distress Stickles in Old Linen. I used Distress Stickles only because the color was really the best for the card, and I was nervous that the chunkier glitter wouldn't work well for a thin edge, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Now...for the REAL Challenge head on over to Use Your Stash and practice your addition skills!!! It's a fun one! I will be making another project and posting it this week to inspire you for the real challenge this week! I do apologize for not getting it right the first time. I haven't really been myself the last couple of weeks and it is apparently catching up with me!

Oh...I also wanted to share something I heard on the news this morning on my ride in to work. I found this quote to be hilarious, but maybe it's just because I'm from here. You will have to let me know.

In reference to Boston wanting to become a city for bicyclists:

"The perception is that if you ride a bicycle in Boston you will just get run over...

...by everyone....

...and die."

HA! That cracked me up! If you have ever been here, you probably understand. If not...it's not an unreasonable perception...trust me! LOL!

...Anyway...they are working on that, and I am happy to hear it!

Leave a comment! It helps me stay sane.


*Sponsor Giveaway!* Large Format Posters 18x24 Poster Giveaway!!! *CLOSED*

I am excited to be giving away to one Just Jingle reader an 18x24 Rolled Poster from Large Format Posters!!!

Large Format Posters offers a variety of printing services including, but not limited to Poster Printing and Large Format Printing. There are so many choices! You can even create really cool Vinyl Banners and super stinking fun Custom Window Clings!

What is really great is that you can do all of this with whatever design you want! Do you have a small business? Maybe an Etsy shop that you want to spread the word about or a craft fair booth that could use some great signage to attract people. Large Format Posters is ready to help you out!

But...what is even COOLER is the fact that the prices are totally affordable for home use, too! Did you catch a photo of your son or daughter making the first soccer goal of the season? How cool would THAT be on a poster in the child's bedroom!!!??!!!!

Do you have a birthday party coming up for someone special? Create an awesome banner or some great wall graphics to let the guest of honor see how much you care!

I haven't decided what photo I want to use quite yet, but here is one that I am considering....

Won't that just look fantastic in poster form? I think so! I love the ocean so much!!!! This photo makes me happy!

So, I'm guessing you want to know how you can win an 18x24 poster with YOUR favorite photo displayed on it!

One Winner will receive one 18x24 poster shipped for free to the address of the winner.

1. *REQUIRED* - Leave a comment on this post letting me know how you would use your poster! That's it! Nice and Easy!

2. *Optional* - Follow my blog. Leave an additional comment letting me know you follow!

3. *Optional* - Blog about this giveaway being sure to link back to both this blog and a link to LargeFormatPosters.com! Leave an additional comment with a link to your post.

4. *Optional* - Follow me on Twitter and tweet the following:

Enter the Large Format Posters #giveaway from @JustJingle and @uprinting to win an 18x12 Custom Poster Today http://tinyurl.com/mcr8us
Leave an additional comment with a link to your tweet.

Giveaway is open to US addresses only, as Uprinting can only ship to US addresses. Giveaway ends Saturday, September 26th.


I have a slightly restored faith in humanity as a whole. (...and a WINNER!!!)

I have a story to tell you. A story that has allowed for my faith in humanity as a whole to be at least slightly restored. You see, here's the deal....I don't much like people.


Don't take it personally, or anything... it's not at all that I don't like INDIVIDUALS, it's just that humanity as a whole is pretty much a hopeless wreck! I mean, honestly! Think about it. We are self centered, mean, rude little buggers! As individuals, though.... from time to time we are able to prove that there is actually still hope. There is still a glimmer of light that shines out. This is the story of that glimmer.

Let's go back to Tuesday night.

...vworp....vworp.....vworp......(that's the sound of the Tardis taking us back to Tusday night, just in case you were wondering.)

So...The Hubbums is sick. Just a nasty bad cold or mild flu...not sure which, but does it really matter? Nope. 'Cause he is just plain sick and feels like crap. Vacuuming desperately needed to be done, 'cause we've been insanely busy and tired, and just stuff....and if you have beige carpet and two black labs and you go a full week without vacuuming...guess what?! It is not a pretty sight! So...he is usually the one who vacuums, so even though he felt like crap he felt like he should do it anyway. I wished he wouldn't, but I had just walked in from work and wasn't really thrilled with the idea of doing it myself, and I wasn't about to tackle a sick man for control of the vacuum...that would just be wrong, now wouldn't it! So, I decided to be a nice wife and let him do it (yeah.....that's my story......). Anyway...he did his office, the hall, the living room and stopped outside the bedroom and asked if I would be able to do that because (being sick, remember) he was actually exhausted. Not a problem. I had the chance to sit for a minute while he was doing the other, so I said that would be fine. He decided to run to WalMart to get a couple of things that we needed/ wanted including, perhaps, a movie from Redbox so we could just veg for the evening.

He got home and looked at me with a puzzled look after placing the bags on the floor near the pantry.

The movie.

Where was it?


So...I unpacked the bags while he went down the three floors back to the car to see if he left it in there while I looked in each bag. I found nothing.

He found nothing.

Sad. Day.

So, we hopped in the car to go BACK to Walmart in hopes that it just got left in the cart and was sitting in the cart return waiting for us to come rescue it's shiny little self.

No. Such. Luck.

I felt bad. He felt worse.

He wasn't feeling well at all, so it's not like he was himself and I told him as much.

The problem was...that, if you have ever rented from Redbox and know how it works..., they charge you by the day. It's $1 a day. That simple. If you keep it for 25 days you pay $1 a day and then they slap a nice $25 fee on you and you can keep the movie! (For a mere $50! YIKES!)

We figured this is what would happen. I had left my number with the service desk at Walmart, but let's be honest...I didn't hold my breath for that call.

WELL.....Here is the good part!!!

Yesterday we got the email!

Yup! We got the email from our Redbox account thanking us for returning the movie!


I just hope that they found it that night and got to watch it before they returned it. I mean, really...we had to pay for the night anyway, so for someone willing to return it and return it ON TIME I am MORE than happy to buy you a movie for a night!

So....whoever you are oh mysterious Redbox movie returner...THANK YOU!!!!

Honestly...I PRAYED that someone would return it. It's amazing how sometimes God is totally cool about the little stuff. Seriously...the relief that we felt after seeing that email...I can't even tell you!

Thus...my faith in humanity has been somewhat restored. Thanks Mr. Movie Returner Man (or woman...I'm just going generic here, folks!). You have done great things.

And NOW for the WINNER of my August Favorite Things Giveaway!!!!!!

Drumroll pleaase..........................


..................................................................THIS FABULOUS PERSON!!!! (Click the link to see who won! And if it isn't you...check out her stuff! It's AWESOME! Leave her some comment love, too!!!)

Leave me a comment - they subdue my necessity to take over the world.


A Very Special Album -{ Vintage Thingies Thursday}

For More Vintage Thingies Thursday Adventures check out Colorado Lady!

Also...I posted another post late last night, so if you haven't seen that one, check it out!

Today I wan to share with you something that is not only vintage, but also very special to me. This album is a treasure. There is simply no lesser word that could describe it. It was given to me by my Nana for Christmas a few years ago and I treasure it dearly. She wrote the lovely note (by hand) inside the front cover. The rest of the inscriptions throughout the book are written in the hand of my Great Grandmother, Nana Griggs. I had the privilege of getting to know my great grandparents quite well. They were around and a part of my life for a very long time and I feel very blessed by that. Nana Griggs is someone whom I think about often. I miss both her and Grandpa Griggs from time to time. It makes me sad that they never got to meet The Hubbums, and he them. I can promise that he wouldn't have quite known what to do with those two! LOL! They were a kick! Always picking on someone - but of course always in love and fun! They were just wonderful people. I remember so many details about them and their home, which is odd because I don't have a great memory. For some reason they had a HUGE impact on my life. When Nana Coutu gave me this album tears streamed down my face. Nana Griggs had taken the time to document my childhood. She had an entire album devoted to JUST ME! That's pretty neat! I love this thing!




And inside:

That's me!

That's Nana and Grandpa Griggs, me, my Mom and Dad, and my aunt Heidi

Me and Mommy! Isn't she just the cutest thing ever?!

Me, Mommy, and a puppy. As you can see...I have apparently loved dogs all my life! LOL!

This is one of my favorites! Me and Daddy!

I know all of the scrapbookers are out there cringing at those magnetic album pages and yes....I am working on that. But I am just thrilled to have these wonderful photos complete with Nana Griggs' thoughts beneath each one!

Have you been blessed with a treasure from a family member? Share it! Leave a comment! They keep me from throwing stuff at people.