It's My Last Day with The Dollies!

That makes me a little sad, but it has been SO much fun to play along with these girls! I have loved every bit of it!

And let me tell you...these girls like to send you out with a challenge, apparently! LOL! As it turns out my last challenge for this month was a color challenge. Well, this was a good thing because I happen to really enjoy the color challenges! They are tons of fun. BUT...what I DO NOT particularly enjoy is working with colors I rarely use due to the simple fact that I generally consider them to be, well, icky colors. Lavender, tan, and navy. That's what I had to use. Together. Now, don't get me wrong...I like using tan. It's a great neutral. I don't mind tan at all. It's those other two that I shy away from. HA! Navy isn't a bad color, so to speak, but I am more of a blue girl, less of a navy girl. I find that it can be a challenge to get navy to play well with others. And Lavender. Well, that's in the purple family. Enough said.

Just say'n.

SO...when the Design Dollies put forth this list of colors, I was, well, skeptical to say the least. BUT...I took that challenge and I decided to jump in with both feet.

Guess what?

Those three colors actually play REALLY WELL together! For reals! Check this out:

Warm Fuzzies

CUTENESS!!!! No, seriously, though, you guys. Isn't it a great color combo???!!!

WHO THE HECK KNEW? For reals. I was a bit shocked. But shocked with a dose of cute is SUCH a good thing! Just say'n.


I even avoided the temptation to use tan as the dominant color and tiny itty bitty bits of the other two colors. YAY!


AND...Owly cuteness all around! For reals, you guys! That's good stuff!

SO...for a chance to challenge yourself and a chance to win a GREAT PRIZE go check out the Design Dollies color challenge and jump in! It's too much fun!


  1. I love, love, love this card! The eyelashes are ridiculously cute!!!

  2. Shame shame..not liking Navy and purple...LOL!!! You did a great job with this. LOVE the owls.


  3. Ohh I love your blog make over!!! So Cute! Nice card too. I just love that pattern with those sweet little owls!

  4. I wouldn't have guessed putting those colors together would look so nice either! Great work!

  5. I think this is one of my most favorite cards from you, Jingle! Like you say, who knew?

  6. Its funny certain colours you wouldn't expect to work together DO.
    Cute card.

  7. Oh you did an awesome job with the color palette! And you reminded me that I had this paper!! Very inspiring! TFS!

  8. yeah - those colors creativly block me too but you totally kicked this color challenges BUTT!! Love how you popped just a couple of the owls out! this is just cuteness! love it!

  9. So very very cute! What is the brand of the owl paper? I am doing a baby shower for my DIL and she loves owls. Good work Jingle :-)

  10. Oh how sweet...I have not heard warm fuzzies for a very long time...in 1975 TA for children was very in style for educators. Imagine and Live in Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  11. This is darling. Very cute little owls. Just love your humor. Oh a SW stamp is red and like rubber! When are you going to follow me, when I turn old and gray!!! Ha!Ha! You are too cute!

  12. Oh, oh, oh, I love-love these owls! Total cuteness!

  13. Totally OWLDORABLE...heeeeheeee...couldn't resist.

    They're going to miss you, too...I'm sure!

  14. Wow - this is my favorite card! So beautiful. I love owls. :) Theresa


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