Fork That! {Vintage Thingies Thursday}

So....on that wonderful fall Saturday afternoon long long ago (like last week) when I got that fabulous birdcage that I shared with you fine folks I Mom and I also visited one of the local mills.

Hmm...that probably sounds funny to those who don't live in New England. Let me give you a little background...The Blackstone Valley (where we live) was once a virulent mill town. Lots and lots of fabulous textiles were created in this area along with a few other products. Hence the interesting 3-legged fish you find in the Blackstone River due to the beautiful dyes that they kindly drained into the river back in the day. HA! Okay...so that's a bit of an exaggeration...

...the fish only have two legs.

If you have never been here, then it is possible that you have seen the area in THIS film. Which happens to be about the very topic brushed over above. Just say'n.

Anyway....they turned these fabulous mill buildings into all kinds of things after the mills dried up and more modern business and modern transportation changed the ebb and flow of the local economy. Due to their amazing charm and wicked crazy cool vintage look, they were a natural fit for antique shops, so, you can find all kinds of fabulous antique shops in the local mills.

So...like I was saying before giving you that brief history lesson, Mom and I stopped at one of those on that fine Saturday. They had a really cool $1 rack and on said rack I found a treasure!


Forks! Yup! I was pretty excited because I've been dying to make fork easels to display my cards and scrapbook pages and there on the shelf lay a wonderful little bundle of fork'n goodness!

So, naturally... I bought them! I didn't look too closely, as they were just cool vintage looking forks and I liked the handles on them.

Well...here's the thing. I DID look closely once I got them home.


This one says 'Staybrite' on the back, which made me giggle a little because it really was the shiniest one in the bunch! It is a smaller stainless steel fork, so it will work well for cards and stuff.


Then there was this one - another simple stainless fork. Easy to manipulate into the easel shape I am looking for.

Then there is this one. Ooooooooo! Fancy Schmancy! This one is silver plated! That's kind of fun, but fine since it still doesn't have anything making it particularly valuable. It will shine up quite nicely, though!

And then...my friends...came the FINAL FOUR FORKING FORKS!


Just in case you are having trouble reading that...YES! It does say "Reed and Barton." Reed. And. Freaking. Barton. Silver. REAL. FREAKING. SILVER.

Ummm...okay. I wasn't really expecting that! I know...the weight should have gave me notice, but I wasn't really worried about it, so I just didn't notice until I saw the label! HOW on EARTH can I justify bending and twisting GENUINE SILVER Reed and Barton silverware into easels?

I'm kinda sad. I don't know what to do, really. They were super cheap, but I REALLY wanted a nice set of easels and these are the largest forks in the bunch, so those were the ones I was really planning on using the most! But I feel bad bending up REAL silver for that. Is that dumb? Do these actually HAVE value? Is it okay to have REALLY PRETTY SHINY SILVER fork easels?

I'm torn. What do you think?


Oh...and if you happen to know of a great fork easel tutorial somewhere please let me know. I saw tons of them all over the place until I actually had forks to use. Then I couldn't find them anywhere! HA!

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  1. Hi Jingle (this is Rita, Cemetery Artist). I found a link to the fork with some info:
    http://search.replacements.com/texis/search?query=Reed and Barton
    It's worth more than a buck, but not so pricy that you couldn't enjoy it for your easel. You can sell it to this company if you want to, then you'd have more money for more forks, lol
    I love your blog...love your writing style...I think I have a girl crush, lol.

  2. These are so fun! You should post a picture when you finish - I would love to see what a fork easel looks like!

  3. Check eBay and if they aren't worth much, easel to your heart's content! Very cute idea. I'm going to finish my Daddy wordbook soon and when I do, I'm going to post pictures on my blog and you better come support me in my scrapbooking. ;)

  4. I am curious to see your fork easels.

    I am also curious to know which mill you visited. Was it Bernat / Linwood?

  5. I would bend the silver one. I would like to see how to bend the forks and what fork easels look like. I think I have a spoon or fork that was bent into a bracelet somewhere.

  6. Just for it!! Can't wait to see the end result. :)

  7. I'd love to see the end product

  8. Wow what a find I tooo am excited to see the easels! I have sooo many awesome memories of visiting the mills with my grandmother in the south.

  9. Go for it!

    ...stopping by from SITS...

    Steph @ Stick It in the Fridge


  10. Wow, I love when this happens :)

  11. I also would be torn on what to do. But maybe if I knew what a fork easel was, I could say. LOL!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  12. I would make them into easels. Can't wait to see them, as I have no idea what to expect!

    (and yes, I use song lyrics.. I can't come up with clever post titles) :D

  13. I think the easels are made simply by curling the 2 outsides tines forward and curling the 2 inside tine backwards (slightly separated apart). I just don't know what is used to curl the tines...good luck!

  14. I say, bend away! You'll have the finest picture easels around!
    Happy VTT!

  15. In my younger days, I'd have said save it...now in my somewhat older days...I'd say use it!! Enjoy it!!!

    What great finds...I am sure the easels will be super cute.

    Have a great weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  16. I say use it. It's not some rare, irreplaceable antique and it will look great with cards on it.

  17. Those are some really cool finds:-)

  18. Hey Jingle:
    When you make your fork easels, will you post a picture? I am having trouble visualizing them.

  19. I think a few ladies have good ideas...the selling them to a replacement place and getting more sounds what would make me happy....I would have a hard time bbending good silver too! :)

  20. I think I would go ahead and use them for the easels... then you will have beautiful silver easels at a great bargain :) Can't wait to see pics of them!

    A Lil Enchanted,

  21. I say bend away! It will be worth to use the "good" stuff on your easel, right? Since it will be used for your cards that are masterpieces....

    Just sayin... lol

    Can't wait to see this easel out of forks.

  22. I'd say get yr easel goin and we
    can all see em! lol Why not make
    easels from your great finds????

  23. Ok, I have no idea what you're talking about with this fork easel thing!

    Thank you for stopping by on my special day!


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