Candy Corn?

So, one sunny July day my brother-in-law pulls his hand from his jeans pocket and promptly thrusts it forward to the full extension of his arm with a simple interrogative couplet:

"Candy Corn?"

For reals. The Hubbums and I just looked at him and burst out laughing. WHO THE HECK has CANDY CORN in their jeans pocket in JULY??? And moreover, how long has it been in said pocket and why don't you wash your clothes? Just say'n. HA!

Honestly, that story comes up every year around this time as the waxy yellow and orange candy hits the shelves. The sad thing is...I actually LIKE candy corn. I know...it's shameful, really. But, alas....*sigh*.

However, it does make for some fabulous crafty inspiration! And with the brand new Halloween set from Skipping Stones Design I was able to make an ADORABLE candy corn card! HOLY CUTE! I love these stamps!

Happy Halloweenie SSD #44

Yup. Pure and utter Happy Halloweenie CUTENESS!!!

Of course, I can't take full credit, as it was designed based on an amazing sketch by Ashely Cannon Newell:

Yup! Un Sketcho De Fabuloso. Just say'n.


To create the candy corn banner I stamped the candy on three different papers and then cut them out and pieced them to get this adorableness! LOVE!


I stamped the background with the fabulous Timeless Textures set from Skipping Stones because I {heart} it BIG TIME! I also added a fun little sentiment from the new Halloween set! Love!


I finished it off with a super wide ribbon and a clear tape overlay that just makes me smile! I hope you love it and I TOTALLY hope you come on over to Skipping Stones Design to play along with this amazing sketch! You could WIN!!!

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  1. haha..love the story..isn't it like a dude to have candy shoved in their pockets? We girls would have them in their original packages or maybe in an upcycled container..LOL...anyways, love your card...the candy corn is delish and yes, I love them too:)

  2. so cute and I like how you made the little candy corn banner :)

  3. I could see my husband having candy in his pockets LOL! Love the card - so festive and fun!!!

    Deanne :)

  4. Your card turned out sooo cute. I love making cards Ü

  5. Things being stuffed in pockets...so for sure a "guy thing"...LOL You would not believe what I have found in my menfolks pockets...scary scary sometimes. Just always hope that I find the items before the washer..hehe!! Remember one time turning whites a pink but that's another story......

    Love this card and OMGOSH who doesn't love candy corn!! Jingletastic job as always my friend.


  6. Your candy corn banner is so cute.
    I love candy corn, I like to use them like fangs LOL.

  7. Love the candy corn banner! Very cute card! Candy Corn is a favorite of mine, but I would have to pass if they came out of a guys jeans pocket! Now that is scary as to how long were they there!

  8. Your card is so sweet! Candy corn in July...bwahahahaha! I cannot eat it! I just can't do it! I think I overdosed on it as a kid!

  9. Cute! Did I ever tell you my favorite candy corn thing? I like to mix it in a jar with roasted peanuts. YUMMO! It's our fall treat, and I already have some out on the counter!

  10. This is just adorable! I love the candy corn pieces and your sentimnet!

  11. Cute card, I love how you did the banner.

  12. Ha!! You're writing style cracks me up. Love the card, too!! :-)

  13. Oh how adorable! And I LOVE candy corn too. Um, well, candy corn from a bag. Not sure about candy corn from a pocket. :)

  14. yep! Pure cuteness for sure! Great card Jennifer!

  15. Love the variation in color on the paper piecing candy...nice work!

  16. Candy corn is such a Halloween classic:-)

  17. This card is so stinkin cute & by the way I love candy corn!

  18. It's so cute!! I'm in love with candy corn in my decorating this year!

    And I love the story of your brother! :)

  19. I can't stand candy corn - but your card is totally CUTE!!! Laughing at your brother's story, too! HEEHEE!!

  20. Your card is so dern cute!

    I too love candy corn. It is very bad for me but I still manage to eat a bag every year. [halo is tilting]

  21. FUN card! I guess it's never too early in the season for candy corn. :) I just bought some today to include with my outgoing packages. Theresa


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