Rhymes With Orange and Stuff

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Now...onto today's ramblings.




Seriously, folks.

It's true and there is nothing we can do about it.

Nothing. I repeat, NOTHING rhymes with orange.

Yes, I do understand that this is probably not news to you, nor is it a new thing to me. HOWEVER...it has brought to mind something that may be new to you. Do you realize the implications of a basic word in the English language not having ANY other words that rhyme with it? Have you ever stopped to think about this? For REAL, folks! It is simple, straight forward PROOF that our language is none other than inadequate, to say the least. You know how we often struggle to find the right words...we are left speechless...(okay...so I've heard that happens to some people, although, I can't say I've experienced that one myself...), we are left wanting - even NEEDING a better word.

In most cases we blame our own lack of vocabularic knowledge. No...that SO isn't a word, but I figured I'd toss it in there to add to your own personal vocabularic treatise. HOWEVER, the thing of it is...it's not our fault! Okay...so for some people it is totally their fault because they are just dumb and don't value education, but that's a whole other post. For most of us...it is simply because the English language is severely lacking and for NO reason.

Thus, bringing back to Orange. Here we have a collection of letters in the English alphabet that come together to form sounds. Not hard. We all learned that in first grade. HOWEVER; unlike time, prime, crime, and slime; there is not ONE other word in the language that has utilized this grouping. How very wasteful! We SO could be using this combination in other ways!

In Greek there are at least FIVE different words to describe what we call 'love.' FIVE! And we get one. No agape, no eros, no philia, no storge, no thelema (look that one up! It's the fun one! LOL!)...nope! We don't get ANY of that. We just get love. And perhaps the text version 'luv,' but I'm pretty sure that doesn't really count. WHY???? We could have Borange and Sorange, and Quorange, and Zeptorange. We aren't using any of those. So WHY the HECK don't we have words that rhyme with orange. We need them.

That's all I'm say'n.

Oh...here are a couple of cards that I made!

CPS Challenge Card

This one is a sympathy card that I made for a friend who lost her Mom. It's been a long struggle, so the Peace theme really fit the situation well. It is really shimmery in real life because I dusted it with Glimmer Mist!

CPS Peace Card Close Up

This one is for the Use Your Stash Tag Challenge. You still have a couple more days to get your layouts in, so head over and check it out! Our Design Team cards are going up today!

Thank you Tag Card

Tags Close Up

I used October Afternoon papers on this and stamped the images directly on the tags with Close To My Heart stamps and ink. It was really a rather quick card to pull together, but I like it! It's fun!

Have a happy Wednesday!

What are your thoughts on orange?


  1. LOL you are funny! Maybe you can rhyme orange with silver - another English word with no rhymes.

    Very sweet cards.

  2. I love those cards you made. I have glimmer mist but am not very good with it. I also have some of those tags and cannot wait to get going with decorating them up! I love what you did. That mushroom is precious!

    ...and I love orange. It's one of my fav colors. Next to teal of course.

  3. I love orange! The rhyming world would be a much more exciting place if there was a word that rhymed with orange. It's sad really!

    I love the Peace card!

    Thanks so much for the lovely comments and the follow!

    Have a great day!

  4. I love those cards!! So pretty:-)

  5. Great cards. I really like the layering on the first one! TFS!


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