World Card Making Day - Are YOU Ready to Create?

Yup! World Card Making Day is THIS SATURDAY!!!! I'm pretty excited about it! Nothing like a good excuse to forgo all household responsibilities in the name of crafting!!!

And today, my Honey Comb munching friends (oh...wait...that's me...you probably are, indeed, NOT eating a bowl of dry Honey Comb cereal right now. Oh, well. Just pretend. Nod and smile....that's what my family does....), I have a few fabulously simple cards to share with you. I usually don't post more than one or two at a time because I sort of like to horde my blog material, so you should consider this a special treat! Cards AND Honey Comb Cereal. Yup. It's a good day for you!

This is the card that you got to see a sneak of yesterday. I totally pulled out a bunch of stuff that has, well, let's just say it had 'made itself at home' in my stash. *clears throat* Yeah....it's totally been sitting around for at least a year...some a lot longer. Just say'n.

BUT...the point is that those 'old' and 'outdated' supplies look neither old, nor outdated on this fun, cheery card! Pull out those supplies! Use them for some cards! It feels good!

Okay...moving on...
See that black flourish die cut? Yeah, that one. I totally didn't even know I had that. It came in a lovely baggy of cuts sent to me in a lovely package by a lovely person and I thought it was great at the time and because I tend to get compulsive about putting new stuff away the lovely little baggy of lovely die cuts from the lovely person got put away and I never really saw the treasures that lay within! BOY was I excited when I pulled them out the other day!!!

(Oh...and yes...I am compulsive about putting away new stuff. The funny thing is....I am so NOT compulsive about putting stuff away after I take it out to use it, hence the current hurricane that is my scrapbook studio.)

Again...moving on.

This one doesn't use super old stuff, but it does use super FUN stuff! Is anyone else head over heels in love with the American Crafts Flair accents? 'Cause I like TOTALLY am, dude! Seriously. I know other companies did it, but for some reason theirs has caught this scrappy fish, let me tell you!

And....we have one more...

Am I totally and completely gonna marry this card 'cause I'm so majorly in love with it? Yes. Is it totally a scraplift. Maybe. Sort of. Well, yeah, it totally is. I used completely different colors and stuff, but I got the basic idea from Card Creations Volume 7. Actually, all of these cards were in some way inspired by this issue. It's awesome. If you don't have it go to Barnes and Noble, get yourself a cup of tea and buy this. You will be inspired for Saturday's fun and festivities that DO NOT include house work of any kind. Just say'n.

SO....that's our post for today...by "our" I totally mean "my" because we all know sure as hell nobody else would take credit for this insanity I call a blog! HA! I hope you have a super happy Tuesday and I hope even more that you will join me in celebrating World Card Making Day on Saturday and I hope against ALL HOPE that you will leave a comment today so that I don't have to roam the streets during my lunch hour begging people to read my rantings. Tell me which card is your favorite! ;-) Thanks for reading! Love you guys! *insert big cheesy grin here*

Okay...seriously. I'm done now.

Jingle out.

HA! ! ! ! ! Cracks me up. Every time.

Bye now.


  1. Yeah, we are blog hop buddies! I'm doing the WCMD hop, too. I seriously love that last card, how you inked the edges, the simple white space and the fancy-fancy ribbon! Love it all!!

  2. Those are all great! Dry honeycomb...nope...but I am eating rainbow goldfish crackers. I didn't realize Saturday is WCMD...hmmm...maybe I can score a whole day in the schoolhouse!

  3. Maybe I might actually get around to making a card this Saturday! That would be weird.

    I love the colors of the first one but the last one is my absolute favorite. I love when people use a different color than brown to ink edges. LOVE IT!

  4. Adorable cards. I especially like the top card. So bright and cheerful.

    I know what you mean about having stash laying around for years. Of course considering I haven't scrapbooked for myself in almost a year!!!! Need to work on that.

  5. Great cards! I love the camera. The line of buttons is great too!

  6. I am so not crafty! I love the last card!

    I gave you an award! Please stop by my blog to pick it up.

  7. My fave is the button card...it's classy and pretty.

  8. It's like I am in your head when I read your posts. I can hear you munching away on those honey combs as you talk (it's a little freaky).

    My fav is the button card. I just love those colors. Did you thread the buttons or do they come that way?

    HUGS crazy lady!

  9. omg i love honey comb!! i used to eat it dry all the time.

    i love all the cards too...esp the last one. beautiful!!!!

  10. The one with the file folder is my favorite and seriously IM eating dry captain crunch while im sitting here because the meds iM on are making me so naus lolol and people look at me and just nod too... hmmm wonder why that is... oh well. I think our cards are precious. but that one is my fav. IM making lots of cards to sell at the fall festival at Bellas school. In lots of 4. The profits are going to her school. To keep tuition costs down (thank you lord)

  11. So I'm joining you in snack time but I'm having popcorn. Yum Yum!

    your blog always brings smiles to my face - thank you!

    Your card creations are da bomb!


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