WOYWW - Blogs for Boobies and a Big MESS that's WHAT!

Yup....my workspace is a disaster.  You can see my card for the Blogs for Boobies Bounce sitting there along with a LOT of other stuff, 'cause I have a ton of stuff going on in my head and not a ton of time to work on any of it!  LOL!    I hope that if you are here prior to 10am Eastern you will come back for the bounce after that and if you are here after that I hope you will see the post and participate!  It's really a fabulous and fun opportunity! 

WOYWW 15 Sept. 2010

And, because I can't leave you all with that eye sore, I figured I'd also show you a fun picture of some of the buttons dumped out on my desk right now!

Vintage Buttons Make Me Happy

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE vintage buttons (and lace and ribbon, too, but these are just buttons.  Just say'n.)????  'Cause I REALLY REALLY REALLY love them.  And when you toss in a lomo filter, a photo like this, well, *sigh*. 

pure.  happy.  making.

Just Say'n.

Have an awesome day!


  1. AHHHH, you desk! :)
    Your card looks adorable! I will be back to see what this is all about!

    And I love old buttons too!

  2. Hey, did you take a pic of my desk? haha...LOVE the buttons...

  3. Awww nothing better than a messy desk....means the artist is happy and listening to her muse....LOL!!!

    Love how the card is looking...can't wait to see it complete.

    I have a whole tub full of old buttons...just love them. I use them as the joints in some of my soft dolls. So much to do with them!!!


  4. Your card looks lovely.
    I too have used buttons in the joints of my dolls.

  5. Such lovely and sunny buttons!!! I enjoy finding unusual and pretty buttons, as well. I should try to incorporate them more in my knitting projects. Have a fabulous day! Theresa

  6. Hi ya
    lovely creative desk, fabulous card, lovely buttons,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  7. Lots going on and beautiful buttons!
    Love the card!

  8. I don't know of the Komen Foundation - is it a US charity? Lovely card Jingle - I have a similar stamp that we're using in a workshop tomorrow - coincidence, huh!!
    As for the buttons..yum.

  9. Great buttons - I always hope to find some at our local car boot sale - occasionally find one or two.

  10. lots of lovely goodies, and different buttons, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

  11. Love those buttons. Some look really old, too. Also love the boobie card. Happy WOYWW.

  12. Gorgeous card and those buttons are fab


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