Prom? - My Sketchy Thursdays layout - And Stuff.

I did it. For real. Not even joking. I made....

....wait for it.....

.....a layout.

Yup! That's right, folks! Today's feature is none other than a REAL LIVE Jingle-made scrapbook page! It's not a card (as she has been so wont to create as of late...), it's not an ATC (as she as also been wont to create as of late...), and folks, this here is not even an altered project of any kind (as she has ALSO been wont to create as of late...), no folks, today we have the real thing! A Genuine Scrapbook Page!!!

*Screaming Cheers from all around!!!* YAY!!! * More CHEERS * WOOO-HOOOO!!!!* You can totally hear them. I know you can.

Okay...enough with the fanfare. Well, actually, we can never have quite enough fanfare around here, but I should probably move on just in case you are starting to run away now.

So, above, you see the sketch for this week from Sketchy Thursdays. I made my own in a couple of ways....


For starters, I chose to work with two larger 4x6 photos rather than 3 smaller photos. Also, I ...

....wait for it once again...

...wanted to include journaling. *GASP!* I know...that never happens! Let's chalk it up to a good day, huh? So, anyway, I wanted to include journaling, so I used some of the space at the bottom of the page for that. Finally, instead of using two layered sheets for my background, I chose to do one die cut page and give it that same umph with a single layer.

Prom? - Goat

"Jingle, um.....I was just kinda wonderin' why there's a GOAT on your page about your sister and her boyfriend???"

Yes, I can hear you asking. Trust me on this one. It's appropriate for there to be a goat on this page. It's hilarious and random just like my crazy sister who grabs a vase of flowers and does a 'Prom Picture' pose when all I want is a few decent shots of her and the bf!
She got a goat.

That, and, well, quite frankly, I don't see why you don't use goats regularly on your pages. Are you actively discriminating against goats? Hmph! So there!

Accent on Prom?

I loved the little triple accent action going on in the sketch down in the bottom left corner. Loved it so much that I did it there AND in the top right. I need balance in my life. It keeps me sane. Well, almost, anyway.

Prom? Title Close

And finally, the title. Ah, yes. *sigh* The title in the best ever Thickers made by American Crafts. Seriously. These puffy thickers are my all time favorite. It took me FOREVER to get my hands on some and now I have two packs (I know...I need more, but you know how that is....) and I love them. Seriously, if I could get these in every possible color available, I totally would because I love them THAT much. They make me happy!

So....the moral of this story is to head on over to Sketchy Thursday and participate! Why? Because it's fun, that's why! The other moral of this story is that you should leave a comment. Why? Because it keeps me from talking to myself all day about the reasons why the nice people who visit my blog each day aren't leaving me comments. (Actually, tons of you have been lately, and I totally LOVE THAT, so thank you from the bottomest most depths of my heart!)

AND....just a little fun today....Have you ever been to Dubai? I haven't. I would love to go, though! Well, a wonderful bloggy friend of mine happens to live there and is having a fun little contest on her blog! Go play along!!! (Just don't win because I want to win! Hee-Hee!)

P.S. I have a fun giveaway coming along VERY soon! (maybe today!)
P.P.S. I have another fun giveaway going on RIGHT NOW!!! You should enter. All the cool kids are doing it.


  1. Very cute! I can't even begin to REMEMBER when the last time I did a LO was! Which is sad! :( :P

  2. Great layout Jingle!! Love the goat :)

  3. Too cute, I love the goat lol! Thanks for playing!
    Jennifer C. Sketchy Thursday dt

  4. Well, if all the cool kids are doing it...

    Nice lo--and I like the goat!

  5. Awesome fun page - love the story behind it and totally digging the random goat!

  6. Love your layout! I am planning on getting mine done today.
    Awesome job!

  7. That turned out very nicely! I am so lame, all of my photos are just crammed into all of the computers in my house. I need to get with it! :D

  8. Love this, and i love how you wrote about it even more! I'm glad you are playing along with us!
    -Diana, Sketchy Thursdays founder :)

  9. great layout - and you definately made the sketch your own!

  10. Cute layout. I really need to drag out my supplies and it looks like I need to check out Sketchy Thursday too.

  11. Yay! It was worth the wait! Fab page!

    Thanks for playing :)

    Amanda x
    Sketchy Thursdays DT


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