I Found a Fun Friday Photo Finish!

You know yesterday when I asked about fun memes to participate in? I found one that I think I will like being that I take a gagillion pics and all.

Ryan Ashley Scott over at Optimistic Cynicism suggested that I check out Photo Finish Friday over at Candid Carrie's blog and I am loving it!

I love these photos. I know...arrogant of me to choose pics of myself for the first time I jump in, huh? LOL! No, but really...how often do you TRULY love a photo of yourself? For me...it's not all that often...I generally don't photograph well, so if I find one I like I tend to get a bit excited about it. What I love is that when I look at them I actually see ME. Not just an image of what I look like...but rather I see ALL of me. The truly represent who I am. That makes a photo amazing to me. The lighting isn't the greatest and there are some distractions, but overall, they are photos that I treasure. Even if they are of me. LOL!

Check out Candid Carrie and show me your favorite photos! You can link them up there!


  1. How fun! I hate pics of my usually too...I have a couple I like...great photos!

  2. Great photos! Wish I had more of myself that I liked! Welcome to 4XP

  3. Those are fun photos - good that you posted them. You are photogenic (sp hmmm) anyway, I am not, so I HATE pics of myself!

    Glad you found the friday foto fun- welcome!


  4. I think in general we as women are so critical of ourselves that I want to shout with glee when someone likes a photo of themselves. For me it always when I am in a state of happiness or content. You look like you are both in your pretty photo's.

  5. Awesome! Love that first one especially! TFS!

  6. I love that first pic especially! It is so thoughtful. It makes me want to know where your mind is at that moment!

  7. Doesn't Ryan Ashley Scott have good taste?

    Welcome aboard and happy fx4!

    Candid Carrie


  8. I love pictures of you! It's hard to find ones we actually like of ourselves, so props to you for posting yours! I like the one where you are looking away, very reflectively. I like reflective.

    (thanks for the shout-out - I'm glad you liked my suggestion.)

  9. I think a picture of yourself is fitting! Sort of an introduction to you for these posts, kwim? Haha.

  10. Welcome to the party!! I love Carrie's Friday Foto Fiesta!! Great pictures:-)

  11. I say if you like the photos of yourself you must flaunt them! They are fantastic!

  12. Visiting from Blogaholics :]

    Thanks for joining.

    Love the pictures!!!

    C :]

  13. Very cute pictures! You're right - it's not often we find pictures we like of ourselves, and these are very nice!


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