Jingle Swap 2009 - Sign Up today!

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Well, I decided to do it! I think it will be tons of fun! So, let's SWAP! Here are the guidelines:

* Sign ups begin today, November 6, 2009 and will close on Friday November 13th.

* When you sign up, you will (within a couple of days) receive an email questionnaire to fill out.

* Please answer the questions and return it to me via email asap.

* You will receive the name of your partner, along with their email address and answers to the questions so that you can begin to get to know one another. (This is not a secret swap - I think it's more fun to get to know your partner a bit!)

* You MUST have the ability to take photos of your gifts and post them to a flickr account. (Flickr is free, so if you don't already have an account, it's super easy!)

* Packages MUST be mailed NO LATER THAN Wednesday, December 18th. If you cannot make this deadline, please do not sign up. If you have no intention of sending gifts, please do not sign up. I DO NOT TOLERATE FLAKERS. Period. Just say'n. The point of these swaps is to have a great time and get to know someone, so please only sign up if you intend to make this a great experience for your partner!

Okay...now for the fun part:

Each person will send 10, individually wrapped gifts.

At least 2 of these gifts should be handmade items, although, you can feel free to do more than two if you like. ANY kind of handmade is fine - knitters, crochet folks, paper crafters, painters, wood crafters, beaders, jewlry makers, sewers, quilters....ALL are welcome! Use whatever talent you have! Please put your heart into whatever you make and be sure it is something you are proud to give.

Spending Limit is around $20 prior to shipping. You don't have to go nuts, but PLEASE do not send junk. Junk makes people sad. I don't like it when people are sad. Think creatively and be kind and generous. It is, after all, Christmas.

I will keep in constant communication with the entire group. I will also be playing, so one of you will swap with ME!!! (Sorry to that person! HA! KIDDING!)

I have hosted over 100 swaps, so I am quite familiar with the process! LOL! If you have any questions feel free to email me at jinglesells at gmail dot com! I'm happy to answer them!

The goal of this swap is to HAVE FUN! Let's make it awesome!!!! Thanks!

Please sign up in the comments below. Be sure to leave an email address so I can contact you. And thanks for being my awesome, amazing, incredible, totally cool blog friends! I am excited to celebrate with all of you!


  1. How fun! Count me in!!!! I'm excited!!! Yay! Thanks!!!


  2. Count me in!!! Sounds like fun!!!
    You are sooo awesome gf!!

  3. i want in. I love swaps!!!

    tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

  4. Wow, Jingle, you're a busy girl. Your blog is always so creative and fun...I had a little catching up to do since I had company this week.

    The swap sounds like fun...I'll have to think about this before I commit...but if I do, I'll be in it to the end.

  5. Heck yes!! :) Count me in!!

  6. Aloha Jingle,

    I would love to join your holiday exchange. My challenge, as well you are aware, is in posting pictures after receiving them. Indeed, I have all the pictures from my last Halloween swap and do not know how to post them on flicker!! So, if you would be kind enough to include me in this swap, I am requesting hand holding to get the pictures posted!!


  7. forgot email address:


  8. This sounds like so much fun! Count me IN!


  9. Oh YES! I want swap! Please sign me up!


  10. ooh this sounds great! jonesojm@yahoo.com

  11. Would love to join in!


  12. I would love to join. Thank you.

  13. Don't count me in. I can't wait to hear and see what everyone gets but these things are so bad for me. I always mess them up!

  14. Ohhhhh man!!! I really wanted to do this but with the new job, things are just too crazy for me right now. I'll try to get in on the next one.

  15. Im interested in this swap - but I would like to know if it's international or strictly US? The international postage is ridiculously expensive right now (Im in the US)..


  16. This sounds like so much fun! I want to be part of it so please add me to your list.


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  18. Hey Chick
    Count me in...I am actually ahead in shopping this year....you have my email..if not on my profile! Can't wait this will be fun!

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  20. I love reading your blog everyday Jingle! Thanks for the swap and the chance to meet fellow bloggers.


  21. I don't know how I missed this before! I would love to participate if there is room for me :)

    scrapbookservices @ yahoo.com

  22. i totally need some christmas present surprises! whosiesandwhatnots @ yahoo . com

  23. This sounds like fun. Sign me up too. jdeegs(at)cox(dot)net

  24. So disappointed that I didn't read this in time to join in. We were dealing with some "issues" at the end of the week :(


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