Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String

Yes, these truly are one of my favorite things!  I love them.  They make me happy.  But not just any string.  Not anymore.  Nope.  No-sirreee-bob.

Now, my friends, it must be BAKER'S TWINE!  Why?  I don't know why!  Because I LOVE it!  That's why!

And I am so excited to see it ALL over Etsy right now!  The one above comes from a lovely shop called Lemons and Lolli's.  If that's not the cutest shop name, I just don't even know what is.  Just say'n.

I also found this wonderful little shop called Betty's Love.  She creates tiny little goodness!  Check this out!

And then I found these SUPER cute little shoes and Em and Sprout's shop!  Seriously.  CUTENESS!

AND....an entire shop CALLED Pretty Tapes!  That can't be a bad thing.  And it's not a bad thing.  Just LOOK at the cuteness that is these tapes!

As you know...I could go on for ever with these.  I haven't done a good Etsy Love post in awhile, so I just HAD to share some of my recent finds with you!  Don't forget to support the little guys and the artists this holiday! 


  1. I love love love those shoes...how cute!

  2. I love red and white baker's twine too, especially for Christmas gifts.

    And I'm really starting to get an Etsy addiction. I could browse shops for hours!

  3. Such pretty stuff!! Those lil shoes are to die for@!

  4. I LOVE Em & Sprout! They have the cutest stuff. Ever.

  5. What great finds! I love that little scene from Betty's Love!!

  6. Oh I know! I could do a post a day on all the fantastic stuff I find at Etsy! Lots on sale right now, too! I love that twine and tape!!

  7. Oh my, I've managed to avoid Etsy lately and now I'm going to be drawn back into it....and it's all your fault LOL!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!!

  8. I love bakers twine! I want to find somewhere to buy the FULL spool of it though...I am certain that I would use it all before I died..or got too much arthritis to even tie a knot...LOL


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