Some Birthday Wishes

Things you need in your life: Twix Iced Coffee. Sugar with extra milk. If you happen to be local, Heavenly Donuts makes an awesome one.

You're welcome.

K. As I sip my coffee, I also want to share that I have not one, folks, but TWO, that's right, TWO fabulous cards up over on the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps blog today! Okay, well, you can decide if they are fabulous or not, but that particular sentence needed an exaggerative adjective. (No, exaggerative isn't a word. Or, at least it wasn't. Until ten seconds ago. When I used it for the first time, thereby inventing it. For reals, though.)

Best Wishes on Your Birthday

I created this one using the Mum's the Word stamp set. It may look like  Mother's Day set at first, but seriously, you guys, it is just an awesome set for lots of card types! I layered papers from Chickaniddy designs and found a couple of ink colors in my stash that I feel worked SO well with these papers! It's a happy card.

Best Wishes on Your Birthday (detail)

BUT! I told you I had not one, folks, no, not just one card on the CAS-ual Fridays Stamps blog, but TWO! Yes, that's right, TWO fabulous cards! (Insert The Count laugh here.) Yes. I do. I'm not showing you the other one here, so you are just going to have to mosey on over there to see it! HA!

Okay, fine, I'll be nice and give you a sneak...

Sneak of Two Hearts Card

Look. There's sparkle. You know you don't want to miss sparkle, so just head on over there and check it out! Don't forget to leave some love!

Have a Happy, folks!


Because Unikitty

Have you seen The Lego Movie? Yes? Awesome. No? Go. Do it. Now. Like, for reals, dude. It's Awesome. Actually, everything is awesome. (*insert cheesy grin here*)

To say I fell in love with the characters in this movie is an understatement. They are all AWESOME. For reals. Wicked awesome. So... being a fan of paper piecing, I figured I should create some of them in paper form. Thus, the Unikitty wall hanging.

Yup. This totally happened.

Uni-Kitty Wall Hanging

It's not a card. It could be, but I wanted to make her bigger. And awesome. The background paper is from the Echo Park Ombre 12x12 Collection Kit. I love these papers because they are just awesome basics. I used a variety of cardstocks for the paper piecing and then stamped the sentiment from CAS-ual Fridays Stamps RAD stamp set (which is awesome). It is all done by hand. No machines involved. A few enamel dots and a frame finished it off! Creating the pattern was honestly the hardest part, and, due to the straight lines (thanks, Lego!), that was actually fairly simple!

Unikitty (detail)

I did use a grey Copic to outline the pieces to give them a bit of a foundation, as well. Seriously, though, you guys. This was a super fun project. She was a BLAST to create!

Have an AWESOME!


Hello, Buddy!

Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge Blog

Hello, BUDDY! Yup. YOU! It's good to see you! So glad you stopped by. Would you like a cupcake?! Some tea? K. Welllll.... you might have to go buy a cupcake and tea because we aren't actually physically in the same place, but if you do, let me know, and I'll go get them, too, and we can have cupcakes and tea together all over the WORLD! DUDE. That would rock. We should do that sometime, for reals, though. For. Reals. ANYWAY.... We have a new Simon Says Stamp Wednesday Challenge for you and it's probably your favorite one!!! It's ANYTHING GOES week! Woot! Woot! The Design Team is featuring both CAS-ual Fridays Stamps and Technique Tuesday products, so, naturally, I decided to use BOTH. Because I'm a fan. Of both. For reals, though. LOVE!

Hello, Buddy

Okay, so here's the thing. I kind of love this card. It makes me happy. That's all I can even say. Okay, not really, 'cause I'm about to say more, buy you get the idea, I'm quite sure. I created the background using the Linked Fri-Dies from CAS-ual Fridays Stamps and I super love that look. Super love. The sentiment? Yup. Totally a sticker. It's from the Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection and it makes me exceedingly happy. Exceedingly, folks. That's a lot of happy syllables. Okay, four, but whatevs.

Hello, Buddy (detail)

AND... as per usual, Heidi and the awesome team at Simon Says Stamp are offering one lucky winner a $50 Gift Voucher to the Simon Says Stamp Store! Woot! Woot! You can enter up to FIVE new creations in the challenge. FIVE, dude. Just make sure they are new and that you mention the challenge and link back.

I am also entering this card in the CASology Rainbow Challenge. Because rainbow. LOVE!

You can find the links to all of the products I've used on my card below.
Have a Happy!!!


Enjoying the Journey

Yup. It's important. Enjoying the journey. Each day is a part of it and, in a way, a journey in itself. I honestly think it is so important to not be constantly waiting for Friday, waiting for our favorite season, waiting for vacation... waiting...waiting...waiting. Nope. Stop waiting. Enjoy THIS moment. Breath it in. Be.

Here... Smile. No, like, for reals, do it. Right now. Now laugh. Even if it's fake, just laugh. Even fake laughter actually makes the body feel better, happier, and more alive! And the best part is...then it can turn into REAL laughter and be even MORE fabulous! 

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy. The journey.

Enjoy the Journey (detail)

You can find links to the products I used below. 

Have a Happy!