Bliss Habits and JustJingle are Celebrating CREATIVITY with a fabulous GIVEAWAY!


Happy Halloween!!!! Well, it's official. The Halloween festivities in my city have been postponed until Thursday, so we will have our trick or treaters around then, but that isn't going to keep me from having an extra fun day today! Candy corn shall be consumed! Just say'n. And, today I have something EXTRA special to share with you! It's one HECK of an amazing giveaway from my dear friend, Kathy over at Bliss Habits!

Bliss Habits is an AMAZING blog, you guys. No. For reals. If you haven't spent any time over there yet MAN are you in for a treat! It is more than just a blog, it is a community. A place to talk and to share and to experience the thirteen principal Bliss Habits that Kathy celebrates on a rotating basis. At Bliss Habits we celebrate things like Joy, Passion, Order, Moxy, and so VERY much more! This week is all about Creativity...which is where I come in. HA! Yes, I am all about Creativity, folks. I breath it. I dream about it. I wallow in it. It's my favorite. Just say'n.

Kathy will be exploring Creativity all week on Bliss Habits, as well as through her amazing Facebook Page and Twitter feed!

Wait. Take a minute....go like that facebook page and follow that Twitter feed then come back. K. You will be SO GLAD you just did that!!!

Now...what are we giving away????? How about some FREE MONEY to stimulate your CREATIVITY! Yup! That's right! Kathy is offering TWO JustJingle readers a gift certificate to one of the following Etsy shops or independent shops! You can see the full list below. The first, GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a $75 Gift Certificate to one of the shops listed below - YOUR CHOICE!!!! And the Second prize winner will receive a $25 Gift Certificate to one of the shops listed below (also your choice)! Ummmm...WOW!!!!! I told you Kathy was pretty awesome. Just say'n.

Just in case you missed that --- SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!!  Ummm....WOW!

So...how do you win? Well, that's the fun part! You have several chances to win!

FIRST...you MUST do this one to enter:

Visit Bliss Habits and come back here to leave a comment telling me something you really liked about the site. I want to know what stands out to you!

For Additional Entries (these are optional)
1. Follow @BlissHabits and @JustJingle on Twitter and Tweet the following: "$100 in Gift Certs to Stimulate your Creativity are being given away by @BlissHabits and @JustJingle! #JingleBliss http://tinyurl.com/3toekmf" Come back and leave a comment here letting me know you did along with a link to your tweet.

2. Like Bliss Habits and Just Jingle on Facebook. Leave a comment here letting me know you did! Feel free to leave some love on the Bliss Habits page letting her know I sent you! :-)

3. Follow Bliss Habits Blog and leave a comment here letting me know you did!

Here are the shops the winner will have the chance to choose from.  They have no affiliation with the giveaway, but rather were simply chosen by me, since Kathy & I like to support the little guys!

Etsy Sellers:
Design By Diana
Sugar B. Supplies
Delish Bead and Trim
YoYo Cottage
Every Jot and Tittle
Mold Muse
Molly's Scrapbook Supply

Independent Shops
Retro Cafe Art Gallery
100 Proof Press
Skipping Stones Design
The Twinery
Melissa Samuels The Art of Scrapbooking
Really Reasonable Ribbon
Absolutely Everything
Scrapbook Circle

I may or may not make changes to this list. These shops are in no way affiliated with the giveaway, but rather small business that Kathy and I would like to show our support. The prize is provided in total by BlissHabits. The winner will be announced ON the BlissHabits blog on Monday, November 7, 2011. Thanks for entering! Good luck!


Halloween Treat Topper Cuteness

Well, we got somewhere between 6-8 inches of snow last night. The roads all around the city are littered with large tree branches. The Hubbums doesn't have school tomorrow because the school has no power and the local schools are also cancelled because the buses cannot safely traverse the roads due to the branches, despite the fact that the snow is mostly cleared off of them. Oh...and it's October. Just say'n. This is CRAZY, PEOPLE!!!! BUT, alas, it keeps life interesting, that's for sure! AND the puppies had SO much fun playing out in the snow with us today! (Okay...we might have had lots of fun, too! HA!) I did get a couple of cute treat bags made that I wanted to share with you just in case you need a last minute idea!

Treat Toppers

I made these for a couple of adorable brothers who live nearby. I absolutely LOVE their names! I wanted to have something extra for them when they come around to trick or treat since we are friends with their parents and such.


I created them using the Matilda line from Cosmo Cricket and some ADORABLE stickers from EAD Designs. The alphabets are My Little Shoebox (orange) and American Crafts (green).


I think they are super fun! I kinda love 'em actually. And I kinda wanna eat all that candy. HA! So...are you ready for Halloween? What are your plans? We may or may not actually have trick or treaters tomorrow. I heard a rumor that the city is trying to get people to wait until Thursday so they can get the streets cleaned up, but we will see. Our neighborhood streets are clear and everyone seems to have power, so we may still have littles arriving at the door armed and ready with their candy buckets! YAY!!!

I will be back tomorrow for one HECK of an awesome giveaway with Just Jingle and Bliss Habits! Folks...this one is gonna be good!!!

Jingle Out!


Would you like a piece of candy???

'Cause I would! But, then again, I pretty much would ALWAYS like a piece of candy. It's a problem I have. No. For reals. I'm addicted to the stuff. And I don't even eat fancy 'grown up' candy. I eat the gummies and the chewies and the sours. Kids stuff. And I still love fruit roll-ups, too. So there. Now you know! HA!

That being the case, it seemed odd to me that I hadn't created a fun CANDY themed Halloween card. So, I fixed that little problem by creating this fun little card! That Cosmo Cricket Matilda 6x6 paper pack arrived in the mail yesterday from Shelly over at ScrapGirlz and I love it! So cute! So, I combined that with my Samantha Walker for Unity Bones About Halloween stamp set and a bit of ingenuity for this cute little card!

Happy Halloween Candy Card

I dyed the ribbon with Maya Road Sunflower Yellow spray ink. I love it! And just CHECK OUT that double bow! That was just a crazy idea I had while I was tying the ribbon so I decided to give it a shot and I love it! Totally going to be doing more of those!

Happy Halloween Candy Card (detail)

I created the little piece of candy by freehand cutting the base from patterned paper and then adding just a strip down the middle with another color. I wrapped the candy in cello and tied up the ends with twine from The Twinery! YAY! for candy cuteness!!!!

Happy Halloween Candy Card (candy detail)

In other news...the fall season decided to last a whopping three weeks this year. This was my front yard last night.


Sad. Day. Just say'n. We got a couple of inches. In October. Hmph! HA!

I guess there is a storm coming in on Saturday that plans to bring more. yay. note my intense enthusiasm for that. Oh, well. At least it is pretty!

Also, just in case I don't get around over the weekend - I have a SUPER FABULOUS AMAZING giveaway coming your way on Monday!!! I've joined up with Kathy over at Bliss Habits and we are going to kick start your holiday shopping. That's all I'm say'n. K? K. Be there. You're worth it. (*Said in my best Gwen Stephani voice.)

Jingle Out.


Amazing Mold Putty, May Arts, and Skipping Stones Design

WOW! It's a busy day around here! As it turns out, I happen to have a few tutorials floating around today! LOL! So, here's the deal. I'm going to give you a peek at each project and then tell you to get your little blog reading selves on over to the blogs so you can check out the full tutorials!!! YAY for fun stuff and sharing ideas!!!

Okay, so here's the first one. This one is over on the Amazing Mold Putty blog.
Frozen Charlotte Spoon Pendant

I created this spoon pendant by molding a genuine frozen charlotte doll and then making a cast version. I then placed it in the spoon and filled the spoon with clear cast resin. You are totally going to want to see this tutorial! It's so fun! And really easy, too! This project took very little work time!

K....so, the next one is a fun stamping technique that I'm showing off over at Skipping Stones Design.
Happy Birthday

I created this cute card and I'm showing you how to get that fabulous rolled color look with your stamps! It's an oldie, but a goodie! HA! I totally just said that! What am I 80? LOL! Anyway, you can find that tutorial over on the Skipping Stones Blog where you can also find the Sketch #99 Challenge where you can create a card for a chance to win free stamps! No SSD stamps required! Just follow the sketch and link up!

BUT, WAIT! Yes, folks, there is even more to come! Not ONLY do you get the fabulous spoon pendant tutorial, AND the adorable stamping technique card tutorial, BUT...for no extra money, you get yet ANOTHER paper craft tutorial over on the May Arts Blog!!!! Yes, folks, that's right! You see, May Arts has teamed up with Creative Imaginations and Luminarte for one HECK of a blog week! You can win all kinds of crazy wicked awesome stuff so you simply MUST check it out! And...waaaait for it.....

Butterfly Topiary Complete 2

....*let's out breath that she had been holding since the wait for it gig.....*I sorta made this super cute Tiny Butterfly Topiary and I sorta wrote a tutorial so you can make your very OWN adorableness!!!! You know you want to. So...this one will be going up later today, so be sure not to miss it! ETA: Here is the direct link to the Tiny Topiary Tutorial on the May Arts blog. Have fun!

Whew! K. I'm tired now. That's a lot of tutelage going on up there. Just say'n.

Jingle Out.


WOYWW and On Why I May Have Shown Up To Work Smelling Like Vodka

No. I am not a lush who takes shots before heading out on my 50 mile commute. Let's just get THAT out of the way! Although, some days...... HA! BUT...I get out of the shower this morning and grabbed a kleenex to wipe something down and notice there is blood on it...that's odd. Then I notice that there is actually quite a bit on my hand. That's even MORE odd. I figure it's a hang nail or something and turn to the sink to wash it off and investigate. Upon getting to the sink and viewing the reflection in the mirror, I find that it is not my hand bleeding, but rather my FACE! There was a tiny dot thing on my face yesterday, you see. It wasn't a zit, or at least, didn't seem like one. It was red and looked like a tiny blood blister or something. I have no idea how one would go about getting one of those on one's face, so I just figured whatever it was, it would work itself out and go away in time. That works for me. HOWEVER...apparently when I dried my face off after getting out of the shower, I must have caused it to start bleeding. Fine. I grab a tissue and dab a bit. It won't stop. Seriously? So...I apply pressure. Pressure stops bleeding, right? Right. Not right. Pressure did precisely nothing. Just say'n. SOooooo....hydrogen peroxide. Got it. Pulled that out from under the sink and applied.


Seriously???? Is nothing going to get my face to stop spewing blood? This isn't good. So, I look for alcohol under the sink. Yes, it will likely sting, but it should work, right? No alcohol under the sink. And OF COURSE I completely forgot about the first aid kit that contains alcohol swabs. So..what's a girl to do? Well, there's vodka in the freezer.....hmmmmmmmm......

Yup. I went to the freezer, pulled out a bottle of Absolut Mandarin and attempted to use THAT to stop the bleeding. Yes, it stung a little, but not NEARLY as much as I thought it would. Rather disappointing, actually...very UNlike the movies. Just say'n.

Did it work, you ask? Of course not. That would have been too easy. You know...vodka is ALWAYS the easy way out, right? No? Hmmm....I didn't think so either, but apparently, my morning fun still had no end in site. I was seriously wondering if this was just going to bleed all day long and then began considering how much blood loss that would actually be....HA!

Styptic Stick. Do you own one? If not, go to the pharmacy and buy one! I had forgotten about it until this last desperate moment, but then I finally grabbed it from the medicine cabinet and, after three applications, the bleeding finally stopped. Whew! It was rather insane, I tell you! But, anyway, that's why I may have shown up to work smelling a bit like Absolut Mandarin. Just say'n.

Now...onto my workspace...this is a phone shot, so I had to lighten it up a bit and it is still kinda dark, but it shows my fun desk right now!
WOYWW 10/25/2011

You are looking at a stack of some fresh new Skipping Stones Design stamps that I am super excited to play with and there *might* be a set for me to giveaway in that pile, too. Hmmmm.....something to consider. You also see some fun goodies from Creative Impressions that will be in my work soon AND a couple of sketches that I already completed, but may do again this week 'cause I kinda like 'em. Just say'n.

And here is a little card that I wanted to share, as well. I stitched the accent with variegated embroidery floss to get the flow of color and then used two ink colors to get a nice ombre type look on the sentiment.

Stitched Congratulations

Just a pretty little Congratulations card. I am linking this up to the My Time To Craft Quite White challenge!

So, that's all for today. Although, I would imagine that vodka, a pink cuteness card, and my crazy workspace is quite enough. HA! Happy Wednesday!

Jingle Out!


99 Sketches of Cards on the Wall....99 Sketches of Cards...You take one down....

HA! I totally just put THAT song in your head for the rest of the day. Oooopsies! *Insert big toothy grin here.* BUT, we are ACTUALLY at Sketch #99 with Skipping Stones Design and I think that's rather exciting, personally. We have really had a fantastic month of sketches and this last one is no exception!

Hope Happens

Being that it is, indeed, October, I HAD to pull out the Cancer Schmancer set for this week's fabulous sketch. As many of you know, my friend, Chris, lost her battle with breast cancer not too long ago. However, Chris was strong and she fought that disease with everything she had! Right now others are fighting. The difference is that many of them...most of them, even, will win! I think it's important to gather the strength from those who fought and carry that forward to continue this fight for those who are still here. We can beat this! Hope Happens!!!


This is such a great stamp set. So encouraging and so uplifting! And the sketch is fantastic, too. Soooo...that means it's homework time! YOU, yes YOU, need to head on over to Skipping Stones, check out the inspiration that the Stamp Tramps and our guest designers have created for you and then link up your own card!!!! You don't even have to use SSD stamps, but you could win some for free! You know you want to play, so just do it! It will make you smile. Just say'n.

Here's the team:
Guests this Month:

The Stamp Tramps:
Jennifer Ingle (That's me!)
Joann Valderama
Kandi Phillips
Karen Baker
Katie Gehring
Shannon Teubner
Stephanie Mino
Taylor Usry
Wendy Price
Wendy Jordan

Jingle Out!


I'd Rather Be Stamping!

I had a great weekend!  Funny how a great weekend sometimes makes it even harder to head to work on Monday morning.  I'd rather be stamping.  That, my friends, is for sure! 

Cook and Clean?

This woman and I would get along quite well. I mean, really. Aprons are adorable, but much more suited for stamping and crafting than for cooking and cleaning, in my opinion. Am I right? I'm right. Trust me on this one! This fabulous image is from 100 Proof Press. She is called Domestic Dame (#4427-S) and is just too fun! Of course, this card doesn't end here...

Cook and Clean?  (inside)

Uh-huh! Ain't that the truth! (HA! I just said that!!!! I TOTALLY just said that. Too funny. Okay...moving on....)

So.... Umm...yeah. That's my card for today. I'm trying desperately to think of something to talk about, but quite frankly, it's Monday and I got nothin'! Just say'n. I can tell you that if you have a Trader Joe's in your area you kinda should RUN there right now because they have an AMAZING pumpkin ice cream. No, seriously. It's like pumkin pie in ice cream form - only better. And if you happen to put Smuckers Marshmallow topping on it I won't tell you that it isn't the most delightful thing on the planet. I won't tell you that because it IS the most delightful thing on the planet. For reals. Go. Get some. Try it. You can come back and thank me later. Just say'n.

Jingle Out.


Creative Paperclay® Design Team!

Hello!  I am very excited to share some great news with you!  I have joined the Creative Paperclay® Design team!  Creative Paperclay® is an air dry modeling material that you actually see me using quite often!  I love it!  I am excited to be a part of this team.  I will be sharing tutorials once a month on the Creative Paperlcay® blog.  You can also see the full list of the new team there!  I just wanted to show you a few of my favorite projects made with Creative Paperlcay®.

The Mad Hatter (1)




It's Time for a Halloween Hop!

I am excited to be participating in a fun Halloween blog hop today! You will find LOTS of fabulous Halloween inspiration along the way along with having a chance to win some seriously fabulous prizes!  If you came from Suzi's blog you are already in on the fun, if not jump on over to Cyndi's blog if you'd like to start from the beginning!  Here is the list of sponsors:

AND we have TONS of fabulous Halloween prizes from our wonderful sponsors!

Stampendous! ( 5 winners... 1 Halloween bg cling stamp each winner..Crowscape, Graveyard, Beware Gate, Castle Gate, Pumpkin Fence) (US Only)
Karber Digital Designs...2 digis to one winner
Skipping Stones Design...Halloweenie set (US only)
Smeared Ink  (5 single digis...1 each to 5 winners? or 5 to 1 winner?)
Strange Skin...1 set of choice (except Zombies)
Jens Digi Stamp...(5 images to one winner)
Simply Betty Stamps...($10 Gift Certificate)
La-La Land Crafts ($10 Gift Certificate)
Dreamweavers Stencils: 3 prizes: each is 4 stencils, 2 brushes,  with 3 technique sheets each! (US Only)

I made a couple of fun cards for the occasion! The first uses Stampendous stamps with Tombow markers and a super fun punch I found in the dollar bin at AC Moore. I added a bit of twine from The Twinery, as well!

Hope Your Halloween is a real treat!

(Is it just me or is that one evil-ass-pumpkin-killing-candy-snatching-cat? It's just me? K. Thanks. Bye.)
And here is the inside of this fun card...


For my second card I pulled out the Halloweenie set from Skipping Stones Design! I love this fabulous Boo! poem! I combined it with Echo park Papers, twine from Whisker Graphics, and I used Tombow markers to color the candy corn. This was a bit out of my cleaner, simpler style, so it was a challenge, but I kinda love how it turned out!

You've Been Boo'd!

So...don't forget to leave a comment here - every comment you leave along the way is a chance for you to win some fun prizes from the sponsors!  Just leave your comments by 8pm Eastern on 10/26.  Here is the complete hop list for you!

Jingle You are HERE!


Chevron...Zigzag...there is a difference. Just say'n.

We need to have a bit of a discussion. Yes, this is a rant post...I haven't done one in awhile, so I figure it's about time. But, for reals, people. This is serious stuff and we simply MUST get it out there. Chevron vs. Zigzag. You see, there is a big trend right now to use these patterns in paper crafting, fashion, home decor, etc. right now. They are HUGE. However, it seems that the two terms are often conflated and, quite frankly misused. You see, a chevron is an insignia. It is a simple "v" shape formed by two lines coming together. Simple. And SINGULAR. A zigzag is a series of "v" shapes coming together in a stripe. THUS...









P.S. I want these zig zag shoes. Just say'n.

And for all of you dorks like me out there....Chevron...

Those last three photos are neither chevrons, nor zigzags, however, they are really pretty to look at. Just say'n.

So...to sum it all up. PLEASE, PLEASE, PULLLEEEAAAASE don't call zigzags chevrons. K? K. Thanks. I truly appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Together we can make a difference. I feel better already. Just say'n. Don't forget to check out my Friends With Flair Friday post below this one. It's fun. Just say'n.

Bye now.

Jingle out.

*Jazz Hands!*


JAZZ HANDS!!!! No, seriously, could he BE any more fun? I think not. Just say'n. I created this super happy skelly using the Bones About Halloween set by Samantha Walker for Unity! I love this set! It's super stinking fun! To create Mr. Jazz Hands I simply stamped the entire set of bones and then cut them out. It is extra helpful if you add small tabs to attach many of them, but you don't have to. Then, just use brads to create the joints! And then you make him DANCE!!!!


You should make one. Everyone needs a dancy skelly in their lives. Just say'n. If you'd like to link up your Unity project check it out at Friends With Flair Friday!

Happy Friday, folks!!!


A Floral Placecard with Core'dinations, Petaloo, and May Arts fabulousness!

Floral Placecard (detail 2)

Have you every made something and realized when you were done that you just really love it? That is what happened with this project! It all started with a fabulous collaboration between the May Arts, Core'dinations, and Petaloo design teams! Yup! We are having some fun over on the May Arts Blog this week!

Floral Placecard Finished 1

For my project I decided to create a super pretty placecard for the holidays. I used non-traditional colors, but you could easily switch them for more traditional or go with fall tones for Thanksgiving or even do them in cool Halloween colors if you want! Each one consists of three flowers (cut with the Art Philosophy Cartridge on Sally the Cricut) and can be placed right down on the plate. They make a great take-home gift for your guests, too!

Cut flowers with Cricut

This is what they look like when you cut them and then you just roll them to create the flowers. I also added some gorgeous May Arts beaded wire in pearl to the centers along with a suede leaf on each flower. The stems are May Arts wired string in copper.

Attach leaves to the back of flowers

You can find the complete tutorial over on the May Arts blog along with a full list of supplies. You TOTALLY should check out the various posts over there and leave your comments because LOTS of prizes are being given away!!!

Floral Placecard (Finished 2)

Jingle Out, folks!


Textured to Perfection in the Moxie Fab World {WOYWW}

Welcome to Wednesday, web wanderers! (Heeee!!!! That was fun. Just say'n.) It is a pleasure to see you all here today! I have a question for you today. Do you have a hard time throwing away the stickers from bananas? No, seriously? Do you? 'Cause I do. They don't seem like trash to me. They seem like fun little blue and yellow sticker fabulousness! I mean, really...it's like a FREE PRIZE with your banana! Sometimes a bunch even has two or three of them!!! It gets pretty exciting. No, I never do much of anything with them, but I just have the darndest time tossing them. Hmmm....maybe it's just me. And *maybe* I should have kept that little bit of crazy to myself. Oh, well. It's out there now. My name is Jingle and I don't like throwing away banana stickers. I have two on my desk as we speak. I'm gonna stick 'em somewhere.

I did not, however, use my banana stickers to create today's card. Although, that is, I suppose, an idea! HA!

love u.

I DID however, use the Moxie Fab Textured to Perfection challenge as my starting point! There is nothing better than pulling fabulous texture into a clean and simple design! You saw my tiny knots on my cards last week, and today I added a bit of corrugated cardboard and twine! It makes me happy. Texture happy. Just say'n.

love u. (detail)

Don't you just want to touch it?! I do. Wait. I did. I actually made it. Oh. Well, then....

K. Moving on. Soooooo....today is also What's on your Workspace Wednesday. I am sorry to report that the clean desk kick that actually lasted a couple of weeks has been shattered! HA!


Granted, it's not at it's worst, by any means, but it needs a good clearing, that is for certain! You can see my card sitting there and you can also see the beginning of a Halloween card that I actually finished since I took this shot, too.

OH! Speaking of cards - as I prepare for my holiday cards I really wanted a stamp that says 'Happy Christmas.' I have found that apparently people in the US don't LIKE to say Happy Christmas, so stamps all use Merry or they say Happy Holidays. I want HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!! SO....if any of my visitors from the UK happen to know where I could find one in a fairly simple font, you would make my day! I tried Etsy to no avail, as well as general online searches. I need help!!! LOL!

In the meantime...I'm gonna have some candy corn. Just say'n.

Happy Wednesday!!!!


Woman Arrested for Throwing Cupcakes at Her Husband and it's Sketch Tuesday with SSD!

Yes, folks, it is Skipping Stones Design Sketch Tuesday and it is a GOOD ONE!


However, before we get to that, I simply MUST share with you this story. You see, it is not often that women get arrested for domestic abuse. It probably should happen far more often, but it is rare. However, in this case, my friends, the Police were there and ready to take this woman in! She was attacking her husband, for goodness sakes!

With cupcakes.

Here's a quote from the Chicago Tribune...

After that, she reached for the box of desserts and directed a fusillade of snack cakes at his head and body, her husband told police. Several of the confections apparently hit their mark, as the man's head and shirt were smudged with icing when officers arrived, according to a police report.

Apparently when the cops showed up, she spoke 'aggressively' to them and they arrested her for domestic battery and the judge set bail at $10,000. For reals. The husband claimed that he was concerned for his safety. REALLY??? Mind you, I would NEVER make light of domestic abuse, as it is a very real problem and men are often abused by women and the police don't even take it seriously. This actually happened to someone close to me. HOWEVER...cupcakes are not a weapon and they don't count. The story is, however, a wee bit hilarious. Just say'n.

NOW...onto sketch GOODNESS! We are getting prepared for Christmas, folks! Today each member of the Skipping Stones Design Team is featuring one of our Christmas sets to get you ready for the holidays! AND...they are on sale in the store, too! YAY for good deals on stamps!!!

I chose to use Christmas Swirls for my card today along with Cristina's fabulous sketch!


I stamped the image in red and black and then cut it out and cut it in half to mount on my card. I folded the ribbon and stamped the sentiment just below that with Momento ink. The patterned paper is from Echo Park. This sketch pretty much ROCKED! You HAVE to check it out over at SSD and then check out what the other girls created and THEN create YOUR OWN card using the sketch and link it up on the Sketch #98 post over on the Skipping Stones blog! And don't forget that Christmas Swirls and Wisemen are BOTH on sale this month! These are two FANTASTIC sets! Check them out!

In the meantime, avoid throwing cupcakes at people, as you could get arrested. Unless you throw them at me. 'Cause I'll just eat 'em. Just say'n.

Jingle Out.


Halloween Post with 100 Proof Press

I am just loving creating Halloween cards this year! It has just been extra fun!!!! For today's card I used the fabulous Toomstone Postal Cancellation stamp (#6404-T) from 100 Proof Press. I stamped it on a piece of fabulous Core'dinations cardstock and cut it out so it would stand out at the top of the card.

Halloween Post

The beautiful lace and gold ribbon are from May Arts. I created the flower with the lace and attached it with a Crate Paper brad. I love that lace flower!!!! It makes me happy. Just say'n.

Halloween Post (detail 1)

That SUPER AMAZINGLY fun patterned paper is from the Apothecary Emporium collection by Echo Park. *love.* And the bats are from my Martha Stewart bat punch, which just so happens to be one of my favoritist punches in the wholest widest world. Just say'n...est.

Halloween Post (detail 2)

I am linking today's card up with the CAS-ual Fridays Halloween card with no orange challenge!!! YAY!!!!

And, THAT, my dear friends, is my project for today! I did lots of fun stuff over the weekend, so you will be seeing some of that soon! YAY for fun stuff!!!!

Have a Happy Monday, everyone!

Jingle Out!