In Honor of Trees...

Happy Arbor Day! Happy Etsy Day! In honor of trees, paper, and, of course, all things recycled and environmentally friendly, along with celebrating Etsy day I decided to post several wonderful Etsy finds today that honor the Earth and the tradition of paper! I do so love paper!

These gorgeous recycled plastic and tissue paper earrings! (Check out the shop for even more great jewelry!)

These beautiful GREEN journals made with recycled paper!

Check out these way fun Lucky Star Earrings made from magazine pages!

This Newspaper Cuff Bracelet is simply amazing to me! I am so in love with it!

These Eco-Magnets are made from 100% recycled paper pulp! How cool are THEY? Wicked cool. That's how cool!

Check out this amazing Rosie The Riveter Collage! It combines two of my favorite things - Girl Power AND recycledness! (Yes...that is a word. Why? Because I said so, that's why. I'm a girl. I get to pick!)

This bracelet is made from recycled paper beads! Holy WOW! Total and utter recycled paper cuteness!

Got a great party coming up? I'm thinking there are some graduates who might need to be showered with the aftermath of a bunch of book binding! What do you think?

I am SO loving this locket made with recycled paper! Wow! Totally need it!

So, what happens when you take a bunch of newspapers, magazine pages, and other household paper 'trash' and turn them into a bowl? AMAZINGNESS! That's what happens! Do you not LOVE THIS? Because I totally LOVE THIS! For reals.

And with that, I wish you a fabulous Arbor Day! A Fabulous Friday! and a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!!!

P.S. It's supposed to be in the like 80's like all weekend and into next week and so I'm pretty much jumping up and down with excitement on that little factoid! Bring on the tank tops! I'm ready for the sun!!!!!


  1. Love the newspaper cuff...cute! I am ready for some 80s here too!

  2. Super fun stuff! Makes me want to go recycle some magazines. Of course, that's what I'm doing for Hubby, making him a deck of cards book with magazine clippings for the pictures... but still! Paper is fun.

  3. This is why I LOVE Etsy! Great choices! Now I have to scooty on over there!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Some very cool stuff you found there!! I really like the newspaper bracelet... reminds me of the gum wrapper bracelets we used to make... before you were born! LOL!

  5. Mzuribeads is an ethical business who have been individually hand rolling recycled paper beads to make unique pieces of jewellery from the village of Ndejje in Uganda for over two years. I would like everyone interested in the art of rolling paper beads to visit our website, where you can locate a stockist near you or goto our online shop to buy our loose paper beads and paper bead jewellery. www.mzuribeads.com Thank you.

  6. I love the papa mache bowl, it looks very realistic and different than anything I've seen before.

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