Thousand Words Thursday

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I love this photograph. Stories lie withing it's frame. Many stories.

Back when I was teaching middle school English one of my favorite things to do to get kids writing on their own was to show them a wonderful picture. Sometimes it was a photo, sometimes it was drawn, painted, or even a sculpture of some kind. Then...I let them write. I gave them nothing more than a visual to begin their journey. This photo is that kind of photograph. It begins a journey that is different for each and every individual who takes in the image. It is yours.

Completely and totally yours.
You own the image.

I challenge you to write something. Maybe a few words, maybe a short story, or, if you are really ambitious go ahead and start that novel. Let the image take you away and encapsulate you. Let it become a part of you and seek out all that lies beneath it.

Experience it.

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  1. Gorgeous photo! Makes me imagine where, what, and why...wow, it's been a long time since I've been in school, and now I feel like writing a paper!

    Have a great day!

  2. I love the photo too. Stopping by from SITS - nice to meet you!

  3. lovely and what a great way to open up minds.

  4. Beautiful..I bet its even prettier at night with the lamps on.

  5. It's a beautiful photo. You're right, it could go anywhere...

  6. Great photo...I love to look at photos or pictures hanging on the wall and let my imagination take over...I wish I had more time to do that!

  7. I love using a photo to come up with a story. It's such a basic exercise, but it really gets things moving when you hit a roadblock.

  8. VERY COOL. I love teachers and this is a fabulous idea. Hope my oldest gets a teacher like you in middle school!

  9. It is late and all that comes to my head is BEAUTIFUL.

  10. What a great picture. I definitely think I could write something about it. Maybe I will... :)

  11. Wow, you're right! Immediately my mind was writing a story from that arch! Great photo, great teaching idea!


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