Singing Together - Mixed Media - Opinions Needed - Honest Ones

Okay, so here is the deal. I've been really interested in this whole mixed media canvas thing lately and so I made another one. I think I like it. It feels good, but I went out of my box a bit and I'm just not sure. I would love to hear your HONEST opinions on this piece. What do you like? What should I work on? Should I stick to cards and layouts? LOL! Seriously...what are your thoughts. I know it won't be the right 'style' for everyone out there, but let me know that, too. Maybe you love it but you would never put it in your home because it totally isn't you...I'm cool with that, too! Let me know! I REALLY want to know what you guys think. I'm curious. Plus...this is the internet - you won't have to see my cry if you say you hate it! HA! (Please don't use the word hate....that will make me sad. LOL!)

We Shall Sing Forever

We Shall sing Forever close

We Shall Sing Forever Close 2

On another note...I need to give a HUGE shout out to my wonderful dear friend Anne Marie!!!! She totally brightened my day by sending a surprise package with some absolutely FABULOUS goodies just begging to be used up right away!!!! Thanks, ANNE MARIE!!!! You are a blessing in so many ways!

Also....I have TWO giveaways ending today!!! Don't forget to enter the Green Giveaway and the Glade Coupon Giveaway! I will be announcing those winners along with a new winner for the Scrap With Style Giveaway tomorrow, since the first winner did not contact me.

Have a Happy Tuesday!!!! I'm debating whether or not I should make some brownies. Not normally a brownie fan, but totally craving them right now. Hmmm....may have to make some...with peanut butter, of course!


  1. I've really been wanting to try a mixed media canvas, too, but just haven't taken the plunge! I really like what you've done with it. I like the way the string is and the buttons. The birdhouse is really nice. I know you're wanting honest opinions, so don't flame me, okay? I like the background you used for your wording, and though it doesn't look bad, I think it would look more cohesive with the rest if it was wrinkled or had a wet look to it. HTH.

  2. I read cloth paper scissors and have been wanting to create some mixed media art on canvas but have yet to try it.

    I really like the piece you created (did you hand draw the bird cage or is it a stamped image?).

    I think that if it were my piece I would have added more layers to the background and maybe even added some layers over the clouds. It is really cool though.

  3. I'm not very crafty but I know what I like and I love this!
    It is warm and appealing-I would absolutely hang this in my home.

  4. I love it!! Love the clouds with the string and sequins. And the bird cage is on everything in the scrappy world lately, very appealing... Love the colors. I like your canvas as is and would hang it in my home if I had a wall to hang it on..... Small house = not alot of wall space... LOL I'm into layers lately, so everything right now would have lots of layers on it... But thats a personal preference in creating. Give these material to 7 people and you'll have 7 different canvases.. Thats whats so great about art. Most don't have the same visions..


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