WOYWW - Holy Insanity Batman. Just Say'n.

No, for reals, though, you guys!  My studio is so insane right now I can't even tell you!  I've been working on so much and it's just one thing after another.  Between stuff for school for The Hubbums and stuff for me for Design Teams and the rare, but still there stuff just 'cause I want to make it, it is just ALL over the freaking place!  I need a day to just clean and then work on stuff, but I don't have one of those on the horizon, so I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that!  It's crazy, though.  Completely and totally nuts.  Just say'n.


I have been desperately trying to work on that doll.  Small steps for this one, I guess, small steps.  Don't worry - he won't remain that skinny.  I just taped over his armature to keep everything where I wanted it.  Can I confess something?  I don't like doing armatures!  They are a pain in the neck!  It's my least favorite part of doll making.  But, alas, it is a necessary evil at times, thus, I struggle through it!  HA! 


I had to cheat a little and remove one piece from my desk, as I can't officially reveal that here on the blog until tomorrow, but come back to see it!  'Cause it's awesome and stuff.  Just say'n.  You CAN, however, see the remnants of that adventure!  Stacks of stamps, ink, and bits of paper and cardboard strewn all over my workspace.  Oh, and the sticker basket.  I should put that away.  It would  make a big difference and take about two seconds seeing as it just slides happily into a cubby a couple of feet from where it sits now. 

So, that's my desk right now.  It is a pretty darn close resemblance to all going on in my HEAD right now, too!  It's a good thing we don't have a blog party to show THAT!  I think that might scare people away!  HA!

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  1. So many Jingletastic things sitting on your desk. VERY excited about seeing the item that you have been teasing ummm I mean saying you can't show us yet...LOL!!

    I love doing armature but I think the biggest reason why is that I will look over at my work area and it will have disappeared. YEP...just...POOF..it will be gone. Come to find out that the Chazman loves to play with them there bones....ROFL!!!


  2. I love your work desk, it kind of looks like mine.
    Hard to believe I actually had it cleaned off before my latest project, but it sure doesn't take long to cover it up teehee.

  3. Looks like you are one busy Jingle!!!

    Deanne :)

  4. Looks familiar...I try to clean up my desk a couple of times a week but it never lasts. Sounds like you're super busy!

  5. it doesn't look that bad, just full of creativity, you still have some workspace left! hugs debx

  6. Oh no...I remember when you had a desk...it just has to be there somewhere!

    I am excited about your doll - can't wait!! HURRY!

  7. doncha just love those magazines with those amazing (read: clean) studios?? Do they really do any work in them?? mine is 98% of the time ab absolute mess. And that is why they invedted doors...to close and hide the mess!

  8. My workspace is just a wee scattered, as well. Too many things on the fire at once!

  9. You just KNOW I'm going to be watching this space for a doll soon! :)

  10. Sorry I'm sooo late with WOYWW, but blogger isn't letting me see pictures on some blogs, so I could say wow what a lovely tidy and very creative desk you have...but I can't see it so I can't!!
    have a good woyww,



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