Glade! Who Knew?

So, you know those commercials where the woman puts out the glade candles and has her friends over and they all comment on the lovely fragrance that she claims is from a French boutique...until they find the glad label on her butt! HA! Sorry....it's funny. What can I do about it? Nothing. So laugh with me. It will make your day a brighter place!

ANYWAY....BzzAgent was awesome enough to send me one of Glade's newest candles to test out and share with others. If you aren't already familiar with BzzAgent you should check it out! As an agent, I get the chance to try new products and tell all my friends, family, and random people on the street about them! I offer an honest opinion and you all get it straight. I don't get paid, I just get the product to try out to see what I think! It's a totally fun way to influence the development and marketing of products! Love it!

So, they sent me this awesome candle.

Glade The Fragrance Collection

It is a part of the Fragrance Collection by Glade. What is the Fragrance Collection? Well, according to Glade they are "Boutique-quality candles and reed diffusers, in fragrances including Currants & A├žai™, Lotus Bamboo and Sheer White Cotton." And they aren't kidding! When I pulled out this soy based candles a couple of things caught my eye immediately. First off...check out the multiple wicks! Do I love that? YES! You rarely find that in an inexpensive candle and it is SO pretty to have more than one wick flickering! I love it! Also, the fragrance of this particular candle hit me as soon as I opened the box! WOW! It smells SO good! It isn't sugary or overbearing in any way! The sweet, fruity fragrance wafts and provides a beautiful, yet subtle aroma throughout the area in which you are burning the candle.

Another awesome thing about these candles are the jars! I am ALL for jar candles, as I don't like to have random stuff around for pillar candles and votives and all that. I really like a great candle that comes in a nice presentation and this fits that bill beautifully! Also, this candle, even with the multiple wick action - burns up to 35 hours according to the manufacturer! (I haven't timed it, but mine is still in good shape! LOL!) It is soy based, too! Love that! They use over 90% natural ingredients! While I would rather see 100%, I am pretty happy with that number.

Finally, the price is perfect! At a suggested $8.99 (and I've seen coupons floating around quite a bit for these!) you get a great candle for WAY less than those 'boutique' stores. Plus - you can get them at Walmart, Target, or even your local grocery store! Convenience is a VERY GOOD THING!!! I love that I don't have to go near a mall for a quality candle!

They also have reed diffusers and small votive jar candles in this collection, too! With great fragrances to choose from, you simply can't go wrong!

As an added bonus...BZZ sent me some great coupons to share! I want to share them with you, so I will give one person TWO coupons for $3.00 off any item from the Glade Fragrance Collection!

To enter the giveaway:

1. Visit the Fragrance Collection page and come back and post which fragrance you would choose and why. THIS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER TO BE ENTERED!

Extra Entries:
2. Follow my blog and come back and comment here that you are a follower...current followers count, too!
3. Post a link to this giveaway on your blog and comment here with a link to your post.
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6. Make me a favorite in Technorati (see sidebar) and come back her to post that you did it!

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

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I have another great giveaway lined up for later this week, so keep your eyes open!
Also, don't forget to check out the current emagineGreen giveaway! I SO want to win...bummer that I can't! LOL!


You Are Fired.

Yes. You. No, seriously...I ask you to do ONE simple thing! Like remind me to post a winner, but NOOOOoooo....not a single one of you remembers to remind me! It's like you think this blog is mine and I am responsible for its content or something! I mean, like seriously, here folks! How can I be trusted to remember these things? Hee-hee....okay...so MAYBE it is actually my job to remember these things. Well, the good news is....I am posting a winner RIGHT NOW! AS WE SPEAK! It's exciting. I promise.

The Winner of the Scrap With Style Album Kit Giveaway is....

....drumroll please....



Just an FYI - She was actually the THIRD number drawn for this giveaway because the first two did not follow the rules! I can't really stress the importance of that enough! These giveaways are to promote the wonderful people who sponsor them, which is why I ask you to visit their shops! Thanks to all of you who so wonderfully take the time to check them out!

Don't forget to take a look at my current giveaway for emagineGreen Elemental Bags! So nice!

I am working on this weeks giveaway! It's going to be a great one!


Italian Steak and Peppers with Creamy Polenta ... et. al.

We had an interesting dinner last night! It was good, actually, we did new recipes both last night AND the night before and both were really good! We did a vegetarian chili with rice on Wednesday and it was really filling and super yummy! Last night we did this Italian Steak & Peppers with Creamy Polenta and it was great, too! I figured I'd share the recipe with you since it is a great, affordable, easy to do meal that tastes wonderful!

It comes from Woman's Day magazine, March 3 issue.

steak and polenta

3/4 cup yellow cornmeal
2 3/4 cups water
3/4 tsp salt
4 (1/2 in. thick) blade steaks (about 1 1/2lbs.)
1/2 tsp pepper
4 tsp oil
1 small onion, sliced (we diced for smaller pieces)
2 cubanelle peppers (about 8 oz.) chopped
4 oz mushrooms, quartered (we skipped these because mushrooms are slimy and gross)
1 clove garlic, minced (we chose to use roasted garlic! Yum!)
1 can (14.5 oz) diced tomatoes in juice
1/4 cup grated parmesan

1. Mix Cornmeal, 2 1/2 cups water and 1/4 tsp. salt in a 2-qt glass bowl. (I used 2 3/4 cups of water and it came out great, so not sure if you want to add a bit more?)

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap, microwave on high for 12 minutes, stopping ever 3 to whisk, until it is thick.


2. Sprinkle 1/4 tsp each salt and pepper on both sides of steak (just season them...don't so much worry about the measurements on this...if you like other flavors feel free to add them.

3. Heat 2 tsp. oil in a large skillet over medium high heat. Cook steaks 2 to 3 minutes per side until browned and cooked to medium (or use your favorite method to get them just how you want them.) Remove to platter. Loosely cover with foil to rest.

4. Heat remaining 2 tsp. oil in the same skillet. Saute onion, peppers, and mushrooms (if you like slimy fungus in your food) about 4 minutes. Add garlic and cook 1 minute more.

5. Stir in tomatoes and their juices, 1/4 cup water, and 1/4 tsp each salt and pepper...and a dash or two of whatever seasonings you grab from your spice cabinet like my husband did! LOL!

Simmer, covered (or not so much covered) for around 5 minutes.

(okay....slight diversion for my confession....this photo is why I'm sharing this recipe with you! LOL! Sean was working on the sauce and when I looked at it it was so gorgeous and filled with brilliant color that I had to photograph it and then I figured I had to share it so I should at least be nice enough to share it's source! HA! Oh, the joys of inspiration from anywhere and everwhere!)

6. Whisk parmesan into the polenta.

7. Spoon Vegetables and sauce over steak and serve with polenta. And a Diet Coke. Because Diet Coke makes the world a happier place.

Enjoy your yummy dinner!

I will try to choose a winner for the Scrap With Style Contest later today, but this weekend at the latest. (I tell you this so I will actually do it, so if I don't somebody should yell at me! Accountability, people! Accountability! LOL!)

Good news...my weigh in on Wednesday went WAY better than I expected! I am finding that maintaining is actually more stressful than losing was, but at least I seem to be able to do it fairly well, so that is a good thing!

I got a new friend in the mail yesterday! I will be posting more on this later, because ... well... it's amazing and stuff, but I just wanted to give you a brief sneak and an introduction to my newest critter friend!


Isn't he just MAGICAL!?! Yes. He is.


Lot of stuff to WIN out there!!!

I don't usually do this, but I figured it would be fun to do every now and then! Here are a bunch of great giveaways that I found! Check them out! And let me know if you win!!!

Barefoot Mommy is giving away an Excalibur Food Dehydrator! (I REALLY want one of these!!!)

Nicole's Nickels is giving away a GORGEOUS Burberry Watch!!!

Amanda is giving away TEN sets of Ribbed Tee's!

Rockin Mama is giving away Cupcakes from Bangarang Bake Shop!

Everything Up Close is giving away a $25 Gift Certificate for Layers Clothing (LOVE THEM!).

Glimpse is giving away Yellow Cardboard handbound books! Very cool!

Ladybug Soup is giving away any item from Ellembee's Etsy shop!

Shana's Music, Writing, Etc. Etc. Etc. is giving away a set of knit face scrubbers and a bar of handmade soap!

Designs by Vanessa is giving away an adorable pair of earrings!

So, there you have some fun contests to enter! Don't forget about my giveaway, too!

And....I really really really really really really really want these:

But it would seem nobody is giving those away! LOL! They are HERE.


Ultimate Blog Party!!!

I am jumping into this a little late, but MAN, if you haven't checked this out yet, you TOTALLY should! SO many awesome bloggers all coming together and meeting each other! Head on over to 5MinutesforMoms to check it out! In order to win prizes (and there are some GOOD prizes!) you need to comment on at least 20 of the blogs in the list, but you will SO want to do more than that because this is totally awesome and that's all there is to it! There are more prizes than I can even imagine! LOL!!! It's amazing! Go check it out!

A little bit about me for first time visitors. Well, I love to scrapbook and make stuff in general. Paint, canvas, paper, stickers, glue, you name it I love it! I post a lot of that stuff around here.

I work full time and so I don't have as much time to craft as I would like, but I do what I can. I have a fabulous husband, who truly is the greatest man EVER and incredibly amazingly hot, which is a nice plus. I also have two beautiful black labs. They are our only children and it's great because they are cool staying home by themselves when necessary. I heard a rumor that you can't do that with kids? What's up with that? So, alas, we have the dogs instead, as it seems those rules are easier for us to follow.

I love Etsy as handmade goodness makes me happy. I love supporting small businesses owned by people who just love what they do. I like to host giveaways and I like to enter them, too! If you have a shop or a product and you would like me to do a review let me know! I'd love to have you featured here on Just Jingle!

I also talk a lot about randomness. I have a passion for religion and politics, but I don't talk about that much around here. You can pretty much tell where I stand by who I am, as I don't really hide anything. I'm kinda real like that, kwim?

So, that's me, Jingle, in a nutshell. Hope you stick around! I get WAY more excited than anyone should about new followers, so if you just want to make me smile join in the fun! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

I am really hoping to win one of the following: (I'm posting numbers, but you can check them all out over at 5MinutesforMoms!) I'm going to have to do this in installments, but here is my first list! LOL!

#19, #21, #1, #89, #91, #99, #56, #103, #65, #58, #60, #71, #13, #12, #15, #86, #109, #113, #118, #123, #20, #121

And, of COURSE, don't forget to check out my Green Giveaway!!!

Wordless Wednesday


It's really hard to leave this 'wordless' because I am totally in love with the cuteness that is these shoes! Ooops. I knew this wordless thing would be more than I could handle!

For more Wordless Wednesday Posts check out the list posted here!

Don't forget to enter the green giveaway posted here!


Are You Feeling Green Today? ***Giveaway!***

Oh, am I excited about what I have to share with you today!!!! Yesseree, BOB! I get to introduce you to the fabulous NICOLE SULLIVAN!!!! Nicole is a Green Coach for emagineGreen, a company with absolutely fantastic GREEN products! I met Nicole via Twitter and let me tell you, she is just chock full of spunk! Lots of fun! And, she loves using environmentally friendly products in her home! She actually joined up with emagineGreen initially because she wanted the great products for the amazing start up cost, but it has turned into a wonderful business opportunity for her and now I get to share it with you!

Let me tell you a little bit about emagineGreen. The focus on providing women with environmentally sound products, but they do this through their coaches in order to allow for the development of relationships, too! Here are some of my favorite things that they offer:

I LOVE this t-shirt! Seriously! How totally cute is that? What a great way to let others know that you care!

I don't know about you, but I am all about fun jewelry! I love finding new and interesting pieces to really accent what I am wearing! This is a fantastic set! It is TOTALLY made from recycled glass bottles! For REAL, folks! It just doesn't get cooler than that!

I also really like this, too! They have an entire collection of awesome papers! I think they are officially 'wrapping' paper, but you know I would SO be using these to create awesome schtuff!

So....I mentioned something earlier about an awesome giveaway...but...since I am so in love, I think I will just give Nicole my address and 'pretend' I gave these away to one of you...HA! TOTALLY KIDDING, but seriously, this is a fantastic gift that Nicole has generously offered to one lucky JustJingle reader!

The winner will receive the It's Elemental Fashion Tote set of 5 reusable elemental totes! HOLY CUTENESS, BATMAN!!!

So here's the deal, yes, there are rules. It's just the way it is, folks!

Giveaway is open to US addresses only.
You MUST complete the task in the first instruction in order to be entered. If you do not, you will not be entered. All instructions after the first one are optional and will give you additional entries.
Please be sure to provide a method of contact so that I can tell you if you win! If I can't let you know, I will draw a new winner.
The winner will be posted here and notified by email. If the winner does not respond in 72 hours, a new winner will be drawn. Winners are chosen using random.org.

This first one is required:
1. Go to Nicole's emagineGreen site and tell me your favorite item that I didn't showcase here. Post a comment with a link or a good description. It MUST be evident that you visited the site.
These are optional:
2. Become a Follower of my blog for an extra entry. Leave a comment to let me know you follow. If you are already a follower you can leave a comment, too!
3. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this giveaway. Be sure post here with a link to your tweet!
4. Make my blog a favorite in Technorati. Post here letting me know you have done so.
5. Make a purchase from Nicole's site for FIVE extra entries. If you do this, please post FIVE times with a link to the item(s) you purchased.

Giveaway will end at midnight Eastern Time on Tuesday, April 7th.
Good Luck!


I'm HOME! YAY for me!!!

Yes, I am quite happy to be home again! I like home. It's a good place to be. Last week was a little crazy! Wow! I am getting back into the groove of things now, so hopefully I will be back on track fairly quickly. Memphis was pretty neat, but I was ready to be back with my wonderful husband!

The Scrap With Style Giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight my time, so check it out now! It is really an awesome prize!!!!

I am so seriously tired, I can't even tell you! LOL! If I don't make much sense I do apologize. It's because I'm a WEE TAD BIT out of it today! Some great things have happened, though, so that is very exciting! Praying for more to come!

I just wanted to share a card that I made for a friend's birthday. It is a spinner card that utilizes an eyelet, as I made it as my Design Team Submission for Use Your Stash , as well.


The cupcake is one of several 'treats' that peek through the window and the very last one has that infamous little gnome that I love so much! Hee-hee!!! It was a fun card to make! I am TOTALLY LOVING those My Little Shoebox letter stickers! So much fun to work with!

Keep your eyes open for a new giveaway tomorrow! I was so excited that I still had so many followers even after announcing the winners of some giveaways! It's nice to know you like me! LOL!

I love to have giveaways and I love to share awesome indapendant shops and stuff, so if you would like to participate by sponsoring a giveaway, PLEASE let me know! Email me at jinglesells at gmail dot com if you are interested!!!!

So, what have you guys been doing lately? I would really LOVE to hear about it! I'm feeling a little out of the loop! Link me up to your latest blog post or just leave a great comment letting me know what you've been up to!

Have a Happy Monday!


Okay...so traveling sort of makes it harder to blog...

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL! I am really sorry I haven't been doing my usual posting this week! The whole schedule change thing really threw me! Anyway, I wanted to stop in and announce the winners of the two GIVEAWAYS that have closed!

The winner of my DE-STASH GIVEAWAY is....


Veronica said...

#3 for the "Blogging" about it. 1 more for "Tweeting" coming next!!

It pays to post!!! Thanks, Veronica! Be sure to get your mailing info to me so I can get this fabulous box of goodies out to you!!!!

And the Winner of the ONLINE POSTERS GIVEAWAY is....


Rachael said...

i would finally print one of (the million) my favorite pictures of the 4 of my children.

Sounds like that will be really cute! Please contact me with your preferred email address so that I can pass on the information to Online Posters!

Thanks to all who have entered! I will be drawing a winner for the Scrapbooking With Style Giveaway soon! Also, don't forget to check out my Skinit! Giveaway! I need your help! And...we will have another fun one posted soon! Lots going on! Super fun! Love it! Have a great day!!!!


iNeed your help with this iPone on eBay ***GIVEAWAY!***

Hee-hee! That was a fun title to write! So, here is the deal, Single had this awesome iPhone and it died. Sad. Story.

So....we had to get a new phone for Single.

Single likes his new phone. Happy. Story.

Jingle got a new phone, too. Happy. Story.

Single and Jingle gazed at the broken iPhone sadly.

Jingle mentioned that lots of people can fix iPhones or the parts could be use.

Single liked the idea of his former friend getting another chance at life.

Single listed the iPhone on eBay.

So....here is where you come into this fine tale of mixed emotion.

I need help spreading the word about THIS awesome phone that happens to be broken on eBay.


It is in very good shape! All the stats can be found on the eBay listing.



Now for the contest:

Would you LOVE to win an awesome PERSONALIZED Skinit for your phone?! Yeah, coolness, I know. You can thank me later....


So, here's the deal: Single and Jingle need to spread the word about the eBay listing for this great phone that is waiting for a new life! To enter to win this awesome Skinit totally and completely free skin that you can customize (think how cute your kids would look on your phone!) or choose from one of their TONS of cool designs all you have to do is spread the word!

To Enter
1. Post a post on your blog including the photo of the iPhone kit being sold (you have permission to take that photo from my blog - please use the first one posted) along with a link to the eBay listing along with a link to this blog.
2. Be sure to include a brief description using information from the listing just to let people know what they are looking at. The idea is to tell as many people as we can!!!
3. Post here with a link to your post. This will give you 5 entries to win!

Don't have a blog or want to earn extra entries?
Do you Twitter?
1. Follow me on Twitter and Tweet about this eBay listing. Just copy the RT below!

RT: Check out this GREAT Listing for an 8GB-2G iPhone! Ready for you to fix or use for parts! http://tinyurl.com/dy8k6q #JustJingle

2. Post a LINK TO YOUR TWEET in the comments section here for one entry.
3. You can do this once a day until the end of the listing. Post here each time for another entry!

Don't Tweet? Don't Blog? Still want a chance to win?
1. Post about this listing along with links to both the listing itself and my blog on your favorite message board (where allowed).
2. Come back here and post a link to your post so I can put you in for one entry!

Thank you all SO much for your help! It is greatly appreciated!
Even if I do have to bribe you! LOL!

Big Ass Beer To Go


Seriously. Now THAT is a sign I have NEVER seen in Boston! Nope! I'm TOTALLY not kidding! We are talking walk-up windows with giant cups of beer being handed out for a nominal fee. Okay, I'm guessing it's probably a little more than 'nominal' being that this is a Great BIG GIANT tourist trap with 'Big Ass Beer to Go' under that metal bar just waiting for someone to bite so that the spring will launch and

SNAP! They've gotcha!

But...it's still wicked crazy cool! Beale Street is a totally unique place. I've never been anywhere quite like this. It's pretty darn cool, actually. Old, a bit dirty, but so chock full of charm it just grabs you and pulls you in. The music envelops you and you are standing there just 'feeling' the whole experience. You can smell the amazing ribs drenched in barbecue sauce, the catfish po-boys, the fried chicken and shrimp, and, yes, the beer. Photos cannot capture this experience. It is so incredibly sensory! Seriously...you have to feel it! You have to HEAR it! You have to experience it! But, since you are all not here with me, I will share a few photos throughout the week. But seriously...if you ever get the chance, come experience this. It's really very cool.






I will be posting a giveaway later tonight!


A Hand in the....oh, wait a minute....

***First of all I want to give you a couple of reminders:
* THIS De-Stash Giveaway ends TODAY!!! Don't forget to check it out!
* The Online Poster Prints Giveaway ends TOMORROW (Saturday) so don't forget to check that one out!
* And...the Scrap With Style Kit Giveaway still has some time, so spread the word!!!

I also wanted to take a minute to thank all of my new followers! I am so excited to have you all around! I hope you stick around and have some fun! I've been enjoying the comments some of you are leaving, tons! If you haven't left any yet, go ahead and drop me a line! I always like to touch base with my readers!!!

Now...on to the fun!



Is that not the single coolest thing you have seen all day? I am totally and completely in love with it. Seriously, though, folks. I love it. Yes, I am entirely aware of the slightly 'creepy' factor, but I'm also TOTALLY okay with that because it is just awesome. It is supposed to hold rings, but I want to keep it in my scrapbook room because it is so stinking amazingly cool so I'm thinking about what I want to do with it. Maybe drape some select pretty ribbons over it? Maybe something else. Maybe just stare at it since it makes me so happy. Any suggestions? I'd love to here 'em!

Oh! And if you are drooling and feel that you need a hand of your own...(HA! 'FEEL' that you need a 'HAND'!!! That's good stuff! LMAO!!! Love it!)...okay...moving on....you can find this wonderful little beauty at Pineapple Hill! KelleyAnne is just about awesome and sent me this one! You should totally check it out!!!

I also wanted to share this quick cute little card with you today. It is actually one that I made a really long time ago, but I still love the concept, so I figured I'd share it with you. Plus, Sean put together that awesome light box so I can take good photos of stuff, so I was playing! LOL!


The design is fairly simple, but it has a neat trick!

Magnet Card

The Butterfly piece is actually a magnet! So it is a small gift and a card all in one! I just used one of those thin magnets that advertisers send out on phone books and in junk mail. They work great for this sort of thing! It's fun!

I also wanted to show you this! I will post more on it later because I would love your help to spread the word so I plan on digging up some 'incentive,' (read: PRIZE) for blogging about it, but we just listed Sean's old iPhone on ebay. It is not working, but if you know someone who loves to use these things for parts or can fix them it would be perfect! It is in great shape because he loved that thing! LOL! You can see the listing here:

Awesome iPhone Goodness on Ebay

More to come on that later! And...I have a review on a great product that I was sent to try coming soon, too! Oh...and I am working on a giveaway for some great products from a fabulous 'green' store, too! Lots on the way!!!

Have a REALLY HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! I know I will. Afterall....I have a HAND!!! ...so stinking amazingly cool....seriously? Don't you agree? I mean REALLY! WHO ELSE has such a cool hand in their scrapbook studio? Nobody. Just me. Because I'm the coolest person out there. Jingle Out. (HA!!!! No, really, I just can't say that without cracking up!!!! ROTFLMAO!!!)

Bye now.


My Thoughts for This Thursday

Today I have for you a collection of things that have been on my mind. No, silly....not deep, meaningful thoughts...I'm talking about JINGLE thoughts. So be prepared.

Thursday Thought #1

These are Evil.

Thursday Thought #2

SHE is 50! I am loving the anniversary collection! We are talking BEAUTIFUL dolls! I want several of them. Sean told me to scrapbook the pages from the catalog because I'm not getting one. Sad day. LOL! Really? Who wouldn't want to spend $150 on a Barbie Doll? Seems perfectly reasonable to me!

p.s. If I was a collector that would be a different story, but I'm not. I just want one because they are pretty and they have fabulous dresses and glitter in their makeup! Swoon! Sometimes it's fun being a girl!

Thursday Thought #3

This is less of a thought, but critters tend to distract me. A friend made me a card with this picture on it and I SO love it! I wish I could have a pet hedgehog! Then again, I wish that about a lot of critters!

Thursday Thought #4

It is very likely that I now own one of these! *giggle*giggle* I haven't got a new phone since 2005, so I'm pretty darned excited about it. It's way fun! I can watch tv on it and Twitter on it and...I haven't checked yet, but I can probably even blog on it! LOVE IT! Fancy Shmancy stuff, my friends! Fancy Schmancy stuff!

Thursday Thought #5

Next Week, I will be here:

Thursday Thought Wrap-Up

These are Evil.

Have A Happy Thursday!!!
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Wordless Wednesday

The question is not 'Why?' but rather, 'Why Not?"


I'll post more later today, but for now, enjoy the frogs!

Be sure to check out these great giveaways!

Scrap With Style Album Kit

Online Poster Prints

My Scrapbook Room De-Stash


Scrap With Style! ***Etsy Love Giveaway!***

Today I am SUPER excited to share with you a fabulous little Etsy shop!

Scrap With Style has all kinds of wonderful things for your scrapbooking and paper crafting! Janelle, the wonderful owner, puts together fabulous kits that make it SO easy to pull together a fabulous project REALLY fast!

Check out this fun chipboard album kit!!! You get everything you need to put this together! Just add photos!

In addition to her kits, Janelle offers lots of great embellishments including rub-ons, alphabets, chipboard, and RIBBON!!! Seriously, though, folks! You should check out her ribbon collection!!! That is what really caught my eye in her shop! So many cute ribbons!!! I love this one!

Scrap With Style offers all kinds of wonderful scrappy goodness!!! AND...just to make it even better, Janelle has an awesome blog where she shares fabulous ideas using the stuff that she carries! She is an excellent paper crafter and has a lot to share!


Yes, that was my best Billy Maze impression. I should do infomercials. I'd be a huge success. Someday in my dreams...I am going to work for QVC and be fabulous! Anyway...on to the good stuff....

Janelle has generously offered an AMAZING kit from her store to one lucky JustJingle reader! How stinking cool is THAT? Pretty darned, if you ask me. Pretty darned. SO......here it is:

Yup! When I said amazing, I wasn't joking around here, kids! This is some GOOD SCRAPPY STUFF!!! I SO wish I could win! This kit is absolutely wicked totally awesome! One winner will receive a fabulous Chipboard Layered Album Kit from Scrap In Style!

What do you have to do to be that person? Well, just read below!

***First Entry is REQUIRED - if it is not complete, all others will be void.***
1. Head on over to Scrap With Style and choose your favorite item! Come back here and post a LINK to your favorite thing in Janelle's shop! *This entry is Required - all others are extra, but this must be done first!*
2. Follow my blog and post another comment to let me know you are a follower. Current followers welcome! Just post a comment to let me know!
3. Follow Janelle's blog and come back here and post a comment to let me know you are following her blog!
4. Follow both me and @ScrapWithStyle on Twitter AND tweet about this giveaway with a link back here. Post a link to your tweet here to let me know!
5. Make Scrap With Style a favorite (click on 'add shop to favorites' in Etsy). Post here to let me know!
6. Make a purchase from Scrap With Style and come back and let me know what you bought! **This is worth two extra entries, so post twice if you do this one!***

The Giveaway will end on Tuesday, March 24th at midnight Eastern Time. A winner will be randomly drawn.

P.S. Don't forget to check out my other giveaways! I have three running right now!!! Lots of stuff to be won, folks!!!


Think Happy Thoughts

Well, I don't know how it was where you are, but this weekend was FABULOUS! Really...it did so much to lift my spirits! We had sunshine and temps in the high 50's that even eked into the 60's at one point! It was so very nice!

Of course, now it is snowing, but we aren't going to talk about that, now are we. No. Okay...

Moving on.

Because it was such a wonderful, fabulous, super-fantastic, open your sunroof and DRIVE kind of day, I decided to make the journey out to my lss with the Gift Card that my dear and thoughtful friends Rachelle, Leah, Joey, and Mandii gave to me for my birthday. THAT was super inspiring! Gotta love a sunshiny day and the smell of fresh paper! Plus...when I got there I found out that they have a new policy...instead of dealing with coupons and rewards programs they are just offering the whole store at 20% off! Okay...so, I'll be honest, this worries me a bit, as I know how much that will cut into their margins and I am concerned that they are suffering, however, for that moment, it made me very happy because ... well, I got everything at 20% off! LOL!

Because I picked out some super cute stuff I just HAD to go home and use some of it right away! Yes...I bought scrapbook supplies and then.... you had better sit down for this.... I USED them. I KNOW! Novel idea, isn't it? LOL!

I decided to check out Amanda Probst's awesome challenge over at CK. In case you are not familiar with Amanda, she pretty much just rocks! Her kids are adorable, too, which makes her pages even more fun to look at! LOL! I have her super fantastic book, Month to Month Scrapbooking and it gives you TONS of great FRESH ideas on how to scrapbook through the year. Seriously...anyone else a little tired of the SAME layouts for the SAME events each month? Yup! Amanda makes it all fun and new again!

This month she challenged us to record some of those things in life that just make us smile! Okay....so that part was easy. Lots of things make me smile! I didn't even cheat and do a page about Sean, because, well, let's face it...we all know he makes me smile, so I decided to challenge myself a bit more than that and go outside the box. The other catch for the challenge is that you have to use photo 'slices.' You know... crop those suckers into strips that show off just a piece of the full photo. That was hard for me, I'll be honest, but I really love the results! I trimmed my photos down to 2x6 and I did it the old fashioned way to be sure I got exactly what I wanted in my photo. Yes...as in, I took out my magnetic mat and my magnetic ruler and my retractable craft knife...okay...so maybe it's not ALL that old fashioned! LOL! But the concept still is! Cut those suckers with a ruler and a blade!

I also handstitched around the title to ground it a bit. I had to do something fun with the journaling to make it really fit into the layout, so I decided to curl it a bit and make it a design element.

Overall, way fun layout!

Think Happy Thoughts

And here are some closeups!

THT closeup

THT journaling

THT Title block

So, there you have it! A great weekend, some fun scrappy time, and a wonderful Sunday with my husband! Really....does it get any better than that?

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It's a Beautiful Saturday for creating! Let's Do a Giveaway!

Well, today is a simply fabulous day! It is bright and sunny and not freezing and all of that makes me so incredibly happy! Really. You have no idea. It's a very good thing! And...to make things even better...I have a couple of great giveaways for you this week!

You know those REALLY awesome photographs? You know, the ones that jump out at you and say, "WOW!" Yeah, those ones. Well, wouldn't it be cool if you could turn those awesome photographs into even cooler works of photographic art? I think that would be pretty darn cool! And guess what, folks! I have REALLY good news! You totally CAN do that!

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Check out Poster Prints Online to get your poster printed. The turnaround time is 24 hours! How cool is THAT? The upload process is really easy and fast, too! I am thinking that these would make absolutely beautiful Mother's and Father's Day gifts! The whole process is so easy and you get a beautiful, personal keepsake for a reasonable price! There are lots of sizes to choose from, too, so you can choose the size that suits your home the best!

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Eyelets! No...don't run yet.......!!!!!

I know! So, they aren't the most popular embellishment out there, but let's face it... if you've been paper crafting for awhile now you've got some in that stash of yours! And what time is it, folks? Time to
Use Your Stash!!!

Yup! The new challenge is up over at Use Your Stash and it is a doosey! Take out some of those good 'ole eyelets along with your favorite setter and make it happen, folks! You have GOT to check out the awesome layouts that the DT did! This was a hard one for me, and I know it was tough on the other girls, too. Actually, I think Kim and Corey had their lives threatened at one point....lol! No...in reality, they really can still do great things on a layout, so check out the new layouts on the blog and get started on yours!!!

Here is the layout I created.
I used the eyelets in the twill tape to create a 'snap tape' look. I love that look!

Also...don't forget to enter my giveaway! Here is another sneak to let you know what is in the box!


Be. Butterfly. Backside. Boring.

That pretty much sums up this post. A wealth of randomness that I somehow managed to find words for that begin with B! Hee-hee.

So, thus we begin....


These are some coasters I made last year. I just wanted to share them again since I made them pre-blog (can you believe that time existed????). Anyway, I made them an incorporated my word of the year for last year, which was 'enjoy,' and it just so happens that I also used my word that I chose for THIS year, 'be.' So, they are still out and in use and I love them. They make me happy.

And THIS is an ATC I made for a swap over at AMR using my word for this year!


This morning my car read a whopping 5 degrees when I got in. The only problem is...it was being optimistic. It dropped to 3 within 5 minutes of starting up. That makes me sad. I want spring. Actually, I really want summer, but I'll be happy with something that doesn't require a FREAKING PARKA!!!! We got dumped on with snow again. Yuck. I like snow sometimes, but not in March and NOT by the FOOT In MARCH!!! I mean, really, folks. Why do I live in New England? So, I am sharing some butterflies with you in hopes of spreading some Spring thoughts and perhaps encouraging it's arrival!!!

This is a mobile in my scrapbook room. They fly around making me happy. I love that.

This is an ATC I made a long time ago, but I still love it.

Now on to the Backside issue. Yes, backside, as in butt, as in rear, as in DOING MUCH BETTER!!! That makes me happy, too! I have to give credit to this:


Having a gym on site really is a good thing. It makes it easy! This, my iPod, and a magazine means I get a good thirty minutes or so of real-live exercise a few days a week! This, my dear friends, is a good thing. It makes me feel less "draaaaaab wintery yuck" and more "SPRING IS COMING SPRING IS COMING SPRING IS COMING!"

And finally, the boring. You see, the adorable Nikki over at Whimsy Love posted a fun little Cushion Cutie Contest! You are supposed to dig under your couch cushions and find the treasures that lie within. Well, it seems that there are no treasures in my couch. Sad. I think...wait...maybe that is a good thing...I'm just not sure on this one! LOL! I mean, she came out with all kinds of fun brightly colored tiny trinkets, but alas...this is what I found:

Under the Couch Cushioins

Yes, folks. That is pretty boring! LOL! Just some random popcorn and a bunch of wires from our surround sound system. Oh, well. I tried! LOL! I'm glad I looked, though! Gotta get those popcorn kernels out of there! LOL!

I hope you have a very happy Wednesday!
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