Fluttering By to Say Hi!

Yes, it is Skipping Stones Sketch Tuesday again and BOY did that week go by in a flash! Last week was super insane, my dear friends! SUPER INSANE! I hope that those of you in the US enjoyed your holiday weekend! We spent the weekend relaxing with no big plans and it was fabulous! We had beautiful weather for the majority of it, too!

I do feel like I am TERRIBLY behind on my blog reading and visiting! If you haven't seen me in a while, don't worry! I haven't forgotten about you...just trying to catch up! LOL!

I have a confession to make. I was off on Friday due to being awake around 3am with a cough that wouldn't quit (that is still haunting me, actually), had Saturday and Sunday and MONDAY off for the holiday weekend and I spent precious little time in my studio. I don't know why, but this weekend simply wasn't meant for me to create! BUT...I did get this card done and that makes me happy and I will get some other fun stuff done during the week, too, and that will make me happy, of course.

Fluttering By to say Hi!

BUT...I DID create my SSD card at the last minute last night! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this week's sketch!!!!! So simple and so fun! It was like it was MADE for a Jingle card. Just say'n.


Yup. Just my Dandelion Dreams stamps from Skipping Stones Design, some baker's twine, and simple white cardstock. A bit of dry embossing and a few pop dots and we have magic, folks!

So head on over to SSD and check out what the other Stamp Tramps have created and then create your own card for a chance to win FREE STAMPS!

I hope your weekend was FABULOUS! I'd love to know what you did!!!! Leave a comment and let me know!

Today's Creative


Sweet Cherry Goodness!

Unity Challenge

It's Friends With Flair Friday over at Unity AND the Unity Challenge this time around is all about FRUIT! I decided to keep it simple and succulent! Ummmm....that's a funny word. But it works for fruit, right? Tell me it does. PLEASE tell me it works for fruit! HA!

Sweet Cherry Card

I stamped the simple cherry from the Sweet Life kit by Samantha Walker. I colored it with Tombow markers and then covered it in Glossy Accents to make it look SUPER SUPER YUMMY!

And now I want cherries and I don't have any. Just say'n.


The background is embossed (Thank Martha for your scoring tool!) and the paper is from October Afternoon's 5 & Dime Collection. I chose to use a simple, white organza ribbon to keep the image as the focal point on the card. It's quick, summery, fun card and it makes me smile!!!

I hope you have a super happy fantastic wonderful smiling kind of Friday!!!!


Chevron Chic with 100 Proof Press in the Moxie Fab World

I'm not sure if that title actually makes sense or not, but it certainly has a LOT of fun words in it.  Just say'n.

And really...that IS exactly what we have with this fun card today! Chevron Chic!

Chevron Balloons

So...how much do I LOVE this hot air balloon stamp from 100 Proof Press? Pretty much tons. And the Chevron pattern was absolutely PERFECT for the Chevron Chic Challenge in the Moxie Fab World!

Chevron Chic baloons card (embellishment cluster)

I really love the way this flower came out! I created it with the 1/2 inch crinkle ribbon from May Arts and it is a bit loose and messy and it makes me SOOO happy! That cool gold chain trim is also May Arts!

Chevron Chic balloons

I cut the red panel in three strips and layered the middle one over a piece of vintage lace. I pretty much love that. No. Really. For reals. I do. I'm not gonna lie. And then, of course, I HAD to pop up at least one of my balloons because, ummm....well...hot air balloons fly, so they should 'fly' on my card, right? Right. K. Glad we agree.

Chevron Chic Hot Air Balloons

So, that's my card! I hope it makes you smile! It has no sentiment and that is weird, but you know what, folks! Sometimes you just need a pretty and you don't need a lot of words and stuff. Just say'n.

Not that I'm usually one for not a lot of words, I mean, really, this is ME we are talking about. You know....when I was a baby I used to talk and talk and talk and sing and talk and talk and then just suddenly fall asleep mid-word. Does that surprise a SINGLE one of you? Nope. Just say'n. It's true, though. You can ask my Mom! Go ahead....I dare ya!

HA! Okay...that's about enough of THAT for today. But, I will see you again tomorrow with some bright and shiny happy!!! Oh...and if you haven't already checked, I posted the winners for the Just Jingle Giveaway Day and the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day in the post before this one, so TOTALLY check that out, because it could be YOU!

Have a Happy THURSDAY!!!

Jingle Out!

HAHAHA!!!! THAT STILL cracks me up every. single. time. I do it.

Just say'n.

Giveaway WINNERS!!!!

First of all I want to thank all of you for reading my blog and supporting the wonderful sponsors who provided prizes for my first ever Just Jingle Giveaway Day! It was a LOT of work, but I can tell you that I REALLY want to do this again! It was so worth it! I hope you all stick around and leave comments and stuff! I make a point to visit the blog of everyone who leaves a comment!

I also want to thank the INCREDIBLE sponsors who were kind enough to provide the prizes for this day! I couldn't have done it without you!

And the Winners Are.....

For the Skipping Stones Design Stamp Sets:
Bras Volume 1 goes to Domestic Diva!!!
Buns and Crunches goes to Crafty Math Chick!!!

The Choice of the Scrap'n Tote or the Scrap'n Easel from Contain Ya Crafts goes to Kathy!

The choice of ANY headband or hairclip for $10.95 or less from Petal N Pearl Boutique is Amber!!!

The set of postcards from Papillon Blue is Charli!!! And...it looks like you follow Papillon Blue, too, so that means you also win the Mini Susan Handmade Doll!

The scrapbook kit from Tally Scrapper goes to Mary Pat Siehl!!!

The adorable apron from Sew in Stitches goes to Amy!!!

The set of ATC frames from Retro Cafe Art goes to Craftattack!!!

The set of 4 Ghostie Magnets and your choice of a ghostie brooch OR a cloud brooch from Ooty goes to Leah the Orange !!!

The basket of summer time soaps from Storybook Soaps goes to Claire Atoxim!!!

The winner of the tall tower row stamp from 100 Proof Press is Marta!!!

The Nikki Silvis scrapbooking goodies and the adorable banner from Paper, Scissors and Glue goes to Silverroses2!!!

The bookmark collection from Faerie Moon Creations goes to thekolbes!!!

And the $25 Gift Certificate to the Etsy shop of your choice from Kathy at Bliss Habits goes to Bryansgyrl!!!

I am also announcing the winner from my Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day post and that winner of the handmade pin cushion along with some super fun goodies is Aim!!!

Congratulations to each and every one of you! I think making this list was WAY MORE FUN than I expected! LOL! I will be contacting you all today, as I will need your names, mailing addresses, and, in some cases, your choices to send to the sponsors. If you see this prior to my email, feel free to email me! Thank you, and CONGRATULATIONS!


She Could Go Anywhere As Long as Her Nose Was in a Book & WOYWW

***Just a reminder that today is the LAST DAY to enter all of the giveaways from Just Jingle giveaway day and the Sew Mama Sew giveaway! Many are open worldwide, so if you haven't had a chance to check them out take a few minutes to enter!!! ***


HA! From the looks of this desk shot I drink a lot while I work! I promise...the 'nip' bottles that you see are there to become future projects. Noooo...REALLY....I Prooooomise! LOL! You can also see the fabulous newsprint bags that I fell upon the other day! We were having dinner at Brew City and happened to order the right kind of beer and they happened to have glasses to giveaway due to a promotion the day before so they gave us a couple and they packed them in those AWESOME bags!!! I don't know what I was happier about...the newsprint fish & chip style bags or the free glasses! LOL!

I am currently working on two ATC's that you can sitting there from last night. One was heavily laden with Liquid Glass, so it had to dry overnight before I could continue and the other one just didn't get finished before I had to move on to other parts of life, so I get to play with those again, tonight! YAY!!!

Let's see...what else is there? Some Unity stamps that I pulled to do a card tonight or tomorrow night to post here on Friday, the fabric cuff off my dish washing gloves that came right off when The Hubbums was borrowing them to wash the dishes for me. He felt SOOO bad but as far as I was concerned, the dishes were done and I didn't have to do them...I can deal with the glove! HA! I think I may have to create a stuffy style doll just so she can wear that cuff as a skirt! And you also see some headbands and elastics that I picked up at the Target dollar spot to make some cute accessories! YAY!


She Could Go Anywhere as long as her nose was in a book

In addition to my desk, I have a tag to share with you today! This is made with a basic shipping tag and stamped with Scrolls Work stamps. I used #3041 - Carli's Chair, #4037 - Carli, and #5018 - Map. They are all stamped with distress ink, except the black portion which was done with Tombow marker. The book is simply vintage book pages with a cardstock cover and the tag is tied off with a bit of twine.


Don't forget that all stamps at Scrolls Work are currently 40% off for the going out of business sale! They will go down again, soon, but they are FLYING out the door, so if you have your eyes on something grab it while you can!

So, that is what I have for you this fine Wednesday! I hope you have a super fantastic day!!! Check out the other awesome workspaces at The Stamping Ground!


Miss Valencia - May Arts Design Team Challenge

***This is my second post today...don't forget to check out my card for Sketch Tuesday below!***

I am excited to share a DOLL tutorial with all of you today for the May Arts Design Team challenge!  Her name is Valencia, as she is quite a fan of oranges and cream, you see.  She loves all things sweet!  And not only am I going to share her with you, but I am going to show you how to create her!

Valencia (6)

Isn't she just a beauty? She was inspired by that bottle she is sitting beside - Yup...orange and cream!

To create a doll like her you will need a variety of materials including some basic muslin, stuffing of some kind, a small wooden dowel, foil, paper clay, paints and pigments, gesso, and several different May Arts ribbons and fibers.

Ribbon Supply for Valencia

These are the ribbons I chose, however, you can choose other colors and such depending on your own inspiration. The crinkle ribbons are very helpful for the skirt and I found the velvet ribbon with the satin edge to be perfect for the bodice. Also, a bit of wired string and burlap string are excellent for structure and texture on this project.

Begin by creating your body by free form stitching a torso and stuffing with cut up plastic bags or fiber fill.
Step 1 - Valencia

Then you want to insert the small dowel (you can cut it to the appropriate size as you determine what that may be) into the torso to for a structure for the neck. You will then build the foil up around this for your armature.
Step 2 - Valencia

Step 3 -  Valencia

Sculpt the paper clay around the foil to form the shoulders, neck, and head being sure to smooth the clay over the fabric. Then sculpt the legs and arms.
Step 4 - Valencia

Allow those to dry completely (overnight) and then coat the entire piece and the limbs with gesso.
Step 5 - Valencia
Once the gesso has dried paint the doll as you wish. I used acrylic paints and Smooch metallic paint. You can also use watercolor crayons/pencils, oil pastels, chalk, markers, or whatever else you may have on hand! Just don't forget the eye brows...for some reason it is REALLY easy to forget the eye brows. Wait...maybe that's just me....Well...it's a good reminder, if nothing else, right? Right. K.. Moving on....
Step 6 - Valencia

Step 7 - Valencia

Once the paint has dried you will want to use small bits of wire or thread to attach the legs to the bottom of the torso. I just push the wire right through the painted fabric and through the holes in the legs and then twist it to secure it in place.
Step 8 - Valencia

Now you get to create her skirt!!! This was so wicked crazy fun. FOR REALS you guys! I love this skirt and I will be doing this style again, FOR SURE! You need at least two widths of the crinkle ribbon cut into double lengths. Fold the ribbon and loop the loose ends through the folded end while keeping a length of the wired string between to attach the loop the the wire string. The wire string will serve as the waist. Alternate Crinkle Ribbon widths and colors until you are satisfied with the fullness of the skirt. Then add any burlap string to give extra texture to the skirt.
Creating the skirt

Step 10 - Valencia

Wrap the torso in the satin and velvet ribbon, one strip at a time and adhere with a strong adhesive.
Step 11 - Valencia

Then wrap a small piece of the velvet/satin ribbon around the top portion of each arm and stick a pin through and attach to the torso. (Yes...a pin will push right into the dried paper clay! Yay!)
Step 12 - Valencia

Wrap the skirt around the waist of your doll and secure with the wire string. A bit of adhesive around the waist will help keep it in place if you wish.
Step 13 - Valencia

Add her necklace and any other accessories you wish to add and VOILA! She is complete!
Step 14 - Valencia

Meet...Valencia...the Princess of Oranges and Cream!
Valencia (4)Velencia (arm)Valencia's Feet

Velencia (arm)

I hope you love her as much as I do!!!!

Sweet As YOU!

Ummmm....WE DID IT!!!!!!!  Thank you ALL so much!  If you check out the sidebar you can see that my goal of 1000 followers has been met and I am SUPER excited about that!  I do hope that all of the new folks who have joined in the last few days stick around and chat now and then because LOVE having you here!!!!  Thank you, guys.  Seriously.  You all rock.  Just say'n.

Remember...ALL of the giveaways (there are 14 total right now!) are open through Wednesday, so enter and tell your friends!!!  Thank you!!!  I'm wicked crazy excited.  Can you tell?  For reals.  Wicked.  Crazy.  Excited. 

Just say'n.

Anyway...on to today's card for Skipping Stones Design Sketch Tuesday!

Sweet As You

Danielle created a really great sketch for today and I couldn't help but to see the softer shabby chic look with this sketch so I pulled out some Mellisa Francis papers and went to town.  The stamp set I used on the front of the card is Green Birthday.

Sweet as You

Because I chose to not place a sentiment on the outside of the card it just didn't feel quite done without putting one inside.  This is slowly becoming a habit...doing the inside of cards....I MUST be insane!  HA!  The sentiment comes from the Friendly Fruit set!  I love that set!!!

So, stop on over at Skipping Stones Design today and check out what the other Stamp Tramps and our awesome guests have created and then create a card using the sketch for your chance to win FREE STAMPS!!!!  Also....SSD is offering FREE shipping on all orders with the code "FREE SHIP" (complicated, I know, right?!  HA!!!)  so get shopping, my friends!!!!

Happy Tuesday!!!


It's Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!!! ***CLOSED***

Yup...another one! LOL! I want to issue a HUGE welcome to all of my new followers! If you haven't already checked out the THIRTEEN Giveaways from my Just Jingle Giveaway Day on Friday - They will be open through Wednesday, May 25th, please scroll down through Friday's posts, as there is LOTS of great stuff to be won!!!

Today is the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and I am SO excited to be participating again, this year!

I am offering this pin cushion that I created quite some time ag that was actually featured on Sew Mama Sew! It is made with Moda fabrics that are pretty much just the cutest EVER! Just say'n. And with the pin cushion the winner will receive a few surprise supply goodies that may include fabric, paper crafting goodies, ribbon, or whatever other wonderful supplies I feel like tossing in!

Pin Cushion with Moda Fabrics

To enter, please leave a comment telling me what type of crafting or hobby you enjoy! It's THAT easy! If you would like to follow my blog, I would love to have you, as I am inching pretty darned close to that 1000 milestone, but it is not by any means required! I will not, however, accept any 'enter me' comments. Please do leave a way for me to contact you! A blog link or your email address is great!

And don't forget to check out the THIRTEEN open giveaways I have right now featuring crafty goodness, etsy goodness, and MORE!!!!

This giveaway will close on Wednesday, May 25th. I am personally providing the prize and will be shipping it to the winner. I am willing to ship worldwide.


It's JUST JINGLE GIVEAWAY DAY!!! {Intro Post - Do not enter here}

***THESE GIVEAWAYS ARE ALL OPEN THROUGH WEDNESDAY, MAY 25TH, so spread the word and enter! Enter! ENTER!!!!***

Hello, my fabulous blog readers and to any new folks dropping in for the first time, WELCOME!!!!  I am SO excited to tell you about today's SUPER FUN EVENT!  It is GIVEAWAY DAY here on Just Jingle!!!  What does that mean, exactly?  Well, that means that the following AMAZING sponsors have some super fabulous stuff in store for you!

(In no particular order......drumroll, PLEASE.......)

Storybook Soaps
Petal N' Pearl Boutique
Retro Cafe Art
100 Proof Press
Skipping Stones Design
Paper Scissors and Glue
Sew In Stitches
Tally Scrapper
Contain Ya Crafts
Papillion Blue
Bliss Habits
Faerie Moon Creations

Ummmm...so YEAH!  That's a pretty awesome list!  And here is how it is going to work.  Every hour or so over the course of today you will see a new post pop up here on Just Jingle every hour!  Each will have it's own instructions for how to enter to win the FABULOUS prizes offered by the sponsors.  One thing that you WILL find is that EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them will have the opportunity for an extra entry if you follow my blog.  You see, I'm getting *MIGHTY* close to 1000 followers and I would LOVE to get there!  So, if you already follow or sign up to follow via Google Friend Connect over in my sidebar to the right you can leave an extra comment on EVERY giveaway for an extra chance to win.  Yup.  Total awesomeness.  Just say'n.

So....basically, remember to read the instructions on each post, support these amazing sponsors, and most of all, HAVE FUN!!!!

Also, if you would like to be able to keep up with the giveaways being posted you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter!


GIVEAWAY DAY - Bliss Habits ***CLOSED***

***Don't Forget to Visit ALL THIRTEEN Giveaways Open from May 20th - May 25th right here on Just Jingle!***

*Sigh.* Bliss...it's a wonderful thing and something that, personally, I rather enjoy embracing. It's a state of being, but also a lifestyle. Bliss Habits is all about enriching your life by embracing all that is, indeed, Bliss! Kathy does an AMAZING job of highlighting the thirteen aspects of bliss including Moxie, Surprise, Passion, Whimsy, Inquiry, Creativity, Community, and MORE! (I know! MORE!!!!) Bliss Habits is a source for wonderful ideas, genuine thinking, sharing, and growing. You can read the full introduction to the site HERE. It's SO worth your time!

Kathy has generously offered to give one lucky Just Jingle reader a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the ETSY shop of your choice! Yup! I mentioned that Bliss Habits is partly about community, right? Right! And this is a PERFECT example!

You can also find Bliss Habits on Facebook!

How to Win!

Mandatory Entry: Visit Bliss Habits and leave a comment letting Kathy know that Jingle sent you! Also, take a few minutes and come back and let me know an idea you saw that caught your attention!

You can find her post about THIS giveaway along with another one of her own in a link on the right side of her blog! Click on the titles of each post to read more and leave comments!

Additional Optional Entries:
* Follow Just Jingle via the Google Friend Connect widget on the right sidebar and leave a comment letting me know you did!
* Follow Bliss Habits and leave me a comment letting me know you did!

This giveaway is open Worldwide. Prizes are provided and shipped by the sponsor. All comments in the post are the honest opinions of Just Jingle. Giveaway closes Wednesday, 25 May 2011. Winners will be posted here on Just Jingle.

GIVEAWAY DAY - Faerie Moon Creations ***CLOSED***

***Don't Forget to Visit ALL THIRTEEN Giveaways Open from May 20th - May 25th right here on Just Jingle!***

The name alone just makes me feel happy! How about you? I mean, really! Faerie Moon Creations! It's just chock full of whimsy and glitter! And that, my friends is exactly what you will find when you visit Faerie Moon Creations! Theresa works to create beautiful, unique jewelry and art. Her work is always fun! I am particularly fond of her prints! She is amazingly talented!!!

Here are a few pieces from her shop!

Yup. So now you know what I mean, right? Right. Totally awesome stuff!!!!

And one lucky Just Jingle Reader is going to win a COMPLETE SET of gorgeous bookmarks from Faerie Moon Creations! Yup. Jealous. Just say'n.

You can find Theresa at her shop, on her blog, on Twitter, and on Facebook!

How to Win

Mandatory Entry: Visit Faerie Moon Creations and come back and tell me your favorite item not shown in this post.

Optional Additional Entries (the mandatory one MUST be completed before these will count.):
* Follow Just Jingle via Google Friend Connect over in the right sidebar and leave a comment letting me know you did!
* Follow Faerie Moon Creations' blog and leave a comment here letting me know you do.
* Make Faerie Moon Creations a favorite on Etsy and leave a comment here letting me know you did with your Etsy username.

This giveaway is open Worldwide. Prizes are provided and shipped by the sponsor. All comments in the post are the honest opinions of Just Jingle. Giveaway closes Wednesday, 25 May 2011. Winners will be posted here on Just Jingle.

GIVEAWAY DAY - Paper Scissors and Glue ***CLOSED***

***Don't Forget to Visit ALL THIRTEEN Giveaways Open from May 20th - May 25th right here on Just Jingle!***

Katrina is the cutest thing EVER. Okay. Now that we got that out! *smile!* No, really, she is a wonderfully talented paper crafter with a kind heart and always the encouraging word! I am so excited to share her blog with you today! Paper, Scissors, and Glue is where Katrina showcases her scrapbook pages along with the other adorableness that she creates! Just look at her banner?! I mean, seriously? She's good! I'm tell'n ya! She designs for several companies and does fabulous work!!! And...she will brighten your day with her spunk!

Today, Katrina is offering a super fabulous HANDMADE PLUS SUPPLIES prize to one LUCKY Just Jingle reader! Katrina has created this FABULOUS banner with Nikki Silvis scrapbook products! This is going to be one SERIOUSLY happy winner!!!! How cute is THIS??? AND...she is also giving away some FABULOUS products, including 6x6 paper pads, embellishments, stickers, and more!!! Check out her blog to see the photos! We are talking some AWESOME STUFF!

You can also find Katrina on Twitter!


Mandatory Entry: Head on over to Paper Scissors and Glue and leave a comment letting her know Jingle sent ya over! Come back here and leave a comment letting me know you did that!

Optional Additional Entries:
* Follow Just Jingle via the Google Friend Connect widget over on the right sidebar and leave an ADDITIONAL comment letting me know you follow!
* Follow Paper, Scissors and Glue and leave a comment here letting me know you do.

This giveaway is open to the U.S. only. Prizes are provided and shipped by the sponsor. All comments in the post are the honest opinions of Just Jingle. Giveaway closes Wednesday, 25 May 2011. Winners will be posted here on Just Jingle.

GIVEAWAY DAY - 100 Proof Press ***CLOSED***

***Don't Forget to Visit ALL THIRTEEN Giveaways Open from May 20th - May 25th right here on Just Jingle!***

Well, as you know if you have been around for a bit, I recently announced that I am now on the Design Team for 100 Proof Press! I am so excited about this awesome opportunity! 100 Proof Press offers SO MANY images, I can't even BEGIN to tell you! As for the quality...fabulous! The images that I choose are often VERY detailed and I can tell you from personal stamping experience that these stamp so crisp and so clean and the cuts are amazingly detailed! They really are SUCH fantastic stamps!!! I love them. Can you tell?

Here are a couple of projects I happened to create using 100 Proof Press stamps...

Welcome Home

Up and Away!

As you can see, they stamp beautifully!!!! And today one lucky Just Jingle reader is going to win one seriously fabulous stamp from the 100 Proof Press collection!


Yup! One of you will win the awesome cityscape stamp I used for this card! I SO LOVE THIS STAMP! And I know whoever wins will, too!


Mandatory Entry: Visit 100 Proof Press and tell me your favorite image not shown in this post (well one of your faves...there are 1000's of stamps!) in a comment below.

Optional Additional Entries:

* Follow Just Jingle via the Google Friend Connect widget on the right sidebar and leave a comment below letting me know!
* Follow the 100 Proof Press blog and leave a comment here letting me know you do! (Scroll ALL the way to the bottom to find the follow widget on their blog.)

This giveaway is open Worldwide. Prizes are provided and shipped by the sponsor. All comments in the post are the honest opinions of Just Jingle. Giveaway closes Wednesday, 25 May 2011. Winners will be posted here on Just Jingle.