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If you are an artist, designer, or crafter of any kind you know how wonderful that feeling is when inspiration hits you like a ton of bricks! You know...when your creative mind just takes over and goes head on into full gear. You can't think about anything else and your hands just start itching to grab some supplies and MAKE something! I love it when that happens. For me, inspiration can come from so very many places...It really is all around us! Today, I just wanted to share with you a few things that I have found inspiring lately.

This song is amazing. This is the full version so it is very long, but so worth every moment you spend absorbing it.

Pure Imagination Trance Remix - Willy Wonka - Ford Feat Jori

Magazines! They can be totally inspiring sometimes! I recently began receiving Body and Soul due to a free sub offer that I got and I have just been thrilled with the covers! They just jump with color and totally make me happy.

This song is a long time favorite and ever inspiring to me. Actually, this is my favorite song of all time.

Delta Rain - The Blessing

These amazing blogs:

Melissa Loves
Cafe Cartolina
Gutter Girlz - Particularly the playlist!

THIS! Not flowers, so much, but more the weather that we are slowly, but surely seeing creeping in to take over the cold freezingness that we have been bearing for altogether too long. I love 70. I really do.

And I am pretty inspired by these at the moment, too:

I won a pair from The Bright Side Project and I wore them for the first time yesterday and they are FANTASTIC SHOES!!! They are so cute and so high and do wonderful things for my legs. They made me smile. If you haven't checked out the Bright Side Project yet, you TOTALLY should! Talk about an amazing way to find wonderful designers and get to know them, all while answering intriguing and fun questions and reading what others have to say! It's another great source of inspiration!

While those are not the only things that inspire me, that is all for now. I hope something has spurred you on to create! Now...show off what inspires you! I would love to see your posts!

Post about what inspires you and then add a link directly to that post in Mr. Linky! Let's inspire!


  1. I just started a 3 part story about my grandfather who turned 93 yesterday, he inspires so much.

  2. Everyday things inspire me:-)

  3. those blossoms are gorgeous! thanks for stopping by


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