*Live* - A Fairy Butterfly Tag wherein I totally channeled Tim Holtz and all that is Somerset Studio

Just say'n.

No, seriously. So, the other day The Hubbums and I made one of our fairly frequent (although not as frequent as they should be anymore) trips to Barnes and Noble for books, tea, and the general relaxation and happiness that comes from being surrounded by books. I picked up the lastest Laura Childs scrapbook mystery, Tragic Magic, and then put back the other four books, well, three books and one Manga, that I had found along the way, residing myself to the fact that I should really stick to one book at a time.

However, then I headed over to the periodicals to see what they had in the way of the latest paper crafting mags. Umm...found this. Why, yes! That would, indeed, be the October issue of Somerset Studio. HOLY CRAP! I've always enjoyed Somerset, but this issue hit me like a muse straight from A Midsummer's Night! I mean SERIOUSLY, FOLKS! SO GOOD. I was just enthralled with each and every page. Now, I totally want a subscription. This issue did it for me. It made me realize that I really love this stuff and I'm totally capable of creating cool altered stuff like that!

So.....carry that into the All Moments Remembered online crop over the weekend where the fabulous Angie offered a challenge to create a Tim Holtz style tag or bookmark, and I was raring to go! Seriously. I was pretty excited about it.

So, I grabbed a tag and a stamp and some embossing powder and some distress inks and went to town. I had no idea WHAT town I was going tooo.....but that wasn't important. I was just gonna make somethin' great!

Live Tag

And thus, this fairy butterfly was born.


I employed a multitude of techniques on this tag. I began by stamping an image, embossing with clear powder, and then inking the base tag.


The body portion is a stick pin with velvet ribbon folded onto it accordion style. I stamped her face from a larger stamp and then used a punch to extract the portion of the image I wanted, distress inked it and then covered it with Liquid Glass to finish her off.


I inked the Grungeboard crown and then ran it through my Xyron X to put adhesive on the front of it and coated it with Martha's crystal glitter.


The Grungeboard wings are inked with two colors of distress ink and then coated with a thin layer of Distress Stickles. I used my Crop-A-Dile to punch the holes and strung the beads on with wire.


I added the title plaque with wire as well. I really love the way this came out. It feels so PERFECTLY in line with what I had set out to do. I love when that happens!

What have you done lately that worked out just how you wanted? Maybe it was something you made, or an event you planned, or even just a great recipe? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. This is really cool, Jingle! To answer your Q: I made something for a DT release (a homemade accordian album) that I can't wait to share on my blog. It turned out SOOOO much better than I had thought in my head.

  2. Very cool! I really like this style...I ENVY this style!

  3. super cute fairy--she's fab...I had a great day with the kids yesterday--found my son a Halloween costume and books for my daughter she needed/wanted. They thought I was supermom yesterday...we'll see if I still am today! :)

  4. So cute and creative! I feel the same way about book stores. Something just relaxing about being there browsing through the books. Visiting from SITS. Hope you're having a good day!
    pk @ Room Remix

  5. That is a beautiful piece of art!

  6. Girl, you ROCKED this style... I SO wish I could do that!

  7. wow, that is an amazing tag, love all the details! hugs Debx

  8. WOW!!! That tag is beautiful. It does remind me of the things that I see in Sommerset Studio. I absolutely love it!

  9. Ok I totally laughed when I read the channeled tim holtz title.. and when I saw what you created I laughed s'more cause YOU TOTALLY DID!!! WOW! You gotta come to my house for some personal scrapper lessons! I am trying to learn to use all the stuff I have and you just rock at it! So what is liquid glass? It sounds like something I need to get e-me-diately!!!

    I watched a tim holtz video this weekend about his masks... and I am so ordering some of those! So fun!

  10. Fabulous creation, what better inspiration can there be than Tim Holtz and Somerset.

  11. yay seriously - this bookmark is incredible! has me drooling! what a great use of product!

  12. Amazing. You not only met the challenge you left us all in the dust! Gotta get me one of those magazines. ;) I'm going to pm you with some links you might like.

  13. You did an awesome job! i love it. I was able to make like 5 cards Saturday while the kids slept and husband. That was my big win. And I cleaned up too. Everything is in it's place and I'm so happy!

  14. What a beautiful creation - I love looking at it and reading how much detail went into creating it!! Congratulations - it is perfectly you!!

  15. First time visit. Enjoyed browsing your blog :)

    Love the tag and you're right. It's a great feeling when you create something and it turns out just right.

  16. Just beautiful!! Looks like way to much work to me.. Hugs!!

  17. Fabulous tag!! Do you participate in any tag swaps/ challenges? I just started making them & they are so much fun

    You take great photos too - reminds me a bit of Sandra Evertson's photos.


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