There is just something about deep gorgeous tones in the Fall!

I love them. Those deep gorgeous tones, I mean. Beautiful colors that are just so deep and glorious that you can almost lose yourself in the very essence of the color. That is why I was so drawn to this bead as I puttered through the bead shop during my break the other day. I love the rich orange and the way that the color is something less than solid as it swirls through the bead.


Because the orange was so appealing, I decided to keep the pendant simple. I added a small copper bead above and below the square bead and then simply stacked it all on a copper wire and created a bit of a wire wrap to finish off the pendant and give it something to hang from.


I'm not usually one to make jewelry, as I have found that beading is sort of not so much my thing, but when I saw this bead I simply had to create a pendant with it. The tricky part was actually what to hang it from. I don't have any chains or things like that at home and the bead shop didn't have anything that was thrilling me. I thought a nice long copper chain might work, but that would mean another purchase, and, well, I'm cheap, what do you want from me? HA!


This led to a trip to my jewelry box to see if I had anything in there that could be shared with my new pendant. Well, I found a lovely long strip of leather thong that is actually a lace for skirt, but it is just PERFECT for this piece! I love that it is smooth and finished on one side, yet rough and raw on the other. It gives the necklace the perfect feeling of fall! From beginning to end!


So, while, no, I don't plan to make jewelry like this on a regular basis, I can't help but deny that when inspiration strikes, even on something so simple, you simply must move on it. I love this necklace! It makes me super happy!


What has inspired you lately? Have you acted on it?

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Bras, Lace, And Glitter (WOYWW)

What? You mean your workspace doesn't have those things on it? 'Cause mine TOTALLY DOES! Wanna see?


Tee-Hee! I told you so! HA! Isn't that pink tatted lace just gorgeous? My friend Jen got that for me and I LOVE it! The bra is left over from my card making, and the glittery ghosts are hoping to make it onto a project soon because they are so sparkly and fabulous!


Other than that, not a lot going on, as I just cleaned it up on Tuesday night. I have a necklace that I am working on finishing up before tomorrow. I made the pendant and right now it is on a ribbon, but I am not really a big fan of ribbon necklaces, so I think I'm going to stop by Mike's and pick up something better. Not sure. It's kinda sorta bugg'n me, though. What do you think?

I also have an embroidery pattern packet out because I want to stitch up some cuteness from that soon. That is a good tv time activity, so eventually I know I'll do one! That pile of what looks like rags is actually a project in process, the shoe has had lace added to it. This thing is going to be a forever project, I tell ya! LOL! Every now and then I just do something to it. One day...I'll do the last thing ever to it and it will be done. HA!

I also have a stack of business cards on there....not mine....hmmmmmmm......


Since clear desks are never as fun to view I decided to go ahead and share my bowl of random with you. I keep this on my desk and it holds any trinket and treasure I may find that just may make its way into a piece. It's really a fun collection of happy!

So, what do you think?

For more workspace fun check out The Stamping Ground.

Thatcher Dragon Baby

I swear my dogs have way too many nick names, but hey, they are good girlies and respond to them all, so I'm gonna just go with it! HA!


Taken with the FudgeCan Camera on the Retro Camera for Android.

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Candy Corn?

So, one sunny July day my brother-in-law pulls his hand from his jeans pocket and promptly thrusts it forward to the full extension of his arm with a simple interrogative couplet:

"Candy Corn?"

For reals. The Hubbums and I just looked at him and burst out laughing. WHO THE HECK has CANDY CORN in their jeans pocket in JULY??? And moreover, how long has it been in said pocket and why don't you wash your clothes? Just say'n. HA!

Honestly, that story comes up every year around this time as the waxy yellow and orange candy hits the shelves. The sad thing is...I actually LIKE candy corn. I know...it's shameful, really. But, alas....*sigh*.

However, it does make for some fabulous crafty inspiration! And with the brand new Halloween set from Skipping Stones Design I was able to make an ADORABLE candy corn card! HOLY CUTE! I love these stamps!

Happy Halloweenie SSD #44

Yup. Pure and utter Happy Halloweenie CUTENESS!!!

Of course, I can't take full credit, as it was designed based on an amazing sketch by Ashely Cannon Newell:

Yup! Un Sketcho De Fabuloso. Just say'n.


To create the candy corn banner I stamped the candy on three different papers and then cut them out and pieced them to get this adorableness! LOVE!


I stamped the background with the fabulous Timeless Textures set from Skipping Stones because I {heart} it BIG TIME! I also added a fun little sentiment from the new Halloween set! Love!


I finished it off with a super wide ribbon and a clear tape overlay that just makes me smile! I hope you love it and I TOTALLY hope you come on over to Skipping Stones Design to play along with this amazing sketch! You could WIN!!!

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It's My Last Day with The Dollies!

That makes me a little sad, but it has been SO much fun to play along with these girls! I have loved every bit of it!

And let me tell you...these girls like to send you out with a challenge, apparently! LOL! As it turns out my last challenge for this month was a color challenge. Well, this was a good thing because I happen to really enjoy the color challenges! They are tons of fun. BUT...what I DO NOT particularly enjoy is working with colors I rarely use due to the simple fact that I generally consider them to be, well, icky colors. Lavender, tan, and navy. That's what I had to use. Together. Now, don't get me wrong...I like using tan. It's a great neutral. I don't mind tan at all. It's those other two that I shy away from. HA! Navy isn't a bad color, so to speak, but I am more of a blue girl, less of a navy girl. I find that it can be a challenge to get navy to play well with others. And Lavender. Well, that's in the purple family. Enough said.

Just say'n.

SO...when the Design Dollies put forth this list of colors, I was, well, skeptical to say the least. BUT...I took that challenge and I decided to jump in with both feet.

Guess what?

Those three colors actually play REALLY WELL together! For reals! Check this out:

Warm Fuzzies

CUTENESS!!!! No, seriously, though, you guys. Isn't it a great color combo???!!!

WHO THE HECK KNEW? For reals. I was a bit shocked. But shocked with a dose of cute is SUCH a good thing! Just say'n.


I even avoided the temptation to use tan as the dominant color and tiny itty bitty bits of the other two colors. YAY!


AND...Owly cuteness all around! For reals, you guys! That's good stuff!

SO...for a chance to challenge yourself and a chance to win a GREAT PRIZE go check out the Design Dollies color challenge and jump in! It's too much fun!


Follow the Yellow Brick Road....Follow the Yellow Brick Road...FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!!!!

So, today's post will be centered around the theme of a movie.  Can you guess which one???? 

Yup. You got it. Alien.

HA!!!! KIDDING! It's the Wizard of Oz. AND it is super fun because I made six fun tags for a swap over at Karla's Cottage and they were SO much fun to create! Seriously...I think the Wizard of Oz is one of those themes that you can just run with and never look back! I totally could have kept going, I mean....I didn't even get to Toto or the flying monkeys yet! FLYING MONKEYS! Talk about fun tags! Anyway...here are the tags that I created. I do apologize for the photo quality, as it appears that I was on some heavy perception changers at the time of taking them because I can't imagine that there would be ANY other reason for them to be THIS bad.

Or...I'm just using that as an excuse because I took lousy shots. ANYWAY.....moving on. To the tags. 'Cause that's why you're here and stuff.

Ruby Slippers and Lace

3 Times

Those Shoes

So, as you can see from the photos above, I did three of them on the ruby slipper theme because...ummmm.... RED GLITTER! I mean, REALLY! Sally the Cricut cut the shoes for me (A Child's Year cartridge) and I glittered the heck out of them! I love them. I think I need some. Real ones. For my feets. Just say'n.

My Little Pretty

Wicked Witch

Witch Tag

And these three are all on the witch theme. (Yes, I'm aware that you probably got that and didn't need my help, but I have to write stuff because, well, I talk a lot and it suits me. Just say'n.) The stamps are all from Scrolls Work except for the brick...that's just the end of a pink eraser inked and stamped to look like bricks. 'Cause I'm just cool like that. AND NOTE: They are all the wicked witch because good witches aren't nearly as much fun. Sorry, Willow. That's just the way it is. Okay, MAYBE they are fun, but still. The wicked ones are more fun. Sometimes. I don't know! *sigh* Where was I?

Oh, yes...the tags and the swap and such. I'm super excited to get my tag book back and see what others have created! Like I said, there is SO much you can do on this theme!!! It's just super crazy fun and stuff.

So....what do you think?

Oh...and I apologize if you really were hoping that my tags were done on the other movie theme - you know...Alien and all. I think if I made those I would have nightmares. That movie is freaking SCARY! Even if you HAVE seen it more times than you can count and you know what happens...I still jump and scream EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Every. For reals.

Jingle Out.


CSN Review Time!

Yup! It's that time, again! I will be soon reviewing another FABULOUS product from CSN Stores!

Yup! I'm pretty excited! I would tell you what I am going to review, but I think I'm going to keep it a surprise! Read: I haven't quite narrowed it down yet. HA!

You see, CSN has SO much to offer, it can be tricky! They have everything from end tables, to pet supplies, to kitchen gadgets!

I have a couple of good ideas, though, so keep your eyes open!!! You know things are ALWAYS fun around here!


Last Day for Blogs for Boobies!!!!

So, remember THIS post? The one about the Skipping Stones Design Bounce for Boobies?

Well, it just so happens that today is the LAST day for the auction, so you TOTALLY need to check out the cards!!!

So far the bid here at JustJingle is up to $10 and currently includes this card:

Blogs for Boobies Card

AND This card....

SSD #43

BUT...my friends, if the bidding hits $20 there will be ANOTHER one and if it hits $30 another...and....well, you get the picture!  So jump in and place your last minute bids right here on THIS post!  Remember...the current bid is $10 so you will want to start over that and go from there! 

Let's use this opportunity to do something GREAT for the Susan G. Komen foundation and for our loved ones who have fought breast cancer!

Here is the complete list so you can check out all of the cards!

Kim Hughes – http://paperhugs.typepad.com/paper_hugs/
Kandi Phillips – http://kraftykandikrafts.blogspot.com/
Sharon Harnist – http://paperfections.typepad.com/
Amy Sheffer – http://pickledpaperdesigns.blogspot.com/
Jennifer Buck – http://www.thebuckstampshere.blogspot.com/
Amy Tsuruta – http://tsurutadesigns.blogspot.com/
Tammie Beaton – http://alwaysinking.blogspot.com/
Rae Barthel – http://simplyrae.blogspot.com/
Wendy Jordan – http://papertherapy-wendy.blogspot.com/
Sarah Martina Parker – http://sarahmartina.com/blog/
Lea Lawson – http://leascupcakesandsunshine.blogspot.com/
Teri Anderson – http://terisplace.wordpress.com/
Deb Felts – http://withastampandasong.blogspot.com/
Kimberly Crawford – http://kimberly-crawford.blogspot.com/
Gladys Chia – http://www.gladyschia2010.wordpress.com/
Jen del Muro – http://iheart2stamp.com/
Maile Belles – http://mailebelles.blogspot.com/

Heather Engebretson – http://skippingstonesdesign.blogspot.com/
Barb Turpin – http://barbsboys123.blogspot.com/
Becky Olsen – http://lifeasathreeleggeddog.blogspot.com/
Megan Hoeppner – http://meganhoeppner.blogspot.com/
Kim Kesti – http://kimberlykesti.typepad.com/
Ashley Cannon Newell – http://ashleynewell.blogspot.com/
Angela Thomas – http://sparkleandbling.blogspot.com/
Ann Kranitz – http://stampwithme-ann.blogspot.com/
Shannan Teubner – http://withfeathersandsequins.blogspot.com/
Belinda Chang Langer – http://cadnileb.blogspot.com/
Brenda Weaver – http://sweetpapertreats.wordpress.com/
Jennifer Ingle – http://justjingle.blogspot.com/
Teresa Kline – http://enjoythevasunshine.blogspot.com/
Wendy Price – http://paperinkandsmiles.blogspot.com/
Jodi Collins – http://stampingalatte.blogspot.com/

All Hallows Eve Mixed Media with the Design Dollies!

I totally got to do another challenge with the Design Dollies! Have I mentioned how much FUN it is being a guest designer with them this month? For reals! These girls come up with awesome challenges that make me just want to MAKE STUFF! That's a good thing. Trust me on this one.

Anyway, this week it is the sketch challenge and Kristy Dalman put together a fantastic sketch! Because this was a sketch I thought I might go more traditional and do a card or a scrapbook page, as my other projects for the Dollies thus far have all been sort of out of that traditional box, BUT, I couldn't do it. I saw the sketch, looked at my desk and saw the amazing Scrolls Work stamps that I had sitting there, and *POP!* An idea was born. Just like popcorn. Just say'n.

Here's the sketch!

And Here is my project!

All Hallows Eve

I stamped a variety of stamps (all from Scrolls Work) on different papers and then mounted each one on corrugated cardboard. The cardboard gave me not only a strong base for each piece, but also a lot of fabulous depth and a bit of a worn look. I love it!

Witch on All Hallow's Eve

The witch is stamped on a really cool Japanese rice paper. I love it! I also added a nice chunky black glitter to the surround just to make it sparkle!

Tree on All Hallows eve

The tree is stamped onto an old bag that, in all honesty, has been used as wrapping paper at least twice. I think it may have gone through the washer and dryer once, too....maybe not this batch. Did you know you can do that? You can put grocery bags through the washer and dryer and they weather BEAUTIFULLY to a nice soft almost fabric like material! It's pretty awesome, actually. Just be careful when you do it. ANYWAY....as I said, this batch may not have had that treatment, but it is still nice and crinkly and made the perfect surface to stamp an old tree! Sally the Cricut cut the cat for me and the pumpkin is stamped on kraft cardstock, as are the harlequin background pieces.


I finished the piece with a simple title tag (also cut by Sally the Cricut) with letter stickers and I gave the rest of the piece a quick spritz with spray adhesive and then glittered the heck out of it. Why? Ummmmm....really? You have to ask? Because it's GLITTER!!!!!!! And I {heart} it. Just say'n.

So, you should totally head on over to Design Dollies and check out the challenge and join in because they give away REALLY great prizes!

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It's a Halloween Party!!!!

A Fanciful Twist
is hosting a Halloween Party! I participated in her Mad Tea Party and really enjoyed it, so I am going to jump in on this one, too! I'd love to see some of you join!!!

WOYWW - Holy Insanity Batman. Just Say'n.

No, for reals, though, you guys!  My studio is so insane right now I can't even tell you!  I've been working on so much and it's just one thing after another.  Between stuff for school for The Hubbums and stuff for me for Design Teams and the rare, but still there stuff just 'cause I want to make it, it is just ALL over the freaking place!  I need a day to just clean and then work on stuff, but I don't have one of those on the horizon, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that!  It's crazy, though.  Completely and totally nuts.  Just say'n.


I have been desperately trying to work on that doll.  Small steps for this one, I guess, small steps.  Don't worry - he won't remain that skinny.  I just taped over his armature to keep everything where I wanted it.  Can I confess something?  I don't like doing armatures!  They are a pain in the neck!  It's my least favorite part of doll making.  But, alas, it is a necessary evil at times, thus, I struggle through it!  HA! 


I had to cheat a little and remove one piece from my desk, as I can't officially reveal that here on the blog until tomorrow, but come back to see it!  'Cause it's awesome and stuff.  Just say'n.  You CAN, however, see the remnants of that adventure!  Stacks of stamps, ink, and bits of paper and cardboard strewn all over my workspace.  Oh, and the sticker basket.  I should put that away.  It would  make a big difference and take about two seconds seeing as it just slides happily into a cubby a couple of feet from where it sits now. 

So, that's my desk right now.  It is a pretty darn close resemblance to all going on in my HEAD right now, too!  It's a good thing we don't have a blog party to show THAT!  I think that might scare people away!  HA!

For more amazing workspaces check out The Stamping Ground! 

Ummm...So The Retro Camera App on my Droid Pretty Much Rocks. Just Say'n.


Taken with the Pinhole Camera in my Retro Camera App for my Droid.  *HEART*  (Big time.  Just say'n.)

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Christmas Cards with Skipping Stones Design

Yeah, I know...it seems too early, but really, it totally isn't if you want to make your cards! Now is the time to get started so you have them done in time to send them out!

Today is Skipping Stones Design day here on Just Jingle and I get to show off another fantastic new set of stamps!


This set is called Wise Men and it is a FABULOUS holiday set!

Come on over to Skipping Stones Design to play along with this weeks sketch and for a chance to WIN!!!

ALSO - Please remember to stop by my Blogs for Boobies post (along with the others) and bid on our cards to make donations to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! I am officially adding today's card to the mix, and if the bid hits $20, I will be adding even more! This is so important and I would love to have your support!

Be sure to check out what the other stamp tramps have created with this fabulous set and sketch! You will get TONS of great ideas to get you started for the holidays!

Kandi Phillips
Amy Tsuruta
Ann Kranitz
Barb Turpin
Brenda Weaver
Gladys Chia
Jennifer Ingle (That's Me!)
Tammie Beaton
Wendy Jordan

And Our Guest Designers:

Teresa Kline
Lea Lawson
Sarah Martina Parker

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