Scherenschnitte. It's cool. Trust me.

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So, I found the coolest blog EVER! (At least for this week...you know how fickle I tend to be with these things...)

It's called


Yeah, so I had no idea what it meant, either. No worries. I took care of that for you, just 'cause I like ya and stuff. Here is what the great almighty Wikipedia has to say:

Scherenschnitte (shear-n-SNIT- a), which means "scissor cuts" in German, is the art papercutting design. The art work often has symmetry within the design, and common forms include silhouettes, valentines, and love letters. The art tradition was founded in Switzerland and Germany in the 1500's, and was brought to Colonial America in the 1700s by immigrants who settled primarily in Pennsylvania.

Isn't that the most fabulous word EVER?! Seriously. It's pretty great. And, like I said before, the blog is amazing! TONS of fabulous cutting designs that Cindy kindly allows you to download and use!

So...that is EXACTLY what I did!


I found a design that had a critter (*SHOCK!* I know...it's pretty surprising...oh.....wait.....) and printed it up on four different sheets of the fabulous Earth Love from Cosmo Cricket. And then I grabbed my kraft knife (I went with the one with the sharpest blade on it and the most comfortable grip, since I knew it would take a bit to do this one.) and went to town! I cut out the image in the four patterns and then pieced together the parts to create my scene. To complete the card, I placed the black panel on the card form, misted it with Glimmer Mist to add some shimmer (it makes it more magical that way and we like things to look magical around here...), mounted the cut image on foam dots and then placed it on the panel, added the fabric ribbon in that fabulous green houndstooth pattern and then finished it off with a simple label sticker sentiment.

hello.  Sentiment Close

hello.  Dimension

hello.  fabric ribbon
This was SO much fun to create! I will totally be back for more cutting patterns! I am in love! What do you think? I hope you had a wonderful Halloween Weekend! It's time to start thinking Thanksgiving!!!!!


  1. That is WAY cool! I'll have to go check it out! Thanks for sharing the link and your totally cute project (I loves that rabbit)!

  2. thanks for sharing the site..love your art work!

  3. Having lived in Germany for 3 years I did know the word! :)

    I too just adore it and your creation is fabulous!

  4. Thanks so much for this!! You're right, it is FAB!!!

  5. THAT IS PRETTY FREAKING AWESOME! I am going to have to pop over there and check it out!

  6. What a word! I had to say it at least 3 times before I got it right! That is so neat!

  7. That does look fun. I'll have to take a look at that site.

  8. Jingle, that is seriously the cutest card EVER!! Love it, love everything about it... and the frayed bow/ribbon... too cute!!!!!!

  9. my mom's woman's group at church growing up would do this! they had special scissors, papers, patterns.....even trends come back around in the crafting world!

    cute card!!!!!

  10. I love how you have used different papers with this snip. jan

  11. Jingle thank you so much for your sweet birthday wish. So very kind of you!

  12. Another beautiful work of art by very talented you!!
    Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway if you haven't already
    I will be picking a winner tues.

  13. You should be proud! I don't have those skillz!


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