I'm Just a Caged Bird {Vintage Thingies Thursday}


Isn't it just lovely? I mean, really? It's fabulous. Absolutely, stinking, wonderfully, super wickedly fabulous. Period.







Note. The quiet stillness with which I have posted these photos. Why the lack of my normal chatter and banter? Why, my friends? Simply because such wonderfulness needs no words. Such goodness shines without acclaim. Such *sigh* pure and simple fabulousness necessitates no flourishes. But, alas, I have flourished in abundance here anyway. What can I say? I like to talk.

But seriously, folks! Isnt' this the coolest bird cage EVER??? My Mom and I had the pleasure of going to a local craft fair/ flee market. Flee or Flea? I suppose it could go either way...some would like to flee from them. You can usually find fleas on a bunch of the stuff at 'em. Hmmm....curious question. Anyway... back to the birdcage. You may recall that I like a good deal and I'm willing to bargain for it. Hence the 25 cent purse showcased last week. HOWEVER...you combine me and my Mom and we just may be a deadly bargaining force. We don't even have to TRY!

No, seriously. Mom picked up this fabulous cage and we were "oooing" and "ahhing" all over the thing 'cause it is so gosh darned cute and the sweet little old lady behind the table said, and I quote: "You can take that."

Yup. That bluntly, too. We looked at her with quizzical eyes and she restated her intention to let us have the birdcage. We were like "REALLY??? OKAY!!! THANKS!!!" And walked away with this fabulous FREE bird cage! Seriously. I was SO excited!!!! She said it needed to be painted. I can't decide if I agree or not. Yes, it has some rust and age, but I sort of like the rust and age and I am TOTALLY in love with the color.

Now is the tricky part...I need to decide what to do with it. I thought about moving my ribbon to it. Right now, though, my ribbon is color coded in mason jars and I don't dislike this method of storage for it. I'm a little afraid that my ribbon stash would overtake the gorgeous cage if I draped it all over the place. I'm not sure. It could look really cool, too. Or, I could just go a little ribbon and glitter and Prima nuts on the thing and make it look fabulous. Maybe get a little bird and cover him with glitter and put him on top or something. The thing with doing that is that it would be amazingly beautiful, but it would serve ONLY as decoration, and I'm not really into single-use stuff. I like things to be useful, kwim? So, what do you think? Maybe you have an idea I haven't even thought of yet! I'd love to hear it!

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  1. I had one of those! A white one. It was on a cast iron stand and I had it on my deck with a plant inside. I just sold it about a month ago.

    P.S. Don't paint it - it's nice with the aged patina.

  2. Ooh, what a beautiful cage, love the color!

  3. Ooh, what a beautiful cage, love the color!

  4. O. M. G. Seriously, if you can't decide what to do with it, just send it to me. I mean, you got it for free so what are you out? I am in love. I NEED something just like this to display my bows on at the craft fairs and such. NEEEEEEEEDDDDD.

  5. Luuuuccckkkyyy! :)

    I wouldn't paint it at all. Love the color. I think putting ribbons in it is a fantastic idea.

  6. That's really cute.

    I have an empty bird cage just sitting on top of my armoir... it might not need anything.

  7. I love this...and FREE...now it does not get any better than that. I like it the way it is....so pretty.

    Have a great Weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  8. Don't paint it! No paint! Seriously, no paint!! It's so gorgeous just the way it is, and I can't believe you got it for FREE! You are one lucky girl!
    Happy VTT!

  9. I love that first photo in your post....nice color and angle! It's a wonderful color as is. How about using it on the mantle, or on top of a bookcase or armoire? Nice find!

  10. Such a great cage!! Love it's shabbiness & color!!

    (stopping by from SITS)

  11. Fabulous! I love it and would leave it just the way it is. What a find.

  12. Don't paint! Maybe you could keep a plant in it, hanging from the ceiling or on top of something.

  13. i don't believe it, you got it for FREEEEEE!!!!..what can i say i'm green with ENVYYYYYYYYY!!!!..love the shape, the colour, it's PEREFECT in every way!!..it would look gorgeous planted with a variety of succulents [miniature cacti] i've seen it done and it looks STUNNING :)

  14. What a unique birdcage! Great design, great color, great price!

  15. awesome find!!! I love plants so that would be what I put in it..I agree don't paint!!


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