Thrifty Goodness and The Droid Incredible

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Well, it is officially fall!  The sweet old ladies have officially reopened the thrift store that they close on my for the summer months.  I stopped by yesterday and found a couple fabulous treasures!

We Americans book from the 70's

I found this really cool 'We Americans' book that was published back in the mid 70's. It has some really wonderful images in it that I plan to use in my art! It also showcases a 'fascinating' world view *insert eye roll here* that sort of made me laugh. It's amazing how EVERY family can look EXACTLY the same! Yikes! Anyway, the book was a steal at 50 cents!

You can also see the little embroidery hoop in that shot. That was 25 cents, so I picked it up, as that is a great price and it's totally something I will use in one way or another!

Thrifted Cheese Dish

THIS, however, is what I was most excited about. I don't know what it is about these things, but I just love them! And I have no intention of it ever being in my kitchen, by the way! HA! Nope. I think it will look absolutely lovely with colorful supplies strategically stacked inside! Of course, it is in need of a lovely paint job, but once that is done it will look FABULOUS!!!! I can't wait!

My New Toy!!!!

And then there is this.

Oh....wait....that didn't come from the thrift store. HA! BUT, I did just get it yesterday and I am TOTALLY WICKED EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!!! You see, I've been dealing with what I lovingly refer to as a 'stupid phone'. Yes, it could get online, but it didn't have a browser and was pretty ineffective, it had no navigation, and it basically could just text and call and stuff. Oh...and play music. But that was IT! Now, I am the proud owner of a REAL. LIVE. SMART PHONE!!!! Yup. The Droid Incredible. It's fast, it's easy to use, and it can do SO MUCH! I am super excited! I can even send texts by speaking. How cool is THAT?! Pretty darn. Just say'n. I can also tell it to find the closest Five Guys and it will find it and then politely tell me how to get there. LOVE THAT! Only one tiny glitch...it seems that at the moment all my incoming calls are still going to my old phone. Texts, emails, etc. are all coming to my new phone and I can make outgoing calls that show up as me with my new phone. So. Basically, that is strange. But I will call Phil, the nice guy who sold us the phones later today and see what I can find out about that.

OH!!! I have a question for you guys today....so while I was at the thrift store I found this adorable pair of Nine West white shoes. They are a vintage style, while not really vintage. It's a pump of sorts with three straps that go over the foot with buttons at the end of each strap and a pointy toe and a vintage style heel. They are really cute, although, I'm not 100% sure what I would wear with them. They are in okay shape - not great, but not too bad. They were definitely worn many times. They are $2.50. I don't usually buy shoes at thrift stores, though, 'cause I'm afraid of the whole foot thing. What is YOUR opinion on that? Should I go get them and get over it or is that just gross? Hmmmm.....things to ponder.


  1. What a great find! Love the book cover. As for the shoes, I think the biggest thing is how people wear the shoes. Not everyone has the same wear in shoes, so I tend to buy new ones for that purpose. As far as used, it doesn't bother me. We always rented bowling shoes and never thought a thing of it. They were always disinfected of course. I buy used shoes to alter to make pincushions and such. They are lots of fun.

  2. Great finds, I love thirft stores (and garage sales)! I am jealous of your droid...I love the sound byte even! :)

  3. I love going into antique stores. I love to look at the stuff and picture how the families used each item.
    As for your phone, HUH? I just learned to text and it still takes me forever LOL

  4. Just spray some lysol in them like the stuff they spray at the bowling alley...and why not wear them with jeans and a glittery top of some sort? If I could find shoes at a thrift store, I'd probably buy them, I hate shoe shopping! Love that book!!

  5. Great finds.... I'd grab the shoes. Wear them twice and they'll never feel like someone else's again!

    Now lets get to the phone! I'm in the midst of the upgrade myself and was thinking incredible until I saw the newest droid with the full qwerty keyboard. I don't text now (I have an old flip phone for goodness sake) but do you think that makes a difference if one does? The incredible only has the on screen one right? Kind of iphonish if I remember.... man the features are swirling... hope you LOVE yours!

  6. I think I have that same pair of shoes in black. I like them, but they don't get a ton of wear. Enough for the $4 I paid for them, though, so not a waste.
    But, then, I have no problem with buying second-hand shoes, because I never put my bare feet in them - I'm a stocking kind of gal. If you're worried, get some insoles.

  7. Great bargains you picked up! As to that phone, a friend has one and we pretty much spent an entire evening at a bar finding out what it could do, including holding it up when a singer was on (live) singing cover songs and it identified it, went out to the internet and gave us options to download the song! Another thing we got a hoot out of was scanning the barcode of the ketchup bottle on the table and have it tell us where we could go and by it in a 10 mile radius and how much it would cost! It's an amazing piece of kit that's for sure!


  8. Fabulous finds! Enjoy them. And have fun with your new little phone. As for the shoes - go for it! If the price is right, you'll be able to think of something. AND you could always revamp them into something new. That would be fun! Theresa

  9. Oh go buy the shoes unless them smell. LOL hey there only $2.50 right? O.k Jingle your new phone thing sounds awesome and well so does your old one cause mine well all it does is make callS. LOL yep pretty old school here.sad I know. I think I maybe put about 20 minutes a month on it no kidding.. my son however has the newest everything....


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