Dolls, Fresh Rubber, and Gnomey Goodness!!!!

Ummm...so, did you notice anything? If not...go pour yourself a good cup of tea, because you haven't woken up yet! HA!

Yes, I am currently working on re-designing my blog. The amazing gnome image came from my dear friend, Chris and her husband, Matt. They rock! And my super wonderful friend, Anne Marie, created the background paper and is working with the images that Chris created. I love these girls! I really really do! The rest of it, I'm muddling through at the moment, so we shall see how it goes, but I am planning on attempting to go back to the two column style in hopes of expanding my post column and cleaning things up a bit along the sides. I have some html brushing up to do! HA! (By brushing up, I mean learning, since I am a total hack. Just say'n.)

In Other news:

Fresh Rubber!

Fresh Rubber, Baby! Yup. That, my friends is one KILLER stack of stamps! They just arrived last night and I can't WAIT to play! More on that later...

And then there is this:

WIP Doll

Yup. I totally started another one. Nope. I totally haven't finished the one I showed you the other day. Yup. I totally have ideas for like three more swimming around in my head DIEING to get out! For reals. It must be doll season or something. HA!

My weekend is already super busy packed with stuff and that makes me a little sad because I really wanted to work on creative happies, but I have a couple of deadlines to meet, so that means that I will just have to FORCE myself to create at least a little bit! *wink, wink* (Yeah, that's what it is...forced creative time....it's all because I HAVE to do it...yeah, that's the ticket....HA!)

And, as you may or may not have noticed, I'm feeling a bit of that whole hyper active insanity thing coming on today, so THAT should be interesting. We shall see, my friends, we shall see. Well, off to work! Leave some comments and let me know what you have going on and what you think of all the fun stuff going on here!


  1. Love the new blog look!!! Can't wait to see the dolly!!! Whoa - that IS one impressive heap of rubbah, too!

  2. ooooh, have fun with that new pile of rubbah!

  3. I LOVE the gnome and new look!

    The rubber looks like lots of fun and I am such an addict of your dolls...I can't wait until they are picture ready!

  4. Loving the new doll! I'm sitting here drinking coffee and looking at the paper clay that I haven't opened yet. You always inspire me to try it but I'm still chicken! Maybe once I see your doll done it'll be the kick in the butt I really need. Also your banner Gnome has stolen my heart!

  5. love the little gnome! I can almost smell that rubber, can't wait to see what they are! happy stamping! hugs debx

  6. Its the first thing I noticed when I hit your blog, A new Heading! Cute!!! Wow you do sound busy. I hope you get that creative time this weekend!
    hugs Lynn

  7. I ADORE gnomes. They are too cute. We own a lot of them and they guard our home. Although we should all watch out...
    This book is a riot! Check it out the next time you're in the bookstore. :)
    Can't wait to see the new dolly. Have a great weekend!

  8. Love the gnome, so cute!! It looks like you have a lot of fun things going on, all of those stamps look like they will be a blast to play with!! Can't wait to see the results! :) ~Lauren

  9. Wow, this one looks so much better! I love it, J! It was fun to work on this. My poor blog is so neglected, maybe I'll kick it into gear this weekend. Have a great weekend, don't work too hard!

  10. The post is fabulous and the rubber stamp pile is ready to dive into...have a wonderful splash in colors and textures. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. Wow I can feel the mania flying off the computer screen Tee Hee

  12. Ohh new things to play with, don't you love it!!!
    I love the knees on your new dolly :)

  13. That's an awesome pile of rubber!! Can't wait to see what you make. Love the new blog topper. Good luck on the blog conversion.... :)


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