TAG! You're it!

The April Challenge has been posted over at Use Your Stash and it is a good one! Tags, baby, Tags!

Yes...I pretty much hate tags. For some reason I have a hard time working with them. I used them a lot back when I was way into vintage and stuff, but even then, I struggled. The thing of it is...folks....I've got a bunch of 'em. Yes...I'm sure you do to. That's the thing with all of those wonderful supplies that we all feel we MUST have. We buy them. Even if we never use them! LOL! Alas, this was the opportunity for me to pull out that jar stuffed with tags and actually use some. *dread.* Yes...I must admit that I wasn't thrilled with that proposition, but, seeing as I'm on the design team, I didn't have much choice now did I! LOL! Well, guess what! I used them. Lots of them. And.... wait for it ....

.... I liked it!

I actually really love the layout that I created using tags! Just another great reason to join in the challenges over at Use Your Stash! I can't even encourage you enough! It is SO much fun AND this time they are giving away a $10 GC to Elle's Studio to the winner!!!! I SO wish I could win! I LOVE Elle's!!!! So..enough chit chat...here is my layout!

Hee-hee! I love it! LOL! Really, it was so much fun creating that background from the tags! And that felt gate from Prima has been sitting in my stash just waiting for the perfect project and this was totally it! And that photo...Boston....*sigh*...someday I will live there. In the city. Someday....

I have this week off, so I am hoping to have lots to share with you! I plan to create a BUNCH since I can!!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!!!

Are you going to do the challenge at UYS? Don't forget! They are having a referral contest, too, so give a try and send your friends over!!! Lots of fun changes on the way, so now is a great time to jump in!!!


  1. Awesome way to use those tags!!

    TFS :-)

  2. I really love how that layout looks. I am not a fan of tags either, but I love using my SU tag punches on gifts.

  3. Ooo, I love the taggy layout!! I use them once in a while. I think a small tree with vintagy tags hanging on it would be cool. Doesn't have to be Christmas, just a cool tree with cool tags.

  4. Oh, I love that application! Very nice!

  5. Hello lucky lady! You won AGAIN on the Bright side project, only very spendy shoes I might add. Please email me when you get a chance at:



    Miss B.

  6. Great LO, girl! Love it! I alwasy imagine that you're a city girl. :)


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