What's Sharp and Pointy and Rusty and Never Croaks? {Vintage Thingies Thursday}


Wait...you mean that wasn't the first thing that popped into YOUR mind? LOL!

Well, let me explain....

My Vintage Flower Frog

THIS is my vintage flower frog. Yup! That's really what they are called. I think that is half the reason I love it so much! HA! You have seen it many times on my blog to hold up my cards, layouts, etc. BUT...it hasn't had a chance to really have the spotlight, so for today's Vintage Thingies Thursday, I decided to feature this trusty little friend of mine.

He is not perfect, by any means, but I do love him so! He is rusty and has a sort of 'dirty' kind of spot on him, but it's the kind of dirty that is from age, not from, well, ... dirt. Does that make sense?


Vintage Flower Frog close up

He is lots and lots of pointy! I've managed to prick a finger or two, but it is so worth it because he is just fabulous!

He even has a few bent tines, making it tricky to get scrapbook pages or cards tucked in straight, but I love those little bent tines because they add so much character!

Vintage Flower Frog bent tines

He has obviously been used for his original purpose many a time, although, he won't be used for that EVER in my house, because, believe it or not, I don't much care for fresh flowers or plants in my house. Weird, I know. I'm aware! LOL!

I really do love this silly little frog, though. I am now on a hunt for more because I have seen itsy bitsy tiny ones that I would love to get my hands on and really neat oval and rectangular ones, too! I would certainly have no problem making use of an entire collection of these fabulous little things! They just make me happy!

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Happy Vintage Thingies Thursday! Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment letting me know of a useful little thing you discovered and fell in love with!


  1. hmmmmmmmmmm

    I seem to recall at least one martha stew living mag that had an entire collection of frogs in it. It was dreamy.

    I have these really old tea cup saucers that I keep on my craft table(s). I seriously love them.

    I keep small things on them (like one of my 349 tubes of chapstick, small buttons, pins, tiny gems and scraps of paper that I want to hang on to).

    I'll have to post a pic someday. They are pretty special and useful.

  2. Great frog. I've got several glass ones, and one that is green. Thanks for sharing.


  3. great idea to use it for paper! I knew someone who had a huge collection of these for flowers - they are really cool

  4. Aw, he's so cute - you must give him a name now!

  5. I love that it's called a frog. You should get a whole family of them!

  6. My what memories you brought back. We have had many of these in the past. I have not thought of them in years.

  7. I've never seen one of these! WOW! Way cool... Yeah the other people are right...name him :)

  8. I like your last closeup photo. I used to use these for flower arrangements when I was young. I think you can probably still get new ones.

  9. Hi There! Thank you for visiting me yesterday to celebrate my SITS Day! U are deeply appreciated!

  10. Frogs are incredibly useful. I love 'em!

  11. I was going to guess an old witch with a pointy nose, he he, but I like your vintage frog. They are so nice for displaying so many things. Thanks for sharing it.


  12. What a goofy little thing! LOL What's it's original purpose?

  13. Great close up photos of your frog. And what a great idea using it to hold cards (no flowers in my house either because the cats think they are snacks!)

  14. I have seen lots of these lately with some great uses...Love your photo, really nice frog...love the rusty look

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend.

  15. I too have a love affair with my flower frogs...I have three (guess I can call it a collection now!!) I have one large round one, one oval one and one tiny round one! I currently am displaying a vintage cabinet card "dressed" for Halloween in one of the frogs...they are so versatile!

  16. Jennifer - You are a hoot!

    I have no frogs and have always wondered if the use of those would make my cut from my yard flower arrangements look better.

    Now I have something else to keep my eyes out for when junque shopping!


  17. Hi Jingle,

    Just dropping by to say thanks for leaving a comment on our vintage poster designs post.

    Glad you loved the vintage posters! I think it would be a great idea to decorate your home or office with some of those.

    Your blog's design looks so sweet and lovely!

  18. Your vintage frog is just wonderful...makes me imagine the very elegant lady using it!

  19. Hi from fellow UPrinting sponsoree. Loving the look of this blog! =D

  20. So it's not a horse brush??!?! Seriously, I have never seen this lil guy until joining the scrapping community. I have seen people use them for card holders etc. I never really thought about what it really is - and that is a flower arrangement thingy?? Hmmm, I learn something new every day! Thanks Miss Jingle :)

  21. how funny we both did a VTT about a rusty treasure..it's good to know i'm not the only one who collects rusty stuff afterall lol!

  22. Lovely blog - and love the frog (and that rhymes too!!!)

    I used to "help" my Mum arrange flowers and played with these - but never knew what to call them.

    Hi from N Ireland and UPrinting forum too :)

  23. mmmmmmm, I always wondered what those were.....I knew their original purpose was NOT to display people's cards! LOL! Now I know! Maybe I need to get me one of those!


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