Follow the Yellow Brick Road....Follow the Yellow Brick Road...FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD!!!!

So, today's post will be centered around the theme of a movie.  Can you guess which one???? 

Yup. You got it. Alien.

HA!!!! KIDDING! It's the Wizard of Oz. AND it is super fun because I made six fun tags for a swap over at Karla's Cottage and they were SO much fun to create! Seriously...I think the Wizard of Oz is one of those themes that you can just run with and never look back! I totally could have kept going, I mean....I didn't even get to Toto or the flying monkeys yet! FLYING MONKEYS! Talk about fun tags! Anyway...here are the tags that I created. I do apologize for the photo quality, as it appears that I was on some heavy perception changers at the time of taking them because I can't imagine that there would be ANY other reason for them to be THIS bad.

Or...I'm just using that as an excuse because I took lousy shots. ANYWAY.....moving on. To the tags. 'Cause that's why you're here and stuff.

Ruby Slippers and Lace

3 Times

Those Shoes

So, as you can see from the photos above, I did three of them on the ruby slipper theme because...ummmm.... RED GLITTER! I mean, REALLY! Sally the Cricut cut the shoes for me (A Child's Year cartridge) and I glittered the heck out of them! I love them. I think I need some. Real ones. For my feets. Just say'n.

My Little Pretty

Wicked Witch

Witch Tag

And these three are all on the witch theme. (Yes, I'm aware that you probably got that and didn't need my help, but I have to write stuff because, well, I talk a lot and it suits me. Just say'n.) The stamps are all from Scrolls Work except for the brick...that's just the end of a pink eraser inked and stamped to look like bricks. 'Cause I'm just cool like that. AND NOTE: They are all the wicked witch because good witches aren't nearly as much fun. Sorry, Willow. That's just the way it is. Okay, MAYBE they are fun, but still. The wicked ones are more fun. Sometimes. I don't know! *sigh* Where was I?

Oh, yes...the tags and the swap and such. I'm super excited to get my tag book back and see what others have created! Like I said, there is SO much you can do on this theme!!! It's just super crazy fun and stuff.

So....what do you think?

Oh...and I apologize if you really were hoping that my tags were done on the other movie theme - you know...Alien and all. I think if I made those I would have nightmares. That movie is freaking SCARY! Even if you HAVE seen it more times than you can count and you know what happens...I still jump and scream EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Every. For reals.

Jingle Out.



  1. cute! love em...but the glittery ones are my fave. And the green tree is good too...oh, who am I kidding? love em all!!

    And would you do an alien/stomach theme for your tags? ewwww.

  2. Love the ruby slippers! I am a Kansas girl stuck in Michigan and can't seem to find any rubies that work...:(

    Great tags...I still love that witch toO!

  3. Jingletastic as always chickie!! LOVE..ADORE the second wicked witch one.


  4. I love them all!! But those shoes are super cute! :D

  5. Love those ruby slippers .... too cute Lynne M x

  6. Wow!! Love them all and I too love the ruby slippers so much!! hugs!

  7. Wow, these are super! I love your style! ~Diane

  8. Oh they are lovely :D
    Wizard of Oz is my all time fave movie, so if you would like to make me a pair of ruby slippers when you make yours I would be one happy Dorothy LOL
    Julie xx

  9. Love those red slippers, very cute!!

  10. Loving the "wicked" witches, which are all so awesome! Now after you glittered those adorable shoes, were you pretty darn sparkly??

  11. SO COOL....especially now that I "get it" after FINALLY watching The Wizard of Oz in its entirety for the FIRST time in my life recently!

  12. too cute! Love the sparkles

    I haven't been here in ages - love the banner

  13. I think I have told you before but you are too darn cute.
    I love your ruby slippers- so sparkly!

  14. WOO is one of my all time favorites. I adore the ruby shoes.

  15. Such fun projects! Nicely done!

  16. They're FABULOUS! You did a great job on these. You're right - you should get a pair of ruby red slippers. Every girl needs a pair. ;) Theresa

  17. Those tags are so cute. I really like the Red sparkly shoes. I had a pair like that when I was little, wore them everywhere.

  18. I think these are very cute...especially the ruby red slippers. We have one of the original witch costumes in an antique shop...Matilda's...and yes we have ruby shoes too. I hope to get in for a photo opportunity. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  19. The shoes are awesome! And the witch? Well, I can just hear her saying Come here, my little pretty...


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