It's EARTH DAY! Make an Upcycled Coke Can Bracelet!

Happy Wednesday and Happy Earth Day!!!

I apologize for not posting yesterday...I was not feeling well, as that Spring that I was wanting so badly has begun to arrive and now it is attacking in the form of insane allergies! LOL! It figures, huh? Nothing like noticing the new picture of a Puffer Fish in your house and then realizing that you are actually looking at a mirror and that Puffer Fish is your face! But, I'm doing better and happily medicated now, so hoping for a good day!

Today is Earth Day and that is just a great and wonderful thing! To celebrate, I am posting a quick tutorial on making an upcycled Coke can bracelet! I would really love to see your Earth Day posts today, too! So please tell me about them so I can check them out!


One soda can.
A pair of good scissors. (I used EK Success Titanium CutterBees)
Maybe a set of jewlry plyers to help with the folds.

1. Cut off the top and bottom of a soda can. You want to stay fairly close to the ends, as you will be folding the sides in and for a cuff bracelet you want it nice and wide.


2. Fold in the sides twice so that all sharp edges are folded in. Do this carefully as the cut aluminum is very sharp!



3. I wanted curved ends, so I cut a curve on each end before folding down those edges. This makes the folding rather challenging, but gives a nice finished look.


4. Using a cylinder as a guide, gently curve the metal into shape. You can adjust it to the proper side after doing this, but you want to use a cylinder to get it started to avoid kinks.


5. Put the cuff on to check for size and make any adjustments that may be needed.


And that's it! Nice and easy and a great fun way to let people know that you are an addict. I mean, that you are GREEN! Yeah...that's it....greeeen.....


Link Up Your Earth Day Posts Here! I can't wait to see them! Actually...just for fun....I will do a surprise Earth Day PRIZE for one random winner chosen from those who link up their Earth Day posts. Please be sure to link the specific post and not just your blog. (And...I just figured out this whole Mr. Linky thing, so I am really excited to be trying it out! LOL!)


  1. Oh, how I feel your puffer fish pain! I've been sick, too. Hope you feel better soon! Neat bracelet idea! TFS!

  2. bless your heart sorry you got the icky sinus achoos as bella calls them. cute bracelet idea. our school is making purses out of capri sun bags lol.

  3. Hey, cool bracelet. No soda in the house today. But, I went to Pet Smart and picked up ink jet bags. You can put 4-6 used ink jet carts in there and send them off in a postage paid bag. You are recycling and the proceeds go to help the homeless dogs & cats. I did take a picture, but didn't post it yet.

    Happy Earth day!!

  4. How cute! And a material you can find in abundance. I want to see the matching earrings! :)

    I too am suffering from allergies, my friend. Spring is both wonderful and sucky for us.


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