Happy Birthday to the Man of My Dreams


Okay, so officially, his birthday was yesterday, but I wasn't able to blog yesterday, so we will celebrate here today! LOL!

I could list 31 reasons why I love him, but narrowing it down that much would be too hard.

I could write prolific prose or pen rhythmic verse, but words cannot convey the love I have for this man.

I could go on and on....but quite frankly, sometimes simplicity says it all.

Hubbums, I love you. Super Lots. And then some. Just say'n.


This is the fun card that I made for him. On the inside it says "I love you to the moon and back!" (You know...to go with the whole alien theme.... get it.... to the moon... okay. Moving on now.)


When he picked it up off the gift package he said, "There is A LOT of card here!" LOL! That cracked me up. Yes, I got a little layer crazy. I like layers. Layers make me happy. Popping layers up with pop dots makes me EXTRA happy. Just say'n.


Aren't those little alien guys the CUTEST things ever?! I love them. They are Crate Paper stamps. SUPER CUTENESS, I tell you. Super. Stinking. Cuteness. They make me happy.

AND...I have good news!!! Not so much for you guys, but TOTALLY good for me. I'm FINALLY feeling a bit human again. I actually slept through the ENTIRE night last night. No coughing fits. No waking up hacking. AND...I didn't even take anything to make me drowsy or sleep better! That's pretty darn happy making if you ask me. Because, my friends, it's not fun to feel like crap. Just say'n.

SOOOOO.....tell me..... are you super excited about the Thanksgiving holiday this week (if you are in the U.S., that is)? I AM!!!!

We had a super yummy and way fun Thanksgiving dinner last night at a friend's home and then we get to do it AGAIN on Thursday with family. Seriously. How can that be bad? It can't. It. Just. Can't. I'm stoked, dude. Seriously.


  1. Happy birthday to your hubby! Glad that you're feeling better!

  2. THAT is AWESOME!!! I hope he had a GREAT birthday:-)

  3. Happy Birthday to my "birthday twin." Hope he had a great day too! Is he as elderly as I am? LOL!

    We are looking forward to having a great Thanksgiving.

  4. You took the time to make such a sweet and special card for him!

    Happy Birthday to your hubs!

  5. Happy B-Day to your hubbie; glad you're feeling better, Wonderful card!!! and I love the picture of hubby with you're relection there behind him snapping the photo. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  6. Happy Birthday to your hubby!

    And one can never have too many layers (think croissants). The card is awesome!

  7. Happy Birthday to Mr. Jingle :D

    Glad to hear you are feeling better! Totally can't wait 'til Thanksgiving!!!

  8. I love the comment the hubs made when he picked up the card (about there being a lot of card there). I actually LOLd. Classic.


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