Some Things Just LOOK Vintage {VTT}

You know how it is.... you walk into the 'antique' store and realize quickly that the stuff isn't actually old at all, but rather just reproductions of vintage stuff. Not that reproductions are a bad thing, mind you...I love them, actually, I just don't like it when people try to pass them off as actually being genuinely vintage.

However, on the same token, when I create, I sometimes find myself reaching for those very reproductions to create something that, indeed, looks vintage, but is not. This box is a piece that I created several years ago...LOTS of years ago, actually - hmmm... maybe it sort of IS vintage! HA!


It's kind of funny. A lot of the stuff I created a long time ago looks, well, let's just leave it at 'different' from the stuff I create now. You know...you DO tend to improve in time! LOL! This box, however, is one of those projects that I treasure. I still love it just as much as the day I completed it. There is just something fabulous about it that makes me feel like it is truly timeless. I don't often achieve that in my art, so this particular piece, I have to admit, makes me feel a bit of a sense of pride. I really do love it.


I can clearly remember the techniques I used and how excited I was to be using them. They are common techniques now, but back then I was so proud of myself for utilizing them! I took the time to really do them correctly, and it paid off!


And, yes, as time has passed, moves have been made, stuff has been put in and taken out of the box it has suffered a bit of wear. Guess what? I love that wear. It just makes the piece even more vintage. Even if it isn't actually old. Yes, this may be a reproduction, of sorts, but you know what - sometimes those are just as good as the old stuff. Just Say'n. ;-)


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  1. That is a nice vintage-looking box. Even if the materials aren't old, they look old. But I don't think old pieces would use that sort of decoration, so it wouldn't be considered a reproduction.

  2. I love it...you should be proud! My youngest son plays violin and I just love looking at them now.

    Have a wonderful day!


  3. I can see why you're so attached to that box,it's very nice. You're right about reproductions, in this case, they work perfectly!

  4. I can see why you love this box, it is beautiful...you are such a talented lady!!

    Have a great VTT and a wonderful holiday week!

  5. Fun post - - - I would have said, "vintage-y"

  6. Oooh it's so pretty!! My mom LOVES reproduction stuff so I have a pretty strong appreciation for that :) Just lovely!

  7. This is real pretty! You do very nice work! :)

  8. Hey, reproduction stuff has its place for me when it conjures up memories.

  9. The box is charming. You did a wonderful job.
    I know what you know about vintage tho - sometimes someone posts a vintage thingy which I actually purchased new as an adult, lol.

  10. love the box.

    I have also been into shops that have repops trying to pass them off as old. It does bug me too.

  11. I love things embellished with music scores - don't you? They truly are timeless treasurers.



  12. Lovely box. It does look vintage :-)
    Happy VTT!


  13. That's really nice. I have some sheet music waiting on my counter to take to the copy shop for my next project. Did you Mod Podge it?

  14. It is pretty, I can see why you still treasure it. Hang onto it for a few more years and it will be vintage!

  15. I love that box, and you're right, it's probably looking more vintage every year! You did a great job on it. I don't craft a whole lot, but when I do, I feel bad about using vintage things. I would rather use repros. And it bothers me too when people try to pass the repros off as vintage!
    Happy VTT!

  16. Hey everything is fine. And boxes are always useful for storage. Happy VTT!

  17. I love vintage stuff, but lately I've noticed that some people consider items from the 1960's to be vintage...that just cracks me up!

    To me, vintage included home made, mainly because most things WERE homemade. I think that makes your box something special.

  18. Your box is charming - can definitely see why you treasure it!!

    got my partner and we are getting to know each other - mahalo for putting us together - a fun match for me, just like my Halloween partner!!

  19. ohhh I just love you box! You are so talented!
    have an awesome weekend!

  20. That is a very cool box. I love boxes.

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