May Jack - "Fly"

First of all, I want to say a HUGE thank you to all of you who responded to my last post! Wow! That was totally fun to get to know so many of you with such randomness! LOL! Loved it! And now I have some scrappy goodness for you today! Let me know what you think!


I created this layout based on this album cover offered as the inspiration for this months Jack over at Scrapjacked.

I've had this photo for quite some time, and when I saw the inspiration piece I knew I had to use this photo for my piece. I love this photo. There is so much there even though it is just so simple.

Here are a few close ups to show the detail. You can also click on any of the photos to see them huge!


Patterned Paper: Basic Grey
Fabric: The Silk Drapery Company
Staples: Sanford
Marker: Prismacolor (PM-149)
Chipboard letters: American Crafts (Hat Box)
Flower: Heidi Swapp
Black Pens: Zig Millennium by EK Success (black 05 and 08)
Glimmer Mist: Tattered Angels (Cinnamon)
Ink: Close To My Heart (Chocolate and Sunflower)

If you have any questions feel free to ask them!
Have you ever done a Scrapjacked challenge? They are really a lot of fun! They jack great designers and then take the design in so many wonderful directions! Good stuff, folks! Good stuff!


10 Random Questions

These are 10 Random Questions that I have for my blog readers. I would love to hear your answers!

1. What on EARTH can I do to get you to leave comments. I need them for my self esteem to not plummet to the ground daily. Notice the lack of my traditional three letter laugh code. Just say'n.

2. When you participate in memes are you good about going through the list of all the other people who participate? Just curious.

3. Did you like my orange cardboard layout that I posted the other day?

4. What are you doing this weekend?

5. Do you have kids? Are you married? Are you single, old, young? Who are you, exactly?

6. What craft supply are you totally lusting after lately? I think I really need a cuttlebug. I've waited too long. I want one. I just wish they were cheaper.

7. Are you as totally into turquoise as I have been lately? It's a little crazy, actually!

8. Speaking of crazy...I have actually been thinking about tatoos a lot lately. Do you have one? What is it and where? I won't get one. I doubt I will, anyway. It's just weird because that is SO not something I ever would have thought about. Weird. (Mom, calm....I'm not getting one.) If you don't have one have you ever thought about it and what did you think about getting?

9. Don't you hate it when bloggers make you answer a bunch of totally insanely random questions?

10. Should I paint my giant bulletin board in my studio to the nice caramel color that I have sitting here for that purpose this weekend? I'm not sure the best way to do it, but I really want it done. Everything is already off of it so right now it is a giant un-inspriring mass of grey.

I really hope you guys answer these! LOL! They came out way fun! LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS! Welcome to my mind, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my mind.

.......why are you running away screaming?

A Thousand Words Thursday - 05.28.2009

Cheaper Than Therapy

A Thousand Words Thursday

If you are a regular, you know the drill...let the photo carry you away. If you are new to my blog, welcome! On Thursdays I post a photo in an effort to encourage your creative mind. To encourage you to write! Let the photo carry you to another place...perhaps another time. Let it create characters and settings, and all of that lovely stuff! WRITE! It's good for us!

For More A Thousand Words Thursday posts click on the icon at the top of this post.

Tell me about your story! I love to hear about them!!!



Blue Cupcakes. HOLY YUM!

No, for real. They are REALLY yummy!

And blue.

I made cotton candy cupcakes using a great recipe from Cupcakes from the Cake Doctor and they came out really good! I was kind of surprised. I thought there was pretty much no way they could taste like cotton candy, but they totally do and they are great! Not too sweet, like you may fear, though. However, I didn't have a ton of butter on hand and I didn't have any actual cotton candy around, so I didn't make the buttercream for the top, so that could be sweeter...I don't know. We aren't big on frosting around here, so I skip it sometimes! But, anyway, you should totally try them because they are great!

Here they are! In all their blue glory!!!

And, yes, they are delicious when split in half and filled with vanilla ice cream in a lovely tea cup with a tiny spoon. Simply divine.

Now...if you will excuse me, I have a cupcake to eat.

Gutter Girlz Challenge - and...a layout that I need to post today

Yes, I created this layout for the Gutter Girlz challenge. However, today, I was reminded once again that what this layout conveys is all together too true.

The first part of the journaling - everything before 'it's not all roses' - is a direct quote from an Eminem song. Yeah, I know. Not exactly someone I had in my playlist. But, after reading the challenge and listening to this song. I have to say...he has a point. He has obviously been there. This song is real. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is truth. Whether we want to face it or not.

The second part of the journaling...everything after 'it's not all roses' - is my own words. That is where the combination of the song and the prompt offerered by the Gutter Girlz challenge brought me. It is something that is regularly on my mind. Again, it is real.

This is not just a challenge submission. This is also me, stating clearly, that I would like to be a part of the Gutter Girlz design team. Why? For fame and glory? No, but if that happened, that would be cool! LOL! No, but seriously, I want to be a part of this team because the whole point is to be real. To talk about things that people don't talk about. To record your thoughts in ways that are REAL. In ways that convey what life looks like. It doesn't mean that they always have to be sad, depressing, or angry - actually - I've seen these girls create brilliantly delightful artwork that makes you smile HUGE! But...it is about aproaching things straight on. Hitting them with all you've got and letting real life inspire your artwork. That is what it is all about.

I am a passionate person. I am passionate about political things. I am pssionate about religious things. I am passionate about daily things. I am passionate about my art.

Quite frankly, it's time that I start showing it. That is why I want to be a part of this team.

The prompt: It's not all Roses
The song: Rock Bottom by Eminem
Product/Technique: Perfume - visible or not (mine is subtely visible as I used it to smear my ink on my distressed paper behind the photos)

And here are some close up shots so you can see the details.

The photos are bricks in the Freedom Trail in Boston, MA. Bricks that serve as a symbol of the freedom our country offers. And yet.

real people are freezing. real people are starving. real people are being denied basic human rights.


On The Fashion of Gynecology

If you are male this post may be meaningless and force you to consider things that you never desired to consider. On the other hand, I don't know...maybe the same problem plagues men in regards to their 'dreaded' annual appointment? Hmm...something to ponder. Probably not. Most men just don't care.

However, if you are female, read on. Respond. I am quite sure that I cannot be alone on this.

So, yes. You read the title correctly. Today we will be focusing on the fashion of Gynecology. For reals, folks! This is a very real concern and quite frankly we need to stop shying away from it and just discuss all that is going on in these pretty little heads of ours.

You see, I recently ran into this annual dilemma, myself. That dreaded appointment was upon me and I got up, got showered, shaved - because, well, duh!....and then proceeded to my closet to determine what lovely outfit I would don for the day.

However, this is not such a simple choice, now is it? No. It really and truly is not. You see, you have to actually select the perfect 'middle ground' outfit for a trip to the gynecologist.

First of all, one would not want to be considered the 'gross,' 'filthy,' 'unkempt,' or just plain 'eeeewwwwwww' patient, now would she? NO! That is a definite image that every woman wants to avoid upon entering through those sterile exam room doors. So, that leaves out the 'pull on anything, don't do the hair, pull on a hat and just be comfy since this is pretty much going to suck' outfit. Now, this one isn't hard for me to leave behind because I'm just no a sweats and ratty old tee's kind of girl, but I know for some that is what they put on when they want to be truly comfortable. Going to that fabulous annual exam is most certainly a time when you want to be as comfortable as possible, however....you just plain CANNOT look scuzzy, therefore dropping this outfit out of the running right off the bat.

Okay...so that's out, let's move on.

Those who study psychology know that it is often a good idea to put on something that makes you feel simply FABULOUS if you think you may have to do something you aren't that excited about. That will make you feel great and help you to keep a great attitude.

Okay...so dress up a bit, right?

No. Glitz, glam, sexy.... all out.

You see, you really don't want to look like you just 'dressed up' for a gynocology appointment, now do you? That may indicate to the doctor that...well, quite frankly, this is the most action you've seen in awhile, so you figured you should put on the shimmery eye shadow! NOT A GOOD PLAN, folks!

You see what I mean? It's tricky! Really, super, duper tricky!

This is a real issue, here, ladies. It's genuine.

So, you can't grub down and go comfy...you can't glam up and go sexy.

That leaves really only one other option. The ever elusive 'Happy Medium.' Yes, this is a great option! Only....who can define that exactly? What really IS a happy medium? I mean, if I pull on a pair of jeans I would often reach for my pointy toed pumps....is that cool? Okay, yeah, I think that would be okay, but then if I go for the denim mini, I should probably stick to flats - you know, keep it simple, casual, ready for a full day of whatever gets thrown at me. Oh, and a top. Let's see....ah...yet another problem...it's going to have to come off and then go back on again, so it has to be something that won't destroy the hair, but yet, you don't want to go too low cut, either. A button down can work, but just keep in mind that you may or may not have a place to set it down to prevent a wrinkle attack during the exam. Overall, just pick something, I guess.

So, you finally decide on something that is simple, not over-eager or showing any excitement, but not indicating that you may be carrying any number of diseases, either.

All to realize that the world of Gynecology has yet ANOTHER major fashion dilemma! Have you SEEN these gowns they make you wear? Seriously. They should be banned or something. I think they did research to see just which color of pale, washed out blue makes absolutely everyone look miserable and bleh!

I actually suggested to my doctor that they go with black, at least for its slimming qualities. She thought it was a great idea! Actually, she thought we should just have a whole selection of great colors available and the girls at the desk could choose the color based on the skin tone and hair color, etc. of the patient!

...okay...so we may have been joking, but STILL! I planted a seed...I know I did! Someday, girls! Someday! We are going to be liberated from at least the latter half of the miserable fashion of gynecology. On the first half....I'm not sure what we are going to do about that. It's tough. Just make sure your panties are clean, I guess and hope for the best!

We won't even DISCUSS the presentation of those 'medical devices' that they seem to like to display in pure 'tools of torture' form. That's a whole other post!

Okay, girls...what are your thoughts on the matter?


Procrastination Post

This is a Procrastination Post.

You know...the kind that you write so you can say you were 'blogging' when you were really just avoiding all the other stuff you SHOULD be doing.

Stuff like...

....putting away the clean dishes in the dishwasher.

....coming up with a BRIALLIANT way to add journaling or SOMETHING to finish the layout sitting on your left that just isn't finished for some reason even though the work you did do on it took forever and a FREAKING day because you have an obsession with paper cutting.

....making a wedding card for your cousin - particularly now that you got the 'new' version of the invitation to the reception since her lovely Mexico wedding sort of got postponed due to Club Med totally closing down for the H1N1 virus situation....

....making the other three petals for the beaded flower you started last week sometime and left sitting on the window sill by your favorite chair in hopes of somebody magically finishing it.

....going through the 92 blog posts left in your reader for today.

....getting the layouts photographed that you created ages ago and should post or submit or SOMETHING!

....clean up your daggum scrapbook room. No...it's not really that bad, but it could use a once over kind of pick up.

....put away the laundry that you 'haven't really noticed' sitting on top of the dryer in the laundry room.

....read the rest of that book that you keep saying you want to finish so you can start the next one on your list.

You know...that kind of post.

So, alas, here is the end of that post.


That means I have to go do one of those things now.

Well fine.

Enjoy the llama in the meantime. I mean, really...everyone needs a little llama in their day.

OH...and you should totally check out this awesome ebay auction!

Charlotte's Artistry!

Actually...I kind of love her paintings! They totally have the whole modern art thing going on. If she switches to reds and caramels she will have me sold in a heartbeat! Oh, and just in case you want to know the cool Mom who is teaching her kid that things have value...go here.

Now...you may return to enjoying the llama.

Thousand Words Thursday and Vintage Thingies Thursday

***If you haven't already, please scroll down to check out the Frosted Treats Etsy Love post! Jessica has added a great offer for anyone who buys something from her shop!***

Cheaper Than Therapy

More Vintage Thingie Thursday posts At Colorado Lady

Welcome to Thousand Words Thursday and Vintage Thingies Thursday. On Thursdays I like to post a photo that gets you thinking. A photo that tells a story. Then, I encourage to you let it carry you away. Write that story! Make it your own! We tend to stop writing as soon as we flip that tassle, but why? It is so good to engage our minds in story telling. With that, I bring you today's photo.


I don't usually say anything about the photo because I want you to let it take you to wherever it leads, but I can't help but to tell you a little about this one. Your story shouldn't relate to mine, though...go where the photo takes you! This is my wedding set. My engagement ring and my wedding ring. It is vintage and I absolutely LOVE it! I got engaged when I was in college and while I didn't have a 'dream ring' all picked out, I did know that I DID NOT want the same stinking shiny diamond on a white gold band that everyone else was wearing. They all looked the same. I saw this in a little antique store and fell in love. Well, unbenounced to me, my wonderful (then) boyfriend went back to get the ring. He actually told me that he went back to the little store in downtown Oklahoma City to get it. Only, he told me that someone had bought it, and it was gone. I was excited that he had considered buying a ring, obviously, but I was sad that the ring was gone. Until that weekend. When it magically appeared in a bowl of handmade chocolate dipped strawberries in the middle of a lovely picnic by our lighthouse on the lake!!!!
I love my rings. I get compliments on them still...even after we've been married for over 8 years. My ring is different. It is beautiful. And it suits me to a tee. (Is that how one would spell that word in that phrase? I've never actually written it out before and now I'm just confused!)

Oh, well....have a wonderful Thursday! Are you getting ready to do anything fun for the long weekend (at least, if you live in the US... otherwise for the regular weekend)?


Blog Link-A-Thon!!!

I am so excited to be a part of this fun event hosted by Mom Dot! What you have before you is an absolutely amazing and totally fun list of great blogs! You've got mom blogs, review blogs, giveaway blogs, family blogs, personal blogs, and anything else that people feel the need to chat about! The best thing, though...is that you have it all in one place....so.....grab a Diet Coke and a bag of jelly beans, because, folks.... this is going to be fun!

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Frosted Treats - ***Etsy Love*** !!!UPDATE: Added a great deal!!!!

I am excited to share this awesome shop with you today! It has been on my list of things to do for a couple of weeks now, but I haven't had time to really sit down and do a proper write up until now and I am telling you this shop deserves some time!

Welcome to Frosted Treats!

So...as you already know, I pretty much love all things cupcake. That is where this Etsy Love started! You can find the CUTEST ever cupcake dangle charms over at Frosted Treats! Seriously...these are hand crafted little treasures that just make you smile! Good stuff, folks! GOOD STUFF!

FOR REAL?! Isn't that just too cute! I think it would be great on a necklace too, so maybe if you ask her really nicely she can work something out for you! ;-) LOL!

I also am totally in love with this Yellow Rose bracelet! Oh, My CUTENESS! I love it! And can you believe she actually MADE that rose?! SO stinking wonderful!

Frosted Treats also has some fabulous coffee cozies, and then, there lies my favoritist thing in the wholest widest shop! No, really. I want one SO BAD! I love them!!!! Are you ready for it?

Wait for it....

Oh....YES! These stupendous little tea cup pin cushions!!!! Seriously, folks. I am talking absolutely wonderful little pin cushions tucked and nestled into a fabulous vintage tea cup! LOVE the CUTENESS!

Do those not just make you so happy?! They make me so happy. They make me want to do crazy things like sew and stuff. I just adore them. Those are actually the first items in the shop that really caught my eye and I was just excited to see that I liked the rest of it! LOL!

To see more wonderfulness from Frosted Treats you should check out Jessica's blog and also follow Frosted Treats on Twitter! Jessica posts specials and other fun stuff on Twitter so keep your eyes open!

***Jess just contacted me to add a wonderful opportunity for all of you! ** Readers of Just Jingle will receive a FREE charm with any purchase! Be sure to mention Just Jingle at check out! *** Go! Shop! Now! Have fun!!!!

Have a Great Day! And remember...shop Etsy...it's real people making real stuff for real reasons. That's pretty cool. Be a part of it.

Wordless Wednesday 5.20.2009

I Am A Mac.

P.S. Photoshop was in no way involved in the making of this photograph. The photo is shown 'as shot.'

Head on over to Wordless Wednesday to see more fun photographs today!


Congratulations, Kid...4 years down...a lifetime to go!

There was pomp.

There was circumstance.

There were long speeches.

But most of all...there was my little sister.

There was that little girl in a college graduation robe.


Sarah Elizabeth, Congratulations.

I can't wait to see where you go.

I love you tons!

You have a lifetime ahead of you and...I'm pretty sure it's gonna be pretty fun!

Enjoy it!

You deserve it!


Glittery Graduation Card - Tutorial

Happy Friday!!! Yes, it is FINALLY here! Sometimes I swear they add a couple of extra days to the week because that is the ONLY way it could actually take as stinking long as it does! LOL!

This is an exciting weekend in my family! My little sister, well...turns out...she's not so little anymore and she is graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Theater from Providence College! Yup! That's pretty crazy, folks! No...really. It's a little nuts because there is NO WAY I am that old! LOL! It's just the two of us and there is a big 'ole span between us so when she hits milestones it totally weirds me out!

So, being that she is graduating and all, I figured I'd be nice and make her a card! LOL! As you know...the Use Your Stash theme for this month is GLITTER! Well, I have to be honest. This challenge was not so much 'challenging' in that 'make you use something in your stash you never use' sort of way for me, simply because I LOVE GLITTER! No, really. I love it. I could marry it. It sparkles and it's pretty and I just want to hug it and squeeze it and...

...okay. You get the point. I'm a fan.

So, I decided to find some fun ways to use it! You saw my layout at the first of the month and now here is my fun Congrats card!


White Cardstock card form. I made my own, but if you have some use 'em. Totally up to you!

Black Cardstock scraps

Patterned Papers from My Little Shoebox Who's There Collection - Wise Old Owl and Night Owl and the solid teal came from Tinkering Ink Perennial Parade collection - Bluebell

Ranger Stickles in Fruit Punch

Light Colored Ink - I used Vanilla Cream from Close To My Heart

Dotty Background Stamp - Mid is from the Close To My Heart Argyle Backgrounds set

White Alphabet Stickers - Doodlebug Designs

Juniper Ink - Close To My Heart (to ink letters)

Pink embroidery floss - DMC

Chocolate Ribbon - Close To My Heart

Tools: Fiskars Finger Knife, paper cutter, 1 inch circle punch, 1/8 inch circle punch, scissors, adhesives - both flat and foam

It takes a bit of time to make this card, but it is all way fun, so it is so worth it!

Step 1:

Stamp a dotted background onto your card using a light, but visible ink color. Versamark will work if you can see it clearly enough. I used Vanilla Cream from Close To My Heart because I was too lazy to look for my VersaMark. Hee-hee.

Step 2:

Use the dots as a guide to drop dots of Stickles Glitter Glue over the entire background of your card. Be sure to work from top to bottom so that you don't smear the glue with your hand and, therefore, glitter yourself, the dog, your husband, and your entire work space.

...not that I've ever done that. I'm just say'n. It's possible.

Allow to dry thoroughly. You can move on to the next few steps while this dries.

Step 3:

Punch colored circles for the fun large dot background behind the main image.

Step 4:

Using the same dotty background stamp (I {heart} dots!) stamp a tone on tone background onto the solid punched circles.

Step 5: AKA: The part where you laugh at me really loudly and tell me that I'm crazy and there is no way you are doing this. BUT WAIT!

Give it a shot! It's not that hard and it looks SO stinking cute when you are done! PLEEEEEASE! {insert cheesy, big-eyed grin here}

Step 5:

Cut out owl/bird/swirl pattern from your patterned paper with a craft knife. I chose my Fiskars Finger Knife for this and let me tell you that was the best $5 I've ever spent! That thing is magnificent! MAGNIFICENT, I tell you!

Step 6:

Since you already got through with Step 5, I'm assuming I'll here less whining about this step. It really is rather simple. Free hand cut a diamond and a small trapezoid for the top and bottom portions of your hat. Using a 1/8 inch hole punch, punch a small circle of black paper for the button on the top of the hat.

For the tassle take a length of embroidery floss about 8 inches or so...maybe shorter, I don't really remember and wrap it around your thumb tip. Leave some extra at the end. Carefully slide the wrapped floss off of your thumb and pinch the top and tie it tightly together close to the top with the remaining floss end. Use scissors to snip the 'loop' of the long end, creating a cute little tiny tassel!

I included the penny to give you an idea of how big these pieces need to be.

Step 7:

Attach your background dots (the larger, punched ones) to the glittered background card. By this point your Stickles should be dry, but doule check before you make a big 'ole mess and stuff.

Use pop dots to attach the owl/bird/swirly cut out piece nicely over the dots. CUTENESS!

Using a small piece of adhesive foam at the very top of your trapezoid piece (the short end) and a small piece of flat adhesive on the bottom (the long end) attach the trapezoid to the head of the bird. The flat adhesive will adhere to the head of the bird and the foam will adhere to the card background. Then, using a foam dot, adhere the diamond piece to the top of the trapezoid giving it dimension. Use a drop of Stickles to adhere the tassel to the center of the hat and then a small drop of Stickles to add the 'button' to the top! ISN'T THAT THE CUTEST THING EVERRRR??? Yes, my friends, it most certianly is.

Step 8:

Cut a piece of patterned paper to fit across the top of the card (4 1/4 in.) Cut two pieces of brown ribbon to fit the same size. Ahere the brown ribbon and then adhere the patterned paper strip overlapping the ribbon to create your sentiment block. Use a dauber to ink white letters to match your card and adhere sentiment. (P.S. If you happen to have letters that match feel free to use them. I wanted this color and didn't have them, so I made 'em! Use'n my stash, folks! Use'n the stash!)

Step 9:

Admire the cuteness that is your card!

Step 10:

Give your card to your little Sitta who is Gradiat'n from college! WHOAH! (If you pronounced that 'whoah' correctly, you are probably very close to me in age. Just say'n.)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! If you make a card like this one I would love to see it so totally link me up, K! K. Thanks, peeps!

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It's Not Tuesday

Okay, so, you probably already knew that, but the title isn't really for the purpose of letting you know what day it is. That's what your calendar is for. Or your watch, or your widget, or your iPhone, or whatever the heck it is that you use to keep track of these things.

MAN! You managed to get me off track already and I've barely even started the post! Seriously, though folks. FOCUS! And yes...I generally do blame you. Why? Because I can't hear you argue! HA!

Okay...so...have I explained the whole 'Tuesday Presents' thing to you guys? I can't remember if I have or not, so I am going to do that today and if you have heard it before read this anyway just to humor me, K! thanks! Preciate it! (How do you type that lip smacking sound that one often makes after a sentence like that? Hmmm...something to ponder.....)

The Hubbums and I have a fun little 'thing' that we refer to as 'Tuesday Presents.' The capital letters are actually probably too much, as the whole point is that it is not a big occasion or a big deal at all, but rather just a simple little gift from one to the other 'cause we love each other and stuff. We try not to get to big on the commercial nature of the 'MAJOR holidays' and such because....well...because that's dumb. LOL! We both think it is way more fun to give presents just because we want to and because it's something special so we do! It's really fun! Sometimes it is something REALLY little....like a tiny little Pooh from a grocery store vending machine. The Hubbums loves those! Or, sometimes it is something BIG like the day that The Hubbums brought home a Wii for me! I was wicked crazy excited! I love that thing! It's way fun! The thing about Tuesday presents is this....they are random, they are fun, and they are ZERO pressure. Presents for the sake of giving! You should totally try it because that's the best way to give stuff! Only...there is one rule. Only one, actually, but it is an important one. Tuesday presents can never be given on TUESDAY. Yes, you read that right. You can't give a Tuesday present on a Tuesday otherwise it's not random anymore and that defeats the purpose. If you happen to buy or make on on a Tuesday you had better hold onto it for a day because it must be given on a non-Tuesday. Oh...and you aren't supposed to give them on birthdays or Christmas and stuff because, well, those aren't random either!

So, in honor of the Tuesday present and the fact that The Hubbums has been doing some totally awesome things lately and really making me a very proud Wifee, I decided to make him a card just for fun!

Patterned Paper: Die Cuts With a View and My Little Shoebox; Stickers: American Crafts; Gem Stones: unknown

It is really simple in design and pretty much inspired by that whole "Keep Calm and Carry On" look that is buzzing around right now. I like it because I was able to use sparkle and color and still maintain a fairly masculine look.

So, what do you think? How do you and your spouse use little things to show your love? I'd love to hear your stories!

Thousand Words Thursday - Tell me the story....

Cheaper Than Therapy

Once again, here we are on Thousand Words Thursday.
If you have visited my blog on Thousand Words Thursday before, you know the drill! If not, here's the deal. I truly believe that photos can speak. I believe that they can inspire. I believe that they tell a story. Some with a few words, some with a thousand words, some as thick as novels. As adults, we don't exercise our creative thinking abilities as often as we should, so, on Thursdays, I like to carry us all to a place that gets those fingers just itching to write a story. That brings us to Thousand Words Thursday.

I encourage you to embrace it! Write something! Anything! Let the photo carry you away!

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The photos I share are all mine. Please don't steal them. That would make me cry. And pretty mad, too, actually.


Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

Loose Teeth Vintage Inspired Sundress with Petticoat GUEST GIVEAWAY!!!!

I really really really really really want this so I'm toss'n my name into the hat!

Wordless Wednesday 5.13.09

I just love how pretty my cabinets are after I put the dishes away! Lots and lots of color! Glorious color! It makes me smile!

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Martha Stewart. Love Her. Hate her. It's such a Struggle, really.

Okay, so I'm the first to admit that I'm simply NOT a Martha fan. (Martha, sorry if you are reading this...since I know you frequent my blog and all...since you know I exist and all...ye..ah...so anyway....) She's always annoyed the crap out of me with all of her "you MUST use the VERY BEST of everything...aka: you MUST be a multi-millionaire to craft, cook, OR decorate anything ever. Then there was the whole jail thing, which certainly didn't help any. HOWEVER, that all being said...I am unwillingly EXTREMELY attracted to her products! Seriously, folks! It sort of creeps me out. I don't like it, but what's a girl to do?

I LOVE her craft punches! They are simply awesome! I really WANT one of her screw punches, but they are ridiculously expensive, so I've never taken that plunge. I really like her labels and her stickers, and her stinking magazines, even! I now subscribe to BOTH MS Living AND Body and Soul! Yikes! What am I DOING??? At least I got those subs for free so I'm not feeding the monster or anything...which brings me to my point for today, anyway!

The Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts

Yes. It is a pretty book. No. I did not purchase the book. BUT...I did pick it up at the library last night. I picked it up, added it to my stack of books that I was getting and told my husband that I was curious since there was no way I was going to buy the book EVER.

Well, crud.

I like it.

A lot.

I haven't, obviously, done any of the projects yet, as I just picked it up last night, but I did page through it and there are LOTS that I would really love to do! Now, granted...being a Martha publication some of them require supplies that you can only get at 'specialty' stores if you happen to have an arm, a leg, and perhaps an eye to spare...or maybe your first born...you know how that goes...but there are other projects in there that are totally normal and reasonable and look REALLY STINKING CUTE! Now I want to make them.

Honestly, this book looks awesome and is so worth owning. I will try to get a project or two from it done so I can share them with you, but in the meantime, run to your library and check it out!

I also picked up a book to help me learn to knit. Now all I need is yarn. And needles. And some other stuff. LOL! OH, and I got Death Swatch by Laura Childs because I simply CAN'T wait until it comes out in paperback and I MUST read it now! I love her books!!!

So, what are your opinions on Martha? Do you love her? Hater her? Emulate her? Boycott her? I'm curious. Am I alone in my struggle?