Over the River and Through The Woods....

Actually, due to the fact that it was raining the PERFECT tree this year just so happened to require slightly less hunting.  Strange coincidence, you think?  LOL!

I should probably back up a bit.  You see, every year on the day after Thanksgiving we head out with my parents to the tree farm to hunt down the PERFECT Christmas tree.  I would give you a description of said 'Perfect' Christmas tree if I could, but you see, therein lies the rub, my friends...therein lies the rub.

My sister has one definition of a perfect tree - Round and FAT.  Big helps, but is not required.


My Mom, on the other hand, claims that they are ALL too big for her little house.  Every single one of them.  And proceeds to hunt down the ONE tree on the lot that is, indeed, NOT too big for her house.


She's very cute about it.  The thing is...I think the tree is getting smaller by the year.  Seriously.  Charlie Brown...here we come!  HA!


That would be Nana picking out a fine little tree.  Quite fine indeed.  Except for the fact that it would be a sapling and you SO can't cut those down.  Just say'n.


My purpose in this whole adventure would be to get some REALLY GREAT photos to scrapbook.  I mean, that's what every event is REALLY for, isn't it?  HA!  (It's even funnier that some of you probably think I'm joking.  I'm  not.  I totally do stuff purely for the photo ops.  It's an obsession.  I think it could be cured by a fabulous Nikon DSLR.  I'm sure of it, actually.  Although, it may be good to toss in a couple of Tamaron or Quantaray lenses, just to be safe.  Just say'n.  Again.)  ANYWHO..... I got some fun pics this year.  You see, that's what is GOOD about a rainy day - the ambient light is PERFECT for photography.  Yes...you end up with spots on your lens, but such is life.  Such is life.  We also got some fun little video clips, too, thanks to The Hubbums and the Flip!  I haven't watched those yet, but I'll share after I see them if I can figure out how to do that!  HA!


So....back to this whole Christmas tree hunt thing.  You see, she always finds THE PERFECT tree fairly quickly.  Usually, anyway.  And then someone has to guard said tree so that nobody else steals THE PERFECT tree.  'Cause, you know - there aren't hundreds of trees growing all over the farm that they can choose from - nope.  Nosiree, bob.  They will pick Mom's tree.   That's just how it works.  Therefore, someone must protect it from this horrifying fate.  (At least until she picks a new one.  But she doesn't.  Pick a new one, that is.  She just has to be SURE it's THE PERFECT tree before committing a season of comfort and joy to it and all.  I'm sure you can understand.)


WAIT!  Remember that part about photo ops?  Yeah, so rain makes the PERFECT excuse to dress like Paddington Bear and then go out in public even if you look minorly ridiculous.  I LOVE IT!  Love.  it.  Red Rubber Rain boots and a yellow rain coat.  Seriously, folks?  What could be more fun than THAT?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Just say'n.


Oh, yes...back to the tree.  You see, normally, all that making SURE we have the right one involves marching our little selves all over that farm until we've seen every single tree there is.  That involves going over a super cute little bridge over a super cute little creek.

But it was raining.

We didn't go over the super cute little bridge.

We didn't go over the super cute little creek.


OH, the TRAGEDY of it ALL!!!!!!!!  (note the back of hand on forehead and fluttering eyelashes)

It's okay.  I'm over it.  For now.

So, Daddy cut down THE PERFECT tree.  In the rain.  On a tarp.  He got soaked anyway.  He's good like that.  He's willing to get soaked for the fam!


Then they loaded said same PERFECT tree onto the tarp and .....


Drug it over to the shaking and bailing station where it was shaken (that gets rid of the dead needles so they don't end up all over your living room) and bailed and then tied securely to the roof so that the season of comfort and joy could ensue.

The End.

What did YOU do this weekend????  Hee-Hee.

P.S.  ATTENTION ALL JINGLESWAP PARTICIPANTS - please check in with me sometime today.  I just want to be sure everyone is on target!  Thanks!!!


  1. what? only the dad cuts the tree? my family tradition is very much like yours - except that my family only tagged the tree the day after Christmas and went back the weekend before Christmas to cut it down. And naturally, the hunt for the perfect tree involved us kids standing by at least two different trees that Mom thought were perfect (and they were usually at diff ends of the farm which did have a little bridge). This was before the days of cell phones so we kids were usually shivering our butts off and miserable by the time Mom decided on the tree. And what was up with the fact that it was always either raining or freezing the day after Thanksgiving?! I got smart after awhile and started bringing a book with me so I could read while I "guarded" my tree. LOL But when it came time to cut the tree, all of us kids had to give a shot at the saw but my dad would finish it off. And he and my brothers would carry it back to the shaker/baler.

    Thanks for the trip back down memory lane, Jingle! :)

  2. I've never had the experience of going to a tree farm and cutting our own tree. I know, tragedy!

  3. What a great tradition!! We always put up a fake tree because our living room is TINY and we have to use one of those super skinny ones!

  4. Oh how I have always wanted to do something like this! What fun! I'll have to see if I can talk my folks into going tree hunting with Ron and I this weekend. Now I am off to find a tree farm! Surely there are some around these parts!

    HUGS Jing!

  5. What a fun weekend tradition! We've only gone to a tree farm once, and it was dark, and muddy... that's all I remember. Mostly we get them precut on a lot. This year, maybe we'll go the tree farm route.

  6. That is one tradition that we never did in our family. It looks like you had fun though:-)

  7. That looks like a lot more fun then getting your tree at Home Depot. :)

  8. Living in the city stinks when I see posts like this. So envious! Thanks for stopping by Miss J :) Happy belated to your Mr. Wonderful too!

  9. You know it's bad when you start coordinating your outfit and anyone with you, so that you'll match the paper you have picked out for that event. :)

    I don't like the shortened thing in Reader, but if you feel it's better for you then go for it. I just ignore my numbers.


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