Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes with Peep toppers!

I made these wonderful little beauties for Easter. Actually, they don't look 'pretty' as I would have liked, but they tasted REALLY good and I was really excited about that!

Peep Cupcake Army

The cake is Mexican chocolate - the easy Jingle way! LOL! I used a Devil's Food Cake Mix, followed the usual directions on the box...I actually used oil, which is rare for me...usually I replace it with something and you could easily replace it with apple sauce, but I was feeling oily that day! Then...to kick them up a bit I added two teaspoons of cinnamon and one teaspoon of chili powder. WOW! That added SO much! I also mixed in a cup of milk chocolate chips to add texture and they were SO yummy!

The topping is a marshmallow cream butter cream. I mixed an entire jar (7 oz.) of Fluff with butter and confectionery sugar and added unsweetened cocoa powder to chocolate it up! It was wonderful! Not overpoweringly sweet an and didn't taste like a mouthful of butter like butter cream sometimes does (I'm not a big fan of bc, actually, so I find ways to make it taste better! LOL!)

Then I used a peeler to add chocolate curls to the top of each cupcake and used a bit of extra frosting to 'glue' the Peeps down. They really were quite yummy! And the other thing I loved...they lasted a few days before going stale! Some recipes will go in a day or two, so I was thrilled when these made it 4 or 5 days!

Blue Peep Cupcakes

Peep cupcakes

You should give it a try! SO yummy!!!

Now...I have a question for you guys...I'm looking for a few fun memes to do...I'm thinking Mondays or Thursday ones....the kind that have a site where you can post your link and see what everyone else posted, too! Anyone have any favorites they would like to share? No promises...I'm just trying to see what all is out there. I love doing Wordless Wednesday, so I figured I'd ask you guys what you love! (Or...if you hate them, tell me that, too...that would be good to know! LOL!)

Have a Very Happy Thursday!!!

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  1. The look kind of amazing to me! Mmmm!!!

  2. They look beautiful, and sound delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipes. I have an obligation to bake some cupcakes this weekend, so I'm going to try your recipe--minus the Peeps, since I'm not a fan. I love marshmallow though, just not the peep-ish crust.

    I tend to do a Monday Musings meme, where I just ramble on about something that's been on my mind, like a topic in the news or related to parenting.

  3. I hate peeps, but the rest sounds great! And they look neat, too!

  4. These look so yummy! I've never had Mexican chocolate cake...I will have to try it!

  5. Wait wait wait wait wait a minute. Hold the phone! Are you telling me that chocolate cupcakes - CHOCOLATE CUPCAKES - actually had a chance to get.... stale? I don't think we can friends.

    Kidding, but they do look too yummy to last in my house for more than a day. Except for the peeps. Bluck.

    I like "Not Me Mondays" at Mckmamas. Or Candid Carrie's Friday Foto Finish Fiesta if you're open to Fridays. Or Cate's Six Word Saturday - that's a fun one, and super easy for us lazy-on-the-weekend folks.

  6. Those are too cute...wish I had one :)


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