All Hallows Eve Mixed Media with the Design Dollies!

I totally got to do another challenge with the Design Dollies! Have I mentioned how much FUN it is being a guest designer with them this month? For reals! These girls come up with awesome challenges that make me just want to MAKE STUFF! That's a good thing. Trust me on this one.

Anyway, this week it is the sketch challenge and Kristy Dalman put together a fantastic sketch! Because this was a sketch I thought I might go more traditional and do a card or a scrapbook page, as my other projects for the Dollies thus far have all been sort of out of that traditional box, BUT, I couldn't do it. I saw the sketch, looked at my desk and saw the amazing Scrolls Work stamps that I had sitting there, and *POP!* An idea was born. Just like popcorn. Just say'n.

Here's the sketch!

And Here is my project!

All Hallows Eve

I stamped a variety of stamps (all from Scrolls Work) on different papers and then mounted each one on corrugated cardboard. The cardboard gave me not only a strong base for each piece, but also a lot of fabulous depth and a bit of a worn look. I love it!

Witch on All Hallow's Eve

The witch is stamped on a really cool Japanese rice paper. I love it! I also added a nice chunky black glitter to the surround just to make it sparkle!

Tree on All Hallows eve

The tree is stamped onto an old bag that, in all honesty, has been used as wrapping paper at least twice. I think it may have gone through the washer and dryer once, too....maybe not this batch. Did you know you can do that? You can put grocery bags through the washer and dryer and they weather BEAUTIFULLY to a nice soft almost fabric like material! It's pretty awesome, actually. Just be careful when you do it. ANYWAY....as I said, this batch may not have had that treatment, but it is still nice and crinkly and made the perfect surface to stamp an old tree! Sally the Cricut cut the cat for me and the pumpkin is stamped on kraft cardstock, as are the harlequin background pieces.


I finished the piece with a simple title tag (also cut by Sally the Cricut) with letter stickers and I gave the rest of the piece a quick spritz with spray adhesive and then glittered the heck out of it. Why? Ummmmm....really? You have to ask? Because it's GLITTER!!!!!!! And I {heart} it. Just say'n.

So, you should totally head on over to Design Dollies and check out the challenge and join in because they give away REALLY great prizes!

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  1. Owwwwww...I LOVE this one J!!! I do believe it's my all time favorite. Great Job!!


  2. A very fun and unusual piece. I so didn't know that about paper bags. I'll have to experiment with that idea.

  3. great project and love all these stamps!

  4. Love how this turned out. I agree, glitter makes everything better. =)

  5. Wonderful layout! Then again I have Halloween in my veins so I could just be biased ;) I love the chunky glitter that you went with as well... very vintage Halloween *sigh* Hearts!

  6. That's fabulous! I am loving that glitter. :) Halloween inspires so many fantastical ideas! :) Theresa

  7. Love the use of glitter with this creation. I was working on her yesterday! Love that witch!

  8. How much fun is this!!! Love Halloween sweetie and Love your card!

  9. I love these wonderful halloween designs, very vintagie feel!!!

  10. That's really cool!! And unique too. :)


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