Genuine Surprise and Excitement {Wordless Wednesday}


We all talk about how fun it is to see a child's eyes light up on Christmas, but what about us?  What about the grown ups?  In all honesty, I'm thinking seeing that genuine surprise and excitement on an adult face is extra exciting!  Why?  Because it's so much more rare!  That's why I love this photo!

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IKEA goodness and such...

First of all....Check THIS out!

My clean kitchen! 

THAT, my dear bloggy friends, is a clean kitchen.  A very clean kitchen.  I came home to that
AND two wonderfully clean bathrooms, and a perfectly vacuumed home last night.  I'm told the laundry room is perfectly clean, too, but as I'm  not sure where that is....HA!  Kidding.  No, but seriously - The Hubbums totally cleaned and it is so wonderful!

However....he did not clean my scrapbook studio.  I wonder why???  HA!!!  (Just to be clear I would NEVER expect him to do that, nor, do I think I would even WANT him to do that - the confusion would be overwhelming!  HA!)  So....here's the thing.  That is totally on my agenda for this week.  Why?  Not because it's a new year, not because it's just something that needs to be done, nope!  This is why:

New Expedit and Lack Tables Waiting for me.

This glorious IKEA goodness is just ready and waiting for me to get that room in order.  It will be going here:

Where the new shelf will go...

Yup.  One fabulous 2x4 Expedit (in black/brown, of course!) right under my window sill.  It will be perpendicular to the 5x5 one that sits on the other wall.  The three Lack tables will go in various corners of the room, replacing currently hideous other stuff.  I'm SOOOOO excited!!!!  But....I have to get the room to a workable state.  And then....since it IS the beginning of the year and I'm obviously reorganizing a bit anyway....I figure I'll go through all of my shelves and everything and make it all look pretty.  I figure I should be done around Christmas.  Just say'n.

The stuff that is sitting on the floor below the window sill will be incorporated into the cubbies in the shelf.  Guess what is going on TOP of that glorious shelf????

Yup!  This beautiful little bug!  So pretty!  So useful!  So MINE!!!!!!!  Heeeeeeee!!!!!!!

And I will put some other pretties up there, too.  And probably the sewing machine, too.  Since I need that at my fingertips and all!  Oh.....wait......HA!  Just say'n.

So, you can see that I have lots going on and it is all fun except for that minor detail that when one works full time, one is planning on helping a friend decorate for her wedding which happens to be on the first, one  is celebrating her own anniversary on Thursday, and one has just some other stuff that needs to be done.....time....hmmmmmm.....where does one find that again?  I didn't see it at IKEA.  Sad.  Mostly because it would be so affordable if it came from there.  HA!!!  Well...it WOULD!  Just say'n!!!  You know it's true!

I've decided I need a clone.  One that doesn't mind going to work while I'm off getting the good stuff done.  Anyone know where I can get one of those?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?

OH!  There is one more thing....I need a sticker solution.  Seriously.

My Sticker Storage needs a Solution!

Yup.  That's my current sticker storage.  The thing of it is...finding a solution isn't easy.  This, while a bit insane, has worked better than any other method I've tried.  BUT, alas, as you can see - it needs some SERIOUS fine tuning!  Here's the deal.  I can't hide them - they MUST be visible.  That means no binders, no boxes, and no files.  I don't have a Clip It Up and I can't get one, so that's out.  I need an open, visible solution that doesn't take up a ton of space.  Any ideas from my genius readers?


Did YOU have a wonderful Christmas?

I'm not ready for it to be over with, so I'm hoping you will share your Christmas with me today!  Tell me about it!!!!  If you blogged about it, feel free to leave a link! 

We had an absolutely FABULOUS Christmas.  We really did.  It was SO much fun.  Friends, family and more food than I can even begin to tell you about!  When my parents serve food they don't mess around!  LOL!  We had a wonderful prime rib dinner on Christmas Day after a night of AMAZING hors d'oeuvres on Christmas Eve!  PLUS all the cookies, candy, breads, and treats that come with the season.  It was WONDERFUL!

I was super excited to surprise my wonderful husband with a Nook!  He is SO hard to surprise and I actually did it!!!!  I was thrilled!!!!  He was, too, incidentally!  LOL!

AND....he surprised me with a Cricut Expression!!!!! 

That made for two fabulously surprised people on Christmas morning!  LOL!  Plus some other fabulous gifts, too.

We went to my parents' house later on Christmas Day and had a wonderful time!  They gave us amazing gifts and they seemed to really like the things we had chosen for them, too.  We were kind of bummed because we got a Bruschi Throwback jersey for my Dad and it was backordered, so we had to make a little replica and tell him the one that actually fits will be on the way, but he didn't seem to mind that at all!  Plus - the little mini jersey came out SUPER cute!  LOL!

***Note to Jingleswap 2009 Swappers***  Please be sure to take photos of the gifts you received and plan on posting them to your blog or on Flickr.  I will be sending an email requesting links so that we can share!!!! 


The Spirit of Christmas Past {Vintage Thingies Thursday}

Today, for Vintage Thingies Thursday I am so excited to share with you some treasures of mine!  These are a few ornaments that my wonderful grandmother gave to me when The Hubbums and I got married.  I love them!  These are ornaments that hung on many trees before mine.  They are each unique and special.  Some are very old, while others are not quite as old.  She also included a few beautiful new ornaments with them (although those are now 9 year old, too!), but I have not included those ones here.  I hope you enjoy my little treasures!

Hand painted wood lamb ornament.

A violin that hung on my Nana's tree in honor of me.  (I played for years.)

A little angel with a little bell.  It's hard to see, but my name is engraved at the bottom and it has the year 1985 on it.  I was six.

I actually have three of these, but I only photographed the two.  I love these!  They are pure vintage fabulousness!  I would love to fill an entire tree with ornaments like this!

A simple little Christmas ball with wonderful little Jingle Bells!

This one was actually made by my Nana.  It is hand stitched!

LOVE this one!!!  It is so fabulously pink and vintage and wonderfully happy making!  Again - I'd love a whole tree of these beauties!!!

How could you NOT love this one?  She is so wonderful!  I just love the little painted parts and all of the fun glitter and tinsel stuck on her!

And last, but certainly not least... this is my favorite one of them all.  It's simple, but so fabulous!  You just can't find them like this anymore.  I really love this one.  LOVE IT!

Merry Christmas to All...
...and to all a good night!



Holy Lot Going On Batman! {Wordless - well, sort of - Wednesday}

Let's start with this.  It looks innocent enough.  Except that without it your car overheats and your engine seizes.  So.....ummm....yeah.  Had to replace that one yesterday.  ALWAYS fun the week of Christmas!  Yikes!


I just HAD to share these guys with you.  Don' they just make you smile???  I got them for Christmas from my fabulous aunt.  CUTENESS!



THIS fabulous goodness arrived after a long and exhausting day yesterday!  LOVE IT!  Yes...that is TOTALLY a bunch of fabulous wool roving and the ever-so-sweet Sparkle Petal also sent a couple of needles so I can finally get started and learn how to needle felt!  I've totally already bookmarked some tutorials on youtube.  SO EXCITED!!!!  She sent some other AWESOME stuff, too!!!  LOVE IT!!!!  Oh!  And she totally wrapped it all in cupcake paper.  LOVE.


And THIS is my adorable Mom reading The Grinch that Stole Christmas at our extended family party last weekend.  We used it is as our 'swap story.'  We had to pass gifts every time we heard 'Who' or 'Whoville' in different directions.  It was pretty much insane, but Mom stayed adorable the WHOLE time!!!  Why?  Because she's my wicked cute Mommy, that's why!
It's blury 'cause she sways when she reads.
It's cute.

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So...here's the thing...

I was SO planning on finishing up my shopping yesterday.

But the foot of snow sort of got in the way of that one.

SOooooo.....guess what that means???!!!  I'm not done yet! 

"But, Jingle, don't you have to work all week?"

Ummm.....yes.  You are correct in that one.  Regular hour Monday through Thursday of this week.

"So, what are you going to do?"

Ummmm...I don't know, exactly.  LOL!

I plan to pick one item up tonight on my way home.

I will have to probably do some shopping on Wed. night.  Thursday is out because we are going to my parents house.  Not sure if I can on Tuesday night.

Nothing quite like the last minute!  Gotta love it!

However, in the meantime, I'd like to know a bit about what your plans for this week are!  I love hearing how others celebrate!  Leave a comment today letting me know your shopping plans, your relaxing plans, your party plans, your Christmas day plans!  Tell me about it all!  I just KNOW it will bring lots of smiles!


The Weather Outside is Frightful

No.  Seriously.  It really is.  I'm totally not even joking, here, folks!  It's INSANE!

And that doesn't even account for the windchill.

You SEE what I mean?  And that doesn't even include the wind chill factor.  Yeah...that brings us down to about 12 below zero.  For real.  Not joking.

It's so cold it HURTS!  Ugh!  Is it June yet?

Does it look like this in your neck of the woods?  Or are you in a nice warm and sunny happy place?  If you are - just be quiet about it, huh?  HA!  KIDDING....  well.... sort of.  Anyway...next year - CHRISTMAS IN MEXICO!!!!  You know....where when they talk about a 'white' Christmas they are referring to the beautiful white sanded BEACHES!!!!  That's what I'm talking about.  Christmas in Mexico.  *sigh*

Calendar block

On another note...I made a gift last night and I'm pretty excited about it, but I need your help!  I actually really like how it came out....the blocks have been just sitting and waiting for a burst of inspiration and it is AMAZING how well a deadline like - "You need to have a gift made for your Nana by Saturday morning." - can inspire.  LOL!  So, as The Hubbums sat at my computer, therefore my desk, playing all 25 levels of some weird online game where you are a toddler blowing things up....I grabbed my paper cutter, a stack of gorgeous Chatter Box papers and my zip dry and went to town!  The only thing is....now I need to do the names of the months and I"m not sure where I want to go with that.  At first I thought stickers, but I couldn't use all one kind and I don't know that I love that idea, anyway.  Then I thought of handwriting them, but that seems a bit sloppy as well as a potential recipe for disaster.  I'm strongly considering stamping them - I'm not sure if I want to use month stamps that will not be as long as the blocks, but will center nicely and be easier to stamp or if I want to use alpha stamps.

Wood Block Calendar

Anyway....I am totally open to ideas and suggestions, so throw 'em at me!  What would you do to finish off the month blocks?

Month block - empty


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Game Face {Wordless Wednesday}


That's his game face.  Hee-hee.  SHHHHH!!!!  Don't tell him I posted this.  I could get in trouble!  LOL!
(Need For Speed - PS2)

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Little Paper Garlands and SUPER Fun Mail!

I DID IT!!!!  I have been absolutely DYING to make those fabulous little paper garlands that I have been seeing all over the place.  For some reason I didn't think mine would turn out all that well, but then I saw someone use Baker's twine and I was INSTANTLY inspired!  I would love to tell you who that was....it was just last week, I think....but, alas, I have forgotten.  So...if you think it was you...I know I left a comment on the blog post, please let me know so I can source your awesomeness!  Thanks!

paper butterfly garland

The circles are punched from vintage encyclopedia pages and then inked with Tim Holtz Distress Ink.  LOVE.  I don't know that I could really survive without that stuff, which is pretty darned amazing since I didn't even own any until a few months ago.  I live by it.  I swear by it.  I would eat it if it would provide sustenance.  Just say'n.  It's good stuff.  Trust me on this.  (Well...not for the eating part - just for the crafting and such.  I don't want to get sued because someone was actually dumb enough to eat Tim Holtz Distress Ink, so I am tossing in this merry little disclaimer.  Do.  Not.  Eat.)  Okay...now that we have that order of business under our hats.....

paper butterfly garland

I apologize for the insane amount of light flooding in this photo.  Let's just call it "artistic,"  K?  No?  Okay...so it's a sucky shot.  BUT...I wanted you to see the baker's twine goodness, because it is OH SO GOOD!  I covered each inked, scalloped, circle with a mask and then glimmer misted them to create the shimmery little butterflies.  They aren't perfect.  They aren't centered.  I'm okay with it.  I'm actually happy with it!  Go figure!  Who knew?  So.....then I set them all out upside down and sprayed the backs with spray adhesive so that they would be easy to add to the twine.  It worked perfectly!  I'm so happy with my fun little vintage garland!  HAPPY.  Happy. happy. 


just say'n.

AND.....not only does THAT make me super happy, but I got some SUPER STINKING WICKED AWESOME happy mail yesterday!!! CHECK.  IT.  OUT.

crocheted pin cushion

SUPER CUTE pin cushion from Heather!!!  I love it!  It's made beautifully!  I'm excited!


This AMAZING Layer Cake (love MODA!!!) from Leslie!!!!  I am so jumping up and down!  These are fabulous squares!!!!

Moda WonderLand layer cake

Now....Go get your craft on!!!  Oh!  And feel free to leave ideas for great projects with that layer cake.  I have a grand idea, but I'm not sure if I can make it happen or not, so throw some more at me so that I have a contingency plan!  LOL!


So how is your prep going?

Because mine has officially turned into last minute madness!  LOL!

I really thought I was going to avoid this.  I thought it was no big deal, I didn't have a lot to buy and I would have no problem getting things together.  Well, guess what, folks.  We have two weeks.  Less than two weeks, actually, until Christmas.  Our family Christmas party would be this coming Saturday (yup...as in like five days from now) and I still need to get at least three gifts for THAT together.  Ooops. 

The Hubbums 'big' gift is taken care of....not quite in my hands yet, mind you, but taken care of.  I think.  I hope.  BUT...I still need to do the little things for his stocking and such.  Ooops.

We will be going to my parents house on Christmas day....I still need to get a couple of things for that, too.  Ooops.

Well, I suppose it's a good thing that I am set for the office Christmas party on Wednesday.  Yup!  I HAVE my Yankee Swap gift ready to go.  Of course, that is TOTALLY a re-gift and I didn't have to go anywhere to buy is, so I don't think I actually get credit for that.

OH!  I also have two lovely swap packages that I need to have in the mail no later than Friday.  Still need to get a few things for those, too.  Ooops.

So, yes, I am now in the full-fledged holiday rush. 

Can I tell you a secret?

I sort of like it this way.  It's way fun!  I'm loving it!  Last minute is WAY better than prepared.  It just brings the whole Christmas spirit out full strength and makes me feel like a little kid again!!!!  LOVE IT!!!!

Just Say'n.


Stamps on Ebay

I just wanted to post really quickly to let you know that I have some stamps listed on ebay.  Check them out!  Thanks!  (Also, I have a set of calligraphy markers and a set of photo tinting markers - both from EK - that I would like to sell....those aren't listed, but if you are interested let me know.  Thanks.)

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Pink Board Games? Really? Genderfication Much?

Okay...so this post will be a bit rant-ish.

You've been warned.
P.S.  If you are new to my blog...know that these posts are rare, but sometimes a girl just has to rant!  LOL!

Have you seen this new trend?  PINK board games.  Really?  Are they kidding?  So, let's just say I thought that was pretty stupid the minute I saw the big add in the Toys R Us 'wish book' flyer.

Why do I think it's dumb?  Well......let's see here...first let's look at a couple of the games available in the 'new and improved PINK.'

You see Monopoly above....and Scrabble and Life below.

Note:  These are not new games.  They are actually classic games that kids have been playing for years and years!  They are games that are enjoyed by the family, and....here it is folks...games that are enjoyed by girls, boys, men, women, and perhaps even the occasional chimp.

SOOOOO.....why are they all of the sudden being marketed in PINK?

Well, that would be, according to the advertising, anyway, because that makes them even BETTER for GIRLS!


So, what you are telling me, dear advertising folks, is that a.) girls will only play board games that are in a color that they are told they should like by society.  b.)  boys won't want to play pink board games because they are 'girly.'

Problems.  Lots.

So....what if a little girl is out shopping with her parents and they offer to purchase her one of these fabulously 'girly' games and she says, "No, thanks...HEY!  Check out this cool Transformer!  It turns into a 6.2 liter V8 Camaro with 426 hp and 420 foot pounds of torque!!!  Can I get THAT???

Hmmm....what then?
I can tell you what I would do.  I'd continue to go over the specs of that fun little car with her and we'd walk out with the Transformer leaving the pink games in the dust!  (Well...it does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds, what can I say?)

And then there is THIS scenario:
A son is out shopping with his Dad and they walk by a big display of PINK games.  The kid has been wanting Monopoly for awhile and he kind of likes this shiny new version.  Actually....he likes pink in general - so he asks Dad for that version of the game.
What will the average man do in response to this.
I don't think I need to spell it out here.  It's not a good reaction.  And yes, I am aware that not all men would be opposed.  I am actually married to a man who would be happy to purchase that pink version (assuming the price was the same as the traditional) if that is what his son really wanted.

So.  That leaves me with WHY????  Why are they, now, in 2010 (well...almost, anyway) putting out this toys with such BLATANT Genderfication goals.

I hate it.  It's stupid and it makes me mad.
It makes me rant.
Just say'n.

OH...and then there is this one.

For real?  What is this? Tell me exactly WHOSE spirit you would be calling with a freaking PINK Ouija board.
Unless you are trying to call up Elton John or perhaps Elizabeth Taylor (whom, btw, are both still alive) you are out of luck, folks.

There.  I got my rant out.  Feel free to leave your opinion, but do it kindly and respectfully.
Yes, I am against genderfication.  I don't like it.
Just say'n.

But, let's face it.  These are classic games that are already in every household.  I guess they had to do SOMETHING to get people to buy it AGAIN.
It's all about the money.
And if we happen to teach our children that all girls are pink and all boys are blue in the process...no harm done.
*Please note the dripping sarcasm here.*


Do Kids Know What Dewey Decimal IS ANYMORE??? {Vintage Thingies Thursday}

Really....do they still teach that in schools?  I miss card catalogs.  I love them.  They are just so gorgeous and they literally hold the map to knowledge...I mean, just think about it for a second.  Within those tiny little labeled drawers you can find treasures of all kinds!  Wild adventures over the Mississippi River, Brave New Worlds, Magical lands with fawns and light posts, robots who dream of sheep, and wizards catching tiny winged, golden balls.  All of that can be found in the map that is a card catalog.  Yes, I know you can get that info on the interwebs, but it feels as though some of the magic of discover is lost.  Maybe it's the smell - that fabulous musty smell you inhale as you open each drawer of that old, dusty catalog.  I'm not really sure what it is...I just know I love it.  So...I have a little something at home that reminds me of it and lets that archaic form of cataloging ISBN's, titles, authors, and genres right here in my very own home.


No, I don't know if it really was for a library.  Due to the size, I pretty much doubt it, but it is so reminiscent of that type of file box.  I picked it up at a little second-hand boutique near my office.  That boutique burnt to the ground later on last year.  She has re-opened, but it made me even more happy that I had rescued this fabulous file box before it was reduced to ashes.


I think the twisted handles are kind of neat.  They don't look like others I've seen.  I also love the label holders on each box.  I don't have labels in them because I am afraid I will destroy the vintage look.  I should probably get over it, but you know....I don't get over things easily.  LOL!  If you have any ideas of what I could do for labels, please leave them!  I'd love some good thoughts on that!


I particularly like the inlay around the edges of the front panel.  It is so pretty and just a wonderful finish to the file box.  I love it.  It makes me happy.  As you can see, I keep my BIA, my heat gun and a few decorative things on the box.  Inside I have fabric scraps, dollar stamps, BIA supplies, and my metal embellishments, each in their respective drawers.

So, there you have it.  A tiny little piece of literary happy right in my scrapbook room.  I love it.

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It's Snowing. A Lot. {Wordless Wednesday}

Christmas Village at Yankee Candle

Making everything look a bit like this! (This is a gorgeous Christmas Village that was set up at the Yankee Candle flagship store. It makes me happy.)

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Just How Many New Obsessions Can A Single Crafter Handle, do you think???

Winter Posy close

Because, seriously, folks.  I'm stacking them up around here!  Okay, so yesterday I showed you one of my super cute little pin cushions, right?  And I told you that I love making them, right?  Well, did I mention that I'm actually a little OBSESSED with making them right now?  Yeah....'cause I totally am.  They come together fairly quickly so I can do it all in one sitting if I want, they are great little gifts, and they make me happy EVERY time I finish one.  How can you go wrong, really?  Just say'n.

BUT...then...last night I wanted to create something NEW and FUN and super CRAFTY, so I decided to play with fabric again!  AND...what to my wondering little eyes should appear (well, after some cutting, folding, stitching, gluing, etc.), but a magnificent fabric pin!!!!  LOVE.


For Reals.

Winter Posy Back

This was SO much fun to make and, again, one night!  I love projects that I can do all in one sitting.  I'm sort of an instant gratification kind of girl, kwim?  AND...to make this even MORE super fun...it's totally upcycled.

Yup.  You read that right.  THAT gorgeous little flower pin is upcycled.  "But, Jingle, there is NO WAY!  That doesn't LOOK like an Earthy Crunchy Green Girl project!"  Seriously.  It is.  It's an old JCrew hoodie that I absolutely ADORED and it became unwearable, so I've kept it around and I've been using bits and pieces of it for projects ever since.  Love that!  Now it will live on forever.  And ever.  Amen.

Winter Posy

So, seriously.  I love this pin.  I am now OBSESSED with these, too.  I want to make lots.  And I have some old unwearables just WAITING for my needle and thread to hit them!  I can't wait to make more!!!!  I might attach this one to a headband that I have.  I can see them on purses, jackets, cardigans....oh, dear....we may have a problem on our hands.  LOL!



Holy Goodness, I actually finished a project!

Yikes!  I know, seriously, though, right?  It's pretty amazing.  You see, I often begin wonderful projects and then I get partially through them and then sort of never go back to them.  You know how that goes, right?  Please say yes.  No...really....even if you have no idea, please say you do just so I feel better, K?  HA!!!


Tree with hand made ornaments

There you have it!!!  My little 4 ft. tree with my HANDMADE ornaments on it!!!  I'm rather excited to have made my ornaments.  I made 15 total and I like the concentration on the tree (it is a little tree, remember).

Handmade Ornaments on the Tree

I should probably still consider making a topper, but I just don't know what I want yet.  I don't have a tree skirt.  I never have.  I keep thinking that red felt might be nice.  Not sure.  I mentioned burlap and The Hubbums choked on something, so I think maybe he didn't love that idea!  HA!!!  I don't know...maybe I will wait 'till next year to tackle a tree skirt.  We'll see.

In other news....  I made this adorable little pin cushion over the weekend!  I love making these!  I have two others that I started (the cushions are made, but I need to do the bases and attach them).  The sequins on this one just make me happy!

What's Black and White With Pink Sequins?

AND.....I have PROOF that Christmas is Upon Us.  Living PROOF, I tell you.



.  Here it is:

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas...

If THAT doesn't scream Christmas time, I don't know what does!  LOL!  P.S.  It's driving me crazy, so if any of you little elves want to head on over to my studio to take care of that disaster, you are more than welcome.  I do so love elves.  And gnomes.  Just say'n.

So, overall, I had a wonderful, relaxing weekend - probably the last one like that until after the new year.  It was great!

Tell me about your weekend!  I hope it was wonderful and relaxing like mine!  Happy Monday!


Dear Santa....

I have been putting this off, but I suppose a couple of people out there might find it helpful.  You know....like my family and stuff.  As for the rest of you - well, I am hoping that this little list gives you a few fun ideas for your own list this year! 

Quickutz Epic 6 Letterpress Combo.  I can't help wanting it.  I don't want to want it, but I just can't help it.  LETTERPRESS, folks!  AND....it has a 6 inch platform, cuts, embosses, and does the letterpress gig.  *sigh*  It's pretty great.  You can find it at Amazon...and lots of other places, too.

Martha!  Martha!  Martha!  Why oh, WHY must you make such wonderful products?

I truly need this punch.  Really, I love almost all of her punches!  This one is high on the list, though.  This one and those wicked cool new ones at Michael's that have a stamp and punch combined!  Yup - NEED THOSE!  And any Martha Glitter, or flocking, or other sparkly stuff.  OH!  And Martha Glitter Glue...that would be good, too.  Punches, though....punches make me HAPPY!!!

Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg Collection.  Any of it.  All of it.  Whatever!  LOL!  I just love it!

I want to try needle felting SO badly and these would get me started RIGHT away!  How cute are THEY?!  You can find them here


Seeing as my own family (okay...just my Dad) seem to like to call me a KnitWit, it is only fitting that I should own one, right?  LOL!

And...I can't decide which of these I want, really....they are just TOO cool!!!

Both are toy cameras and both take WAY cool photos!  Seriously.  Love them.  Wicked crazy fun stuff.

I love Nestabilities! This is a good set, but I only have one set and that is the scalloped circles, so any would be great!

And...just a few fun little things....

You can get him at Amazon, but I think Target has them, too.  OH!  And Toys R Us has some, too.  Diego is my favorite.

Or, you know...the usual gift card happy places like Target, Urban Outfitters, Micheal's, TwoPeasInABucket.com, or my fabulous LSS, A Time For Memories.

Well, there you have it....things I like and could use.  I don't need all of this stuff, that is FOR SURE, but at least now my family has some things to choose from.

So....any of this stuff on YOUR list?