Plastic Beaded Necklaces Make Me Happy - Just Say'n. {Vintage Thingies Thursday}

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Vintage plastic beads

I love vintage plastic beaded necklaces. There is just something fabulous about them. This one is one that I just got recently and I love it because it is super-SUPER long and when you double it, it is STILL super long!!!! You can triple it or even make it four stranded if you want to! It makes me happy! So do jeans and a white button down. Add my favorite red pumps, and I'm pretty much a very happy girl.

I love these shoes!

Look! They even make a sort of heart shape. That's how much they love me and how much I love them. Just Say'n.

I also wanted to share with you the fun little giftie that I got to open yesterday from the 13 Days of Halloween Swap that I told you about (are you seeing why this would be way fun for Christmas?)

13 Days of Halloween Day 3!  Jack O' Lantern Picks!

Ummm....can you say CUPCAKES???? These adorable little picks will make PERFECT little toppers! I love them! So fun! And they are tucked into a fabulous little cauldron! SO cute!


  1. I love red shoes. I have terrible feet though, and I could never wear ones like yours.

  2. I can see the "heart", but what popped out to me was a "Hershey kiss"...LOL! That could just be the diet talking.

  3. I have SOOOO many of these necklaces that I inherited from my great grandma, and I never thought about them until just now. I'm going to go pull them out and wear the hell out of them. :)

  4. I never once thought of keeping those beads when I had them. Yours are so pretty and looks like well taken care of. Enjoyed yuor "fun" post.

  5. Love the necklace! I remember when I was a kid we had what we called 'pop beads.' I loved those. Depending on how many you had, your necklace could be as long or short as you wanted, and they made a popping sound when you pulled them apart.

  6. Great beads, great shoes and great pumpkins!!

  7. I can just imagine how adorable you look in this outfit! I love the beads, especially the fact they they are really long...that is so fun!

    Lucky girl on the pumpkin picks...those are really sweet!

    Have a great fall weekend and a wonderful VTT!

  8. cute necklace and shoes!! i love love love RED accessories!!

    i like the pumpkin picks too :D

  9. Your posts are always so cute and fun! I love that classic look of jeans, white button down and those fabulous beads!
    Happy VTT!

  10. Love your red necklace! It looks great with your white button down! I can see where your shoes make a heart and they love you!

    Vintage Thingie Thursday!

  11. Sounds like an outfit that would make you smile all day. Something about even plastic older jewelry is more fun than the new stuff.

  12. I am having so much fun opening my gifts from you - will post them tomorrow!! About the Christmas exchange - I would love to participate. Is there time enough to get it going? Mahalo for even thinking of it!!

  13. Love the shoes! Really classy.



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