HAPPY World Card Making Day!!!!!

I am Pretty Darned Excited! I really do love a good paper crafting holiday, what can I say? And yes...ALL DAY today it is officially WORLD CARD MAKING DAY!!!!

I just wanted to do a quick post before I get working on my card making goodness! I have two fun and fabulous Halloween cards to share with you today!

Halloween Card with Imaginisce Stamp

Haunted House Halloween Card

They were fairly quick to make because I used very similar materials on them and just mixed them up a bit to create two unique cards. I love doing this because it allows each card to be special, while making my life a bit easier.

It is a dark and rainy day here in Massachusetts today, so I am going to put on some fun music, perhaps pour myself a bowl of that BooBerry cereal that I picked up *since it's that time of year and all* and get working on some paper crafting!!!

I also have this strange urge to completely reorganize parts of my scrapbook room, so I may end up doing that instead...we shall see. I'm trying to fight that urge. It always ends up in a big mess before it ends up in the beautiful organizational glory I imagine! LOL!

P.S. Leave a comment! Make this gloomy day brighter by letting me know you are here! Is it raining where you are? If you happen to live in the other hemisphere, I am jealous...you are in spring and heading toward summer....*sigh*.


  1. Happy World Card Making Day and greetings from Finland!

    Over here it hasn't been raining today but it's still quite wet and foggy. I can really reel the days getting colder and colder... :)

  2. Love these, they are oh so pretty! Orange in my fave color!

  3. Happy Card Making Day to you too!!
    It's bright and sunny here but the wind is making it chilly!

  4. Its all rainy and gross here too, I am currently bundled up in a big fuzzy blanket surfing the web.

  5. Happy Card Making Day from Maine!!! It's been wet and gloomy up here today! YUCK! But gave me an excuse to stay in and get creative.


  6. Love the card! You have the best photos. What kind of camera do you have?

  7. It's a rainy night in Hawaii and has been raining on and off all day. That said, it is still warm and sunny at times. I am totally enjoying the rain tonight as I love being snug in m home, crafting away while listening to the rain!!

  8. It's not raining here but the wind is blowing pretty darn hard!

    So, I didn't get a card made, but I did get a word book cut out [now I just have to decorate it...] does that count?

  9. I LOVE this Studio G stamp. I have it in the package and now I need to use it! You rocked these cards!!!

  10. Did you fight off your urge to reorganize or did you craft the day away, BooBerry Crunch by your side?
    World Cardmaking Day was windy in my part of the World~ as I was walking to the store, a huge gust came up and blew the Trader Joe's price signs way up into the air~ windy!
    Cute Halloween cards!

  11. I love the stamp you used in these cards!

    I am here!!! Don't be lonely! It's raining cats and dogs here. They say it's going to rain all week. It's ok. Makes me want hot chocolate (which is not a bad thing really).

    I go to my first crop this Friday (as you know)! I'll report back to you Saturday! I saw some of the girls going to the one they had this weekend and they looked like they were moving into the store! WOW!.. Some had like 4 crates stacked on a dolly!

    Hope you have a great week oh and if you do reorg your scrap room I wanna see pics!


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