There is just something about deep gorgeous tones in the Fall!

I love them. Those deep gorgeous tones, I mean. Beautiful colors that are just so deep and glorious that you can almost lose yourself in the very essence of the color. That is why I was so drawn to this bead as I puttered through the bead shop during my break the other day. I love the rich orange and the way that the color is something less than solid as it swirls through the bead.


Because the orange was so appealing, I decided to keep the pendant simple. I added a small copper bead above and below the square bead and then simply stacked it all on a copper wire and created a bit of a wire wrap to finish off the pendant and give it something to hang from.


I'm not usually one to make jewelry, as I have found that beading is sort of not so much my thing, but when I saw this bead I simply had to create a pendant with it. The tricky part was actually what to hang it from. I don't have any chains or things like that at home and the bead shop didn't have anything that was thrilling me. I thought a nice long copper chain might work, but that would mean another purchase, and, well, I'm cheap, what do you want from me? HA!


This led to a trip to my jewelry box to see if I had anything in there that could be shared with my new pendant. Well, I found a lovely long strip of leather thong that is actually a lace for skirt, but it is just PERFECT for this piece! I love that it is smooth and finished on one side, yet rough and raw on the other. It gives the necklace the perfect feeling of fall! From beginning to end!


So, while, no, I don't plan to make jewelry like this on a regular basis, I can't help but deny that when inspiration strikes, even on something so simple, you simply must move on it. I love this necklace! It makes me super happy!


What has inspired you lately? Have you acted on it?

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  1. I agree - its perfect - just my colours too!

  2. The leather is perfect for that stunning bead! It is beautiful!

  3. I love it...so simple but beautiful.

  4. oh i LOVE these tones, nicey!
    and thanks for being part of the blog-a-thon, nicey!


  5. i always say there isnt enough orange inthe world!

  6. Wow!This is gorgeous!!! I think the leather is perfect for this!!!!

  7. It's lovely! You did a great job. The color is beautiful and just perfect for fall. :) Theresa

  8. Gorgeous, girly! LOVE autumn...and LOVE autumn colors.

    Now - why aren't you wearing it?!

  9. This is very pretty. I like the hardness of the bead contrasted against the softness of the leather. The colour is beautiful

  10. fall is my favorite season - and this is so perfect! he color is gorgeous. wonderful job :)


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