Do You Love Museums As Much As I Do?

Do you? 'Cause I love them. Lots. Lots and lots. I just REALLY enjoy wandering around and learning fabulous new things!

Last weekend The Hubbums and I decided we needed a day of super fun, so we hiked it on down to New Britain, CT to go to the New Britain Museum of American Art. It was nearly a two hour drive, but we are all about road trips, so that was noth'n! HA!

I actually was not even aware that this wonderful little place existed until I read about it on Theresa's blog a few weeks ago. I loved what she shared and checked out their website to get more info. Well...that's where I found out that they had an M.C. Escher exhibit. *sigh* That was it. We were totally going. So...off we went....


I have no idea who this piece is by or what it is about, but I love it. I want to know more. I couldn't find a plaque and that made me sad because this one really caught my eye!


Yes, why yes, that IS, indeed glass, and yes it DOES hang from the ceiling and yes, it IS amazing. Just say'n.


This shows just a small piece of an installation piece made entirely from cups of various kinds and colors. It was cool, but not quite as cool as, well, as it could have been, to be honest. I do love this shot, though. The color is just fun!

And then there were these cool colored pencil sculptures:



And the Escher exhibit was really incredible! So many amazing pieces all brought together. Photography was not allowed in there, though, so I didn't break those rules. But I wanted to. Just say'n.

BUT...I have to say ... the highlight of my day was a HUGE surprise that awaited us at the museum. Have you seen the work of Dalton Ghetti? You know...those tiny pencil tip sculptures that have been floating around blogs lately? WELL...it JUST SO HAPPENS that his work was THERE!

No. For REALS! I can't even BEGIN to explain how excited The Hubbums and I were when we walked into the room and saw his work live and in person right before our eyes. It is amazing!!! Seriously. When you look at his work in person there is just no way to express how intricate and detailed it really is. It is A.FREAKING.MAZ.ING. Completely and utterly.


And, not only was his work there, but THIS collection was there! The alphabet! HOLY Goodness it was so fluffy I almost died. (No...it's not really fluffy...I've just taken to saying everything is fluffy since seeing Dispicable Me. Oh...and I randomly shout "IT'S SO FLUFFY" at the top of my lungs on a regular basis now, too. Just say'n. But anyway...back to the museum....) Seriously. I was so excited! This is amazing stuff!




So, as it turns out, Dalton Ghetti is actually FROM Connecticut! How freaking cool is that?!

Basically, it was an awesome day and a fabulous little museum. Not huge, by any means, but totally worth the trip down there to go see this stuff. There were several other pieces that I was drawn to, but I'm guessing you have stuff you want to do this weekend and don't want to be on my blog for days at a time, so I will wrap it up there. BUT, alas, the Hubbums saw my sculpted head for the doll I'm working on and pointed out that it was likely unintentionally inspired by a Pulp Art piece that we saw. It is amazing to me how inspiration comes! I love it. LOVE. IT.

Have a fabulous holiday weekend (for those in the US. The rest of you are welcome to have a fabulous regular weekend. HA!) Don't forget to leave a comment and tell me what you think!!!


  1. ooohhh...I love museums....thanks for sharing all the fabbie pics...happy friday!!

  2. What an AWESOME adventure and thank you soooo much for taking us on it with you. Well....not actually on it with you but sure felt like it. Love how you describe adventures!!

    I love the pencil art....so amazing beyond words. Now out of the mouths of babes....someone had sent me an email with his works and I showed it to the Chazman...he said "Hummmmm, does he do the tip because it took him that long to get it perfect" A true compliment....perfection!!

    Have a GREAT weekend.


  3. OMG Thanks for sharing .I am truly inspired and YES I love museums To of my favs are the natural history museum , Science and industry museum ( for Colleen Moores 1920 doll house !!!!!!!) and the Chicago art institute- All in Chicago . I have never been to the American folk art museum and I bet I would just die !!!

  4. OMG - I am so like you, I could live in a museum getting inspired and marveling at all of it. Those pencils!! I would love to see those pencils!! You are a lucky ducky! Thank you for posting all the photos!

  5. These are fabulous, I am so happy that you shared them! I always wonder how long an artist spends on the creation...like those pencils look like they'd take forever! :)

  6. Love these! Also, there's a Dale Chihuly glass installation at the Indianapolis Children's Museum that is something like 5 stories high! love him!

  7. Those are some great shots (though I must admit, museums don't really "do it" for me...I know...I'm weird!)

    Happy weekend!

  8. I haven't been to a museum in forever!

  9. Wow those pencils are amazing..Thanks for sharing and letting is enjoy iy as well.Hugs,Cat

  10. Oh wow you certainly had an amazing time!! and thank you for the awesome pictures! Have A great woyww!

  11. wow, they are amazing, love those pencils! have a great holiday weekend, hugs Debx

  12. Thanks for posting this wonderful art...love museums too!

  13. I do love museums! As an art student and lover of History I spent hours wandering about the different museums that Chicago had to offer. I have such an urge to go again after seeing your lovely photos.

  14. I am going to have to look into finding a museum like that around us. Every time I think about museums, I think of boring and stuffy. Emma and I would really get a kick out of a museum like this one though!
    Thanks for sparking my interest in museums :)

  15. I love it! I love your photos & descriptions & all of the art...but most of all, I love you for reminding me of Despicable Me. Seriously. I had forgotten that line. And now I can't stop smiling.
    (FYI, so you understand my hubby's sense of humor - he keeps repeating with my 6 year old son, "No, I said a DART gun.")

  16. Lucky lucky you - I would love to go visit.

  17. What a wonderful adventure...the glass work is by a Seattle glass artist Dale Chihuly who visits Columbus twice a year at the Riley Glass Studios. You have found the pencil artist whose name eludes me now but I so love his work. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    Check out the new license photo on my post.

  18. I'll have to go to that museum- thanks for the preview! love the pencil art!

  19. sounds like a grand day out - thanks for sharing

  20. I love museums, and that one sounds amazing!!

  21. How exciting that you visited my favorite local museum! I KNEW you would love it there!!!! :) I'm so happy you ventured there and fell in love with the museum just as I have. :) Enjoy your holiday weekend! Theresa

  22. gosh i've not been to a museum in years.. there just isn't anything exciting in my part of the country... maybe when i visit my mums at the end of the month i'll hop along to the tate modern for a bit of culture... cool that you got to see those pencil sculptures, they are way cool.

  23. Those pencils are so fluffin' amazing. I love them, they are probably so much cooler in person. Thanks for sharing!

  24. Us Canadian's have a long weekend as well :)
    I so love museums, actually my whole family does. Big, small we love them all and go back to the same ones year after year.
    This one you went to looks amazing!!!


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