Jen Kiaba Photography ***Valentine's Giveaway!!!***

Let me start by saying you are about to fall in love.

No.  For reals.

I have the sincere privilege of once again, working with Jen Kiaba to offer you a BEAUTIFUL giveaway!

Jen is an absolutely amazing artist.  She does not take pictures.  Nope.  That's not what she does at all.  Rather, she captures stories by the tail and creates absolutely entrancing works of art with them.


Do you see what I mean?  Stories.  Beautiful, amazing, and enticing tales.

She captures people, she captures scenes, she captures anything and everything that will take your imagination and let it fly away to fantastical place where dreams come true.  *sigh*

Each and every photo just draws me in and takes me away to a new and glorious fairly tale.  I love it.  I really and truly do.  And I can't even BELIEVE how many new images she has brought into her amazing shop!  I am so in love!  Her work is technically beautiful, but more importantly, it is so beautifully artistic.  Each piece will stand out in your home as a favorite!
AND...Jen has begun to create some new and TOTALLY fantastic products with her work on them!  LOVE THAT!  And that, my friends, brings us to today's giveaway!!!  

One Just Jingle reader will win this absolutely AMAZING journal from Jen Kiaba Photography.


Isn't it just perfect?  I think it's perfect.
And one of you will win it!
Giveaway ends on Friday 5 February.

To Enter:
Required:  Visit Jen Kiaba Photography and tell me which print is your favorite...it's okay.....I'll wait.  It may take some time as you travel through Wonderland!

Optional Additional Entries:
*Follow My Blog and leave and Additional Comment to let me know!  (Current followers, too!)
*  Follow Jen's glorious Blog and leave a comment letting me know!  (Current followers, too!)
*Follow both me and Jen on Twitter AND tweet about this giveaway with a link back here.  Leave an additional comment with a link to your tweet! (it helps if you @Jenkiaba and @JustJingle in the tweet)
*Make a purchase from Jen's shop and come back and leave THREE extra comments!  (This will be confirmed)

Just say'n.

***Disclaimer:  No compensation was given for this review other than the prize offered to one reader.  Jen did, however, kindly send me a print and a beautiful card as a thank you for the last review.  This has in no way colored the opinions you read here because, well, let's face it.  I'm pretty real.  Just say'n.***

If you have a shop that you would like to promote send me an email....we can chat!

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Uprinting 250 Custom Stickers Giveaway!!! *Free Shipping to Winner!*

***This is not my OWOH post. If you are looking for that, please click here.***

I am happy to be offering a fabulous giveaway from Uprinting.com once again!!!

One Lucky Just Jingle Reader will win the following:

                250 Stickers/Labels

          Sizes:  2” x 3.5”, 2” x 4”, or 3” x 3”
          Paper:  70lb Label Matte
          Specifications: Full color front, blank back; 4 Business Day printing
          Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
          Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only
          The Drawing will end on Thursday 4 February 2010
    To enter:  
    Required:  Visit Uprinting.com and leave a comment telling me how you would use these stickers!  *Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you either via a blog link or email.*  
    Optional Additional Entries: 
    *Follow my blog and leave an ADDITIONAL comment letting me know you are a follower!  Yes, current followers do qualify!!!
    *Post about this giveaway on your blog with a link back to this blog and leave an ADDITIONAL comment with a link so I can see your post! 
    ***Also, be on the lookout for a REALLY GREAT giveaway tomorrow, too!  I'm super excited about it!  ***


Denim {wordless wednesday}


The macro shot. Almost seems to make it totally okay that you leave clothes lying around all the time. Can someone tell my husband that...it's for the 'inspiration', honey. I MUST leave them out. I simply must. Just say'n.

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Art and the Soul - Take Flight

***If you are looking for my One World One Heart post scroll down to the previous post - commenting on this post does not count as an entry! Thanks for visiting!***

Take Flight

Today I am sharing with you a piece of me.  No...I did not create this lovely art doll to look like me, so just stop those comments right in their tacks! HA!

No, I did not create her to look like me, but I did create her while I was a little stressed.  It's funny how somethings, even if it isn't bad and you don't see it happening, that bit of stress can drive your creativity to a brilliant revelation of self.

Take Flight Upper Body
Take Flight Torso
Take Flight - beads & wire

I would love to tell you what I see, but I can't.  It's not that I don't want you to know...it's that what I see is created within her.  It shines through her details.  It is not something that the English language is capable of communicating.  It is a visual story.  A story of a piece of me.

Pretty neat, huh?  I thought so when I finished her.  It's just amazing to complete a piece and see yourself in it so clearly.  Wicked.  Crazy.  Cool.  Just say'n.

Take Flight Face

But...since I can't communicate what I see, I could at least be kind enough to tell you how she is made!!!  The base fabric is a piece of canvas that I treated with ink pads and spray ink and crumpled up to wrinkle into sheer fabulousness.  I stamped the words on the background with CTMH stamps and Tim Holtz Distress ink.

Her face is sculpted from a translucent polymer clay and coated with a glitter glaze.  Her features are painted on.

Take Flight wing

As is my norm, I have a couple of upcycled pieces in there - her torso is a coffee sleeve from Starbucks and her head is adorned with some gold pieces salvaged from a holiday wreath.  The smaller set of wings is stamped on vintage encyclopedia pages.  The larger wings and the key making up the head and foot are grungeboard covered in glitter.

Take Flight text

....and she serves as a reminder.  A reminder to take flight and fly away.  I love her.  Even if The Hubbums thinks she is creepy.  Just say'n.


One World One Heart - Bloggers Coming Together *Giveaway*


I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful event this year!  Welcome to One World One Heart, a HUGE blog event all about finding others who love blogging, love creating, and love making genuine connections all over the world!  This event is hosted by A Whimsical Bohemian and any and all bloggers are welcome to join (you can join until Feb. 8th!)!  Just click on the link to check out the details! 

I decided to create something fabulously cute for my giveaway!  I had an AMAZING day of creating yesterday.  Seriously.  It was amazing.  For reals.  I'm not even lying.  I created an art doll that is so amazingly reflective of me right now.  I can't wait to share that with you all tomorrow!  AND....I also created my giveaway for today!!!

The thing is....I'm about to go all Napoleon Dynamite on you....

Kitty Stuffie/Pin Cushion (front) 

It's a Kibbit.  You know....a cross between a Kitty and a Rabbit!  HA!  Yikes.  Just say'n.

But, seriously, this little adorable stuffie came from me cutting out a free form shape, handstitching, stuffing, and adding accents however I was led to do so!  THUS...the slightly unreal creature on which your eyes are lain as we speak.

Kitty Stuffie/Pin cushion (side)

BUT...at least she is a SUPER STINKING CRAZY WICKED CUTE unreal creature of stuffed happiness!!!!

That's really what she is.  Stuffed Happy.  

Kitty Stuffie/Pin Cushion (back)

Stuffed Happy with a pom-pom tail.  HEeeeeeee!!!!!!  She makes me happy!  One of you better win her quick because I want her!  HA!!!  (Don't worry...I promise to send her to a fabulous winner!)

Soooo....I want to share this little Stuffed Happy with another blogger!  Here's how you can win:

To Enter:  You MUST be a blogger to win this one, as it is a blogger connection event.  Leave a comment, any comment, but if you would like tell me something that makes you SOOOOOO happy.  (Something little and fun...I already know things like spouses, children, and world peace make you happy.  Or...at least I hope they do!  HA!)  AND...leave a way to contact you if you win.  For security you can leave your email address in the following form to avoid spam:  jinglesells at gmail dot com directly in the comment, but basically, if you fill out the email (in regular format), blog address, and name sections while leaving your comment...you will be in good shape!

Also, if you would like to follow my blog that would make me SUPER CRAZY happy, but it's not required!  I just like to toss that out there!  'Cause I love Happy Followers!

The winner will be chosen on 14 February 2010 and announced on 15 February 2010!

Please note:  This is not intended for children.  It  is handstitched and contains beads and polyfill filling, along with small parts making up the features.  However, it would make an excellent pin cushion or adorable happy for your favorite room!

Thanks for coming by and don't forget to hop on over to A Whimsical Bohemian to enter all of the other fabulous giveaways!!!!

***Since I have reached over 100 entrants, I am going to offer a second prize of an envelope of vintage encyclopedia pages great for mixed media, collage, scrapbooking, or any other paper art!  All entrants will be included in BOTH drawings, so you have a chance to win both prizes!***


Fuzzy Purple Polka Dots and some Answers!

Okay...I wanted to answer a couple of questions that were asked about the video the other day:

How do I sit at my computer?  - I have a stool height chair that I use for both my desk and my computer.  I try not to spend tons of time sitting in front of my machine at home.  I just recently moved it to that spot and I am actually really liking it.  It was on my desk before, but my keyboard and mouse were getting glitter and junk all over them!  HA!  Sometimes I stand at it, too. 

How did you make your light box? - Well, I made The Hubbums do it for me!  HA!  Actually, though, it's pretty simple.  I just bought a couple of sheets of white foam core and cut them to four even panels.  I use pins to hold it together so it can easily be broken down.  I just have a lamp next to it for lighting.  Easy Peasy!!!

How Long have you been scrapping? - I started doing it 'for real' when I was in college.  It's been over a decade now.  I love it!!!  I've been creative all my life, though.  I used to make anything I could out of paper and found objects and try to sell it to my parents when I was little!  LOL!!!  I actually made a good living.......hmmm......just say'n.

Recipe for Frito Chili Pie - SO EASY!!!  AND SO YUMMY!  Take Fritos, put them in a bowl or on a plate.  Heat up some Hormel chili or whatever quick and easy chili you might like and pour over the fritos, smother with shredded cheese.  Have heart burn for a week, but love every minute of it!!!!

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments you guys left!  It was way fun!!!!

And.....on to my latest ATC action:

Purple Fuzz

So....you know when you are working with some fun stuff, but your ATC (Artistic Trading Card) is just not quite coming together?  Well, my friends, I have FOUND the solutions!  And it can be yours for only $19.95!!!!

....ummmm....or it can be free.  You pick.


Yup!  That's the solution!!!  Just add fuzzy purple polka dots and they will make you SOOOO HAPPY!!!!  Seriously.  For reals.  They made me super happy.  I love them.


Of course, I can't deny that the MS glitter glue dots made me pretty happy, too.  And the vintage paper butterflies.  And the uber-fab shimmer from the Glimmer Mist.  But, hey!  Who's counting?  HA!


Pure and Wonderful ATC JOY!!!!  LOVE.  IT.

Just say'n.

Jingle Out.

HAAAA!!!!  HAA!!!!


Always Laugh With Me - A New Layout!!! (No...seriously...for reals...)

I ACTUALLY did a scrapbook page! It's been so LONG!!!! It feels good. I'm a happy girl. I decided to jump in at the last minute for the Sketchy Thursday challenge for this week since I loved the sketch AND I had some new paper I wanted to play with!

This is the sketch and I stuck pretty darned close to it.  I really love it and it worked wonderfully for my photo and the papers and accents I wanted to use!

All papers and die cuts are My Minds Eye, the Pearls are The Paper Source, rubons are Making Memories (wicked crazy old school, actually!), the photo corners and the glitter are Martha Stewart, the Liquid Glass is Close To My Heart, the letters were cut with the Cricut Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge, and the fiber is from my stash...in other words...I have no clue.  Just say'n.

Always Laugh With Me

Embellished Die Cut for Always Laugh With Me

It is a little hard to see in the photo, but I covered the die cut with liquid glass and then sprinkled some clear glitter onto it after adding the pearls to the center.

Title for Always Laugh With Me
Photo for Always Laugh With Me

This is actually an 'outtake' photo from a camera timer shoot we did in Boston one day when we were just wandering around.  It was SO much fun!!! 

Well, my clock is currently reading around 9:21pm and this challenge is due at 10pm, so I figure I could stick around and chat for awhile longer seeing as I've got plenty of time, but.....

....oh, wait.  HA! 

Well, you know what they say...."There's NO minute like LAST minute, there's NO minute, I know....."  (Oh, maybe that song says something entirely different.  Oh, well.  I tried!  Anyway...have a great night and I will see you all tomorrow!

Happy Mail Day!!! {Wordless Wednesday...sort of}


Feast your eyes on these beautiful, fantabulous, pure rubber goodness brand spankin' new CHA release Tim Holtz stamps!!!! For REALS, they are BEATIMUS!!!! I won them on his blog the other day and they already arrived and I am SO excited!!!

I also wanted to say a thank you for the wonderful response to the video yesterday! I do plan to compose a post with answers to some questions that were asked and I was so excited to read all of your responses. I had more hits yesterday than EVER before and that was super exciting! I hope some of you stick around!!!

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This IS a Jingle Studio Tour

Seriously, you guys.  This is so amazingly embarrassing!  HA!  I still can't believe that's what I sound like.  I don't.  Inside my head.  Just say'n.

BUT, alas....here it is.  The under-ten-minute Jingle Scrap Studio Tour!  If you have any questions about anything feel free to leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer them either individually or in a post later on.

Please don't laugh.  At me.  It's okay to laugh if it's funny, but don't laugh at me 'cause I will totally seriously cry.  Just Say'n.

Alright.  Enough of that chatter....here it is, folks!  Enjoy!

(Disclaimer:  I am no responsible for any motion illness incurred due to watching this video.  I am also not responsible for any enabling that may take place.  Got it?  Good.  Have fun!)

OH! P.S. Does anyone know how to choose the still shot that is on your Youtube video? 'Cause, um....for reals....they picked the WORST possible shot to start that sucker off with. Just say'n.


Less Apathy More Cake V-Day Card Swap

This just sounds like too much fun to miss!  I'm going to jump right in!  Wanna join me?  Check it out by clicking on the cute little button below!!!!

 less apathy.more cake

This is not a Studio Tour Video

You see, my plan was to show you a video today.  A real live video with my own, personal, real live voice in it. 


Don't be silly.

I had no intention of showing my face.  That's scary. 

The act of showing my face on film.  Not my face.  My face is not scary.  I don't think.  Do you?  Oh, great.  Now I'm worried.

Just say'n.

BUT....my voice and my scrapbook room would have been the STARS of the show!

The thing of it is....I recorded it twice.  I am having the DARNDEST time keeping it under ten minutes.  Seriously.

Do you think that means I talk to much?

Don't answer that.  Just say'n.

Sooo....then I thought, well, Jingle - Here's the thing.  Even when you do get this thing paired down, it's going to be close to ten minutes because you obviously can't SHUT THE HECK UP! 

That being the case, I figured I should ask if you guys are cool with that.  You know...a ten minute tour of my scrapbook studio (which is actually becoming a misnomer, seeing as I do TONS of different crafts, not JUST scrapbooking and if I'm honest, I probably create fewer layouts than I do all that other stuff, so maybe it needs a new name...any suggestions?  Maybe just "THE Studio?"  Hmm....I'll have to think on that one...anyway...veering slowly AWAY from this tangent...) in which I show you my room, and some of my storage and fun stuff like that.

OR....are you totally not interested in that? 

OR...are you thinking MAN, there is NO WAY I want to hear your voice!  (I'm okay with that...really.  I am.)

OR..are you like, DUDE!  Toss that sucker up here!  I wanna see!!! 

...the thing of it is...I'm sorta scared that it will bore the crap out of you and everyone will run screaming from my blog never to return.  Please tell me that is an irrational fear.  Please.  Will you run?  I hope you won't run.  I like you.  I really really really do.

And...on that note....I also want to send a HUGE thank you to my newer followers!  I've noticed a few new faces jumping in lately and that makes me so TOTALLY Happy!!!!  If you haven't already commented, please feel free to do so!  I {heart} comments.  They make me feel special and stuff.  Just say'n.

Oh...and no word from the neighbors downstairs ALL weekend.  Not a single broom stick thump!  They must have gone on vacation!  HA!


On The Insanity of Those Who Live Below

No.  Seriously.  They are crazy.

The people who live below us, that is.

Let me explain...

You see, we live in a third floor apartment.  We love apartment living.  This is not our first and it won't be our last.  We tried that whole home-ownership gig and, quite frankly, it's just not our thing. 

Do you know that they expect you to mow your own freaking lawn AND shovel your own snow when you own the place?  Ridiculous!  Seriously. 

Anyway....so, because we are 'apartment people' we know the ins and outs and ups and downs of community living.  You tend to know when your neighbors come and go and when their 18 month old is sprinting down the hall way at full speed ahead, in all likelyhood quite convinced that he actually IS Bumblebee the Autobot.  Just say'n.

However, it appears that those who live below.  {Hghgmm Hgmghmmm} (that's the sound of a clearing throat ... just in case that wasn't abundantly apparent.  'Cause you know, my onomatopoeia skills are like the best in the world and stuff, so there shouldn't have been a problem but....SHOOT!  Tangent.  Okay...stopping now.  Moving on.)  So, yes....the people below us have no BLOODY FREAKING IDEA that an apartment building is not and never will be a silent living environment. 

It's just not going to happen.

SOOOOO.....because they refuse to accept this simple truth they have taken it upon themselves....okay...I say  'they', but I'm fairly confident that it is primarily 'she.'  Although, being that I can't prove that we will stick with 'they' for now.  K?  K.  So, they have taken it upon themselves to choose the source of the noise. 


All of it. 

All of the time.  No matter what.

Yes...if the dog in building five is howling it MUST be our dogs even though we are in building three.

Yes...if the a fore mentioned 18 month old is running down the hall it MUST be our dogs.

Yes...if the mother down the hall is screaming at the top of her extremely well made lungs at her sons it simply MUST be our dogs.

Yes...if the people across the hall are playing rock band with their ten year old daughter it MUST be our dogs.

Are you seeing the pattern here?  'Cause it's not hard, really.

Now, yes, we have two dogs in an apartment.  However, we chose this place strongly based on the fact that it is a pet-friendly community with TONS of dogs of similar breeds.  We have labs.  Neither are puppies.  Quite frankly, any of you who have labs know that once they reach about 3 or 4 their favorite activity is generally NAP TIME!  Yes, we do play from time to time, however we keep it during reasonable hours.  Although, that didn't stop the Crazies from nearly punching a hole in their ceiling/my floor because I was playing with my dog at 11am on a WEEKDAY (I was stuck home due to snow).  I KNOW!  The GALL!  How DARE I do something at such an early hour. 


And then there was the fact that my husband vacuumed the house at 7pm because his parents were coming from out of town and we had just got home from work and wanted our house to be presentable.  I guess 7pm is bedtime, because the broom stick was in full action yet again, folks.


So, seriously.  These people have complained to the leasing office who know us well and have basically nodded and smiled.  Finally we talked to the office ourselves and they decided that they would have to let them know what 'reasonable expectations' should be since these grown adults can't seem to figure this out on their own.  (It doesn't hurt that we are long time tenants who happen to rent the largest unit in the place AND pay extra for two dogs AND have referred others who have moved in based on our recommendation AND the fact that I get packages all the time so I'm pretty much friends with the entire office.  Nope.  None of that hurts at all!  Heee!)

So....the office wasn't going to help the Crazies. 

Apparently, the Crazies weren't satisfied with that one.

No...seriously....guess!!!  'Cause this one is HI-FREAKING-LARIOUS!

They called the cops.

At 2:30 in the morning on Wednesday night/Thursday morning.

Yup.  They really did.  Nope.  I'm totally not kidding.  Yup.  I'm giggling even more now just thinking about it.

That crazy old lady ACTUALLY stayed up that late JUST so she could call the cops on us.

Here's the best part....both The Hubbums and I get up at 5am.  We leave between 6 and 6:30.  So....it's not a stretch to realize that we don't SEE 2:30 in the morning!  The dogs were both passed out on the bed with us.  So....Here is the scene:

Knock!  Knock!  Knock!

The Hubbums grabs MY pajama bottoms (since they were closest) and a t-shirt and goes to see who the HELL is knocking on the door at 2:30 am waking him from a dead sleep.

I continue sleeping, as it pretty much takes a brick to the head to wake me up.  Just say'n.

Maggie, the larger and older of the two dogs, annoyed that someone is at the door at 2:30am sighs heavily and goes back to sleep...still on the bed.

Thatcher, confused and being the anxious one, follows The Hubbums with caution to see who is at the door.

Nobody even barks.

The Hubbums opens the door to see a Police Officer standing there.

Officer:  Hi.  It looks like you were asleep?

The Hubbums:  Umm...yeah...it's 2:30 in the morning.  Can I help you with anything, Officer?

Officer:  Well, I had a complaint that you were making a lot of noise, (peaking around the door a bit) but you were obviously asleep, and I didn't hear anything.

The Hubbums:  It's the people downstairs.  (he continues with a mumbled, but courteous explanation of the Crazies...I don't know what he said because I just would have said they are NUTS!)

The officer then left quite quickly (and probably rather annoyed at the false call) and The Hubbums went back to bed.

Now, many would be bothered by the sleep interruption, but as I stated, I never woke up and The Hubbums is a chronic insomniac, so he got all the sleep he really needed.  He went back to bed, grabbed his Nook and read for awhile before going back to sleep.  All the time giggling just a bit at the lunacy below.

SOOOOO...this happens.  The Crazies proved themselves to be crazy not only to the leasing office, to us, but now ALSO to the Police force.  HA!!!!  I love it when they do my work for me!

The next morning, thinking she had really got us now...Mrs. Crazy ran into The Hubbums while he was taking the dogs out at 5:30 or so.  She greeted him with a huge smile and a "Well!  Hello!" as though she had just won the war....little did she know....HA!!!!!

So, The Hubbums gently let the dogs know that her 'friendly mannerisms' were, indeed, not an invite to say hello and continued on his way.

Now....we just hope she calls again so they can find her for repeated false alarms.  THAT would pretty much make my day.  Just say'n. 

CRAZIES!!!!  I tell you!

But...it does make for one SERIOUSLY funny story. 

Just say'n.

Jingle Out.



Have you ever cut a gagillion little hearts and then changed your design plan?

You know, like when you are trying to make a bunch of cute little tags for wedding favors and then you discover this other cool thing that your Cricut can do....AFTER cutting and silver leaf gilding 60 hearts?  You've been there, right?  PLEASE tell me you've been there and I'm not alone in this!  HA!

SOOOOooooo...that left me with a LOT of red hearts with gorgeous silver edges.  Just Say'n.

BUT...when I put those into a little pile they looked REALLY cool all together, which, of course sparked a seed of an idea that sat in a small ziploc bag until full inspiration hit.

gilded hearts close

Well....between THIS fabulous BBB2 Challenge (I do so love challenges with lots of freedom) and the fact that I was wicked stressed, exhausted, and stuck on hold for a long time.....I got JUST the inspiration I needed!!!  While on hold, I took out those fun hearts and I began creating the base for my card...it all came together from there!  SO FUN!

red hearts card

I layered the gilded hearts all over the card for the background.  Sally (the Cricut) cut them from the Accents Etc. cartridge.  Now, the challenge also called for some purple and I think it is just WAY fun to combine red and purple, so I tried a couple of things.  I stamped a cute little tag with smokey plum ink and tied it on with a thin lavender ribbon.

red hearts card close

As you can see...that SO didn't happen.  HA!  Yes, I did all of that and then took it off because I hated it.  I kept the little tag and ribbon to use on something else because they are super cute, just not for this card.

purple tissue flower close

Instead, I decided to add this glorious tissue paper flower that I created awhile back when I was just playing one day.  It is made with layers of tissue paper and then spritzed with smoke glimmer mist for the sparkle.  LOVE GLIMMER MIST!!!!  I added some silver stickles for even MORE sparkle and topped the center with a small clear dew drop.  Then, I pulled out some sheer purple ribbon and it all came together and made me SOOOOOOOO happy.  So happy.  Just say'n.

I added a tiny little white sentiment that just seemed to suit the card perfectly and smiled BIG!  It is truly amazing too me just how therapeutic crafting is for me.  For reals.  My mood was turned around completely when I finished my card.  I love that.  It is so nice to have something I can always count on.  Happy Things!!!

red hearts no stand

And thus, this fabulous little Valentine's Card.  It's a happy card.  Wouldn't you say? 


It's Mighty Cold in Boston {Wordless Wednesday}




Cold, but always beautiful! 

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Needle Felting. Holy Freaking Wicked Crazy Cool, Batman. Just Say'n.

No, really.  I'm in love!

Did YOU know that if you take this:


And poke a bagillion times or so with these:


You can end up with a cute little guy like THIS?????



I know, I know...he's a little fuzzy and a bit rough around the edges, but he is my first EVER needle felting project and I think he is pretty darned cute, if I do say so myself.  Which I just did.  And will continue to do.  Just say'n.  Obviously.


He is a little owly kind of guy without a name.  He needs a name, though.  If you have any ideas, feel free to contribute your thoughts.  I only used the two colors because I just wanted to play a little and see how this whole thing even works, but I think he came out mighty darned freaking adorable.


The hardest parts were the beak and the little froo-froo thingy-ma-bob on his head.  Yes.  Of course that is the technical terminology.  I know these things.

I'm thinking maybe I'm supposed to trim him up a bit with scissors or maybe I just need to poke more, which means I need to use a bit  more roving to keep it from getting super tiny, but I will be playing with more soon because I am TOTALLY in love!  AND...the best part is...I have FINALLY found a craft that I can do while sitting in front of a tv show or movie with my husband.  Paper crafting is too much of a pain to do like that.  I can also take this with me because it doesn't require a ton of tools and/or space!  LOVE THAT!  I really love discovering new crafts and this is SO fun to do!  I just need to get better at my actual sculpting skills...in time, though....all in due time.  I'm excited!!!  HEEEEEEEEEE!!!!  I do so love making cute stuff!  Cute stuff makes me happy!!!!!



Beautiful, isn't it? I love this city. I really do. It's just amazing to me. Yes, that is the Charles River and yes, it is, indeed, frozen...at least partially. It is so pretty! I love it. LOVE IT.

You know what else I love? Wonderful weekends spent with my fabulous Hubbums and his parents that came for a (altogether too brief) visit this weekend. We really had a wonderful time together.

We spent Saturday at the Museum of Science (from which the above shot was taken by The Hubbums) and just had a wonderful time! It's always so much fun to go to a museum with other people who love museums as much as we do!!!

We got to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition and it was AWESOME! I loved everything about it! I do wish they had done more to tell you HOW things were done in the films, but just seeing the props and costumes so close and so 'real' was just way fun! It was funny to see just how small the kids were when they did the first films vs. now. Right now I know it is only scheduled in Boston and Toronto, so if you are anywhere near either of those cities I highly recommend it! It's wonderful! They will be adding locations, though, so keep an eye open!

We also went to the Omni IMAX theater to see Dinosaurs Alive!  It was SO good!  Gotta love a 180 degree screen!  AMAZING!

AND....I can proudly say that I faced a fear of mine.  Now, I must say, I did it with motivation.  You see, I've never liked the idea of a butterfly garden.  Actually, I've always been kind of grossed out by them.  I mean, really...it's a place where they intentionally breed a bunch of INSECTS and then let them roam around freely so you can walk around with BUGS all over the place!  For reals?!  Does this REALLY sound like a good plan?  Nope.  It doesn't.  Not at all.

The thing is....as far as bugs go...butterflies do tend to be kind of pretty and stuff.

Shhhh...don't tell anyone I said that.  They are bugs.  I don't like bugs. 

BUT...they do make for great photographs. 

That's what got me!  LOL!  The photos.  I really wanted to take pictures in there.  And...my mother-in-law has always loved Butterfly Gardens, so she really wanted to go.  So...we went.

It was creepy.  I'm not going to lie.  And HOT!  Who knew butterflies needed such humidity!  LOL!  But...alas....CHECK THESE OUT....




(Please don't steal my photographs.  That will make me sad.  And mad.  You don't want to see someone as insane as I am get mad.  HA!  No, really...it usually makes people laugh.  It's not pretty.  Just say'n.)

FOR REALS!!!  You can just walk right up to those suckers and photograph them!  They don't even mind!  It's amazing!  Although, I can't deny the fact that my mouth was closed tightly because for some reason I was scared to death that one would fly right into it!  HA!  I'm such a dork!  LOL!  They did land on the floor sometimes, though, and people don't even pay attention and step on them!  I was a bit shocked at that.  I mean, I don't like bugs any more than the next guy, but when you are in a habitat that is designed SOLELY for them - ummm...you don't get to step on them!!!  Pay attention!  (Sorry.  Rant there.  Didn't mean for that one to come out, but you know...it's that out-loud voice that just sneaks in from time to time.)

Anyway, it turned out to be an overall awesome weekend.  I'm tired.  Very.  But....things will settle back to normal soon.  I hope you had a fabulous weekend!  What's on your docket for this week?