*Review* Snupped Laptop Sleeve

Snupped Sock Monkeys

Okay, let's be honest here. How could any post that begins with SOCK MONKEYS be a bad thing? It can't. As you are well aware. So...that pretty much means you should keep reading!

And yes, I am excited to share a review today of a wonderful product that I received. Those sock monkeys are gracing an absolutely wonderful custom, hand crafted, made just for me Snupped laptop sleeve.

Let me tell you about their vision at Snupped. Okay, actually, I'm going to let THEM tell you, since they do it so well! The following is from the Snupped website:

nupped is a mission to bring you the perfect case for carrying your high-tech gizmos on the go. This mission began in February 2008 after Bryan and Darcy proved incompetent in finding a perfect laptop sleeve for themselves. After a miserable time carrying the boring generic black laptop sleeve, they sewed the first Snupped laptop sleeve out of a curtain.

Every Snupped case that leaves our hands is never identical to its older siblings. That is because every Snupped case has been fully customized by our customers, you. You can even custom size it to fit your laptop snugly! Unlike most other cases which are manufactured by anonymous and automated factory machines, your Snupped case is handmade by real humans. Hence, our Snupped cases contain a secret ingredient not found in other cases - Love.

Did you read that? If not, you should go back and look again. 'Cause, ummm...yeah! It says LOVE! And they aren't kidding. The craftsmanship of this sleeve is SO evident! It is absolutely beautifully crafted!

Snupped Laptop case Zipper

As you can see, the quality is top notch! These are sewn beautifully and professionally. There is NOTHING about this that seems like a quick craft project type of deal! They are gorgeous! And, in addition to being beautifully crafted, Snupped laptop sleeves are CUSTOM made. Yes, as you might guess, that means that you are able to choose the fabric that shows on the outside, but that's not all! When you begin the customization process on the site, which, by the way, is REALLY user friendly, you choose the laptop you are fitting - You have Mac options, PC options, and even custom netbook options available. Next, you choose the fabric you would like, there are LOTS of fun options available. I would have liked to have seen more options on the masculine side of the spectrum, however, but...there are a lot to choose from no matter how you look at it. Then, your next choice is for the INTERIOR color! Yup! You even get to choose that! You can also choose to add handles to your case and/or add a Snupped mini, which is a cute little mini version of your Snupped to hold your phone! HOW CUTE IS THAT?! Pretty darned cute, that's how cute! Just say'n. (Oh...and yes, they even ask you what phone you have so that the case is made custom for that, too! It's all about you, folks. ALL. About. You.)

Snupped Laptop Case

As you can see, I chose the Sock Monkey design, as I ordered this one for The Hubbums laptop. It fits well and it is well padded. He does have a boring black sleeve that he purchased at the Mac store (not a Mac brand, however) and that one does fit a bit tighter than the Snupped case, but not a lot. The thing he noted the most was that if the corners of the Snupped case had been rounded, rather than squared, it would probably be PERFECT. We were both SUPER impressed with the overall quality and the designs are just WAY fun! The best thing about these cases is that they are totally, 100% custom! They do seem to wear well, too, which is very nice. Also, the prices are competitive with quality sleeves that are in NO way custom, so you are actually getting a lot more for your money!

My only suggestion is, that if you plan to order a Snupped sleeve for the holidays, do it quick! Remember, these aren't being pulled from a shelf and tossed into a box - they are being hand crafted to your specifications, so it does take longer than your mass produced insanity. That's a good thing - like I said earlier, the quality of the work is phenomenal! You will love your sleeve! And, the best part is - it will be TOTALLY yours because you created it! Head on over the Snupped and let me know what design you would choose! They are SOOOO cute!!!!

***DISCLOSURE - Snupped generously sent me a custom laptop sleeve to review in return for posting my thoughts on it. I am not being compensated in any other manner for this review and my statements are my honest opinion of the product. Thank you to Snupped for the opportunity to review this product.


  1. Gotta love sock monkeys!!!! That is just adorable!!!! Love the name of your blog...

    Thanks for sharing in my SITS day on 10/29. I am STILL playing catch up!

  2. So cute!!! And, congrats on the new design team...how fun!

    Also, just gotta say that your profile pic is so fun. It makes me smile every time I visit your blog :)

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  5. Thanks for the heads-up on Snupped - I have been looking for the right sleeve for quite some time and love the idea of being able to order a custom one! And you're right, sock monkeys are just so irresistible!

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