You Want To Spread Your Wings....

Do you ever have one of those days when you stop and it hits you? I mean it really hits you. You get that burning question in your mind.

"Ummm....Can someone please tell me when I became a grown-up?"

Yup. That one. I was driving up Rt.495 this morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I COMMUTE! Not only do I commute, but I have a 'big-girl' JOB! When the HECK did that happen?

Maybe it's just me, but every now and then it all just hits me.

Of course, then I realize that while, yes, I am thirty years old, I commute, I have a big-girl job...I'm still not a grown up. Why? Because I refuse to be one.


I'm cool with that whole taking care of things part of it, I'm not trying to get out of that, but I'm still going to play and have fun and do cool stuff. Cool stuff like dress up like Robin (as in Batman and...) for Halloween. Why? 'Cause it's fun.

And fun stuff like make stuff. With my hands. A lot.

Which brings me to this little number that I created for the Gutter Girlz Challenge this month. I was actually quite inspired by the challenge this time around and thrilled that I was able to play along!

Here are the challenge guidelines:

Tender. Human.
Afraid by Nelly Furtado
Bra Straps

You can use one or all of the above to inspire you.

First of all - one may find it a bit odd that the 'product' they chose was a bra strap.

Second of all - one may find it a bit MORE odd that I had a couple of those sitting in my stash just waiting for the perfect project! HA! NOT EVEN JOKING! LOL!

So, I used one!

You Want To Spread Your Wings Art Doll

The challenge really inspired this art doll. I pulled lyrics from the song to use along the strap, which, of course, is a bra strap. While I did not directly use the words "Tender. Human.", they did serve as a fabulous source of inspiration while creating her personality. She is, indeed, a tender human. A tender human wishing to break free and fly.

You Want To Spread Your Wings face

You Want To Spread Your Wings Close Up

She is a paper doll on acrylic wings (edged with Gold Leaf) and hangs from the elusive bra strap. The words are stamped on vellum and mounted on bits of leather paper. She is clipped to her strap, but not permanently attached because someday she will break free and fly.

She will never be a grown-up.


  1. Unique! You are creative........continue being so. There is a child in each us, who wants to stay that way, no matter how old or young you are.

  2. It really is scary to realize all of a sudden that you're a grown up - odd how it sneaks up on most of us, too.

    Love the doll. Very unique.

    Stopping by from SITS to say hello!

  3. Love your art girl!!!!

    And I feel ya! I'm 31 and still can't refer to myself as a "woman". ha!


    Soy la número 113 de "la casa de Chany" te invito a ver eres muy bienvenida, y te digo te ves súperdivertida. Chany.-

  5. Very artistic and inspired! Don't ever feel like you have to grow up...continue to spread your wings, girl!!

  6. Beautiful project! And I love the sentiment behind it. Beautiful!


  7. Love your paper doll, very creative!! I don't feel my age either (at least not mentally), and I think that having fun, keeps us young!

  8. Wow what a beautiful and creative way to express yourself....love it!

    Stopping by from SITS to wish you a happy Charity Tuesday

  9. This is such a cool project, love it!!!!!!!

  10. love it! and I love that you had a bra strap ready to use! :)

  11. YES!! THIS is what we hope to see when we give out prompts!! LOVE how you used all the elements! Of course, I don't think it's strange you already had a bra strap around... I do too. lol That's why I picked it as part of the prompt!! lol

  12. first off, yes...growing up sucks! lol
    and I don't know if you scrolled down my blog...but, I put up a pic of my costume I am going to wear this Friday for our costume party. hehe
    Can't wait to see pics of you as Robin. I will ALWAYS dress up for Halloween.
    love love LOVE your GG challenge take! Cool how you used the bra strap. the whole project is gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Your doll is adorable and I love the meaning you've attached to it. Maturity is over rated, and it will bite you in the butt soon enough. If more people took care of the child inside, I think the world would be a happier place. Good for you, Jingle.

  14. "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys R Us kid..."

  15. blow my mind!
    this is AMAZING!
    And, i am s little more than surprised you had bra straps in your collection! I wanted to use one so bad but couldn't bear to cut up any of my bras! Go you!

    This is a wall hanging - FO' SHO'!

  16. Whoa, girl, you are too creative! :) Love it!

  17. This is fabulous! really, really cool! Awesome take on this prompt! i'm soooooo diggin' the art doll! thanks for playing along with us!

  18. This is fabulous Jingle!
    A true work of art.

    Oh, and I have two bra straps in my stash too. LOL!


  19. What an adorable project! Love Her!!Thanks so much for joining the EAD Bloghop today and for your wonderful comment!

  20. This is sooooo cool!!! Love that you used the bra strap and thanks for rolling in the gutter with us!

  21. Beautiful and so creative! You did a really great job with this.

  22. Fun piece - I love doing challenges! You did a great job with this

  23. Love her!! What a great job you did with this challenge! And I agree......never grow up! I am 38 and still act like a fool much of the time.....in a fun way of course! Life is too short not to laugh your way through it!


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