A Simple Card Using Old School Technique

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Well, I pretty much failed this week. I originally created this for the new Use Your Stash Challenge. The thing is...I totally screwed up. I skipped a challenge!

So....here's the deal...check out my card....tell me what you think, but just don't use it as your springboard for the UYS challenge, k? LOL!


I actually was so proud of myself, too, because I totally dug deep into my stash for this card! I pulled out my old LIGHT BOX! I know...go ahead...catch your breath...it's pretty shocking. I decided to give the good 'ole brass template dry embossing technique a try again and I am so glad I did! I love the way it came out!


I decided to keep it simple instead of inking or chalking the design. I think it stands really well on it's own. I also want to try it with Glimmer Mist, because the brass would work really well as a mask and I am sure it would look fantastic!


In addition to the old school technique, I also pulled out some older papers. The green is actually a Christmas paper from BoBunny that I found in my stash and the other is from the Cosmo Cricket Tapestry collection (remember that one?). I somehow managed to get a TON of that collection, so I need to start using it all! LOL! I finished the card off with a gold grosgrain ribbon and then edged it with Distress Stickles in Old Linen. I used Distress Stickles only because the color was really the best for the card, and I was nervous that the chunkier glitter wouldn't work well for a thin edge, but I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Now...for the REAL Challenge head on over to Use Your Stash and practice your addition skills!!! It's a fun one! I will be making another project and posting it this week to inspire you for the real challenge this week! I do apologize for not getting it right the first time. I haven't really been myself the last couple of weeks and it is apparently catching up with me!

Oh...I also wanted to share something I heard on the news this morning on my ride in to work. I found this quote to be hilarious, but maybe it's just because I'm from here. You will have to let me know.

In reference to Boston wanting to become a city for bicyclists:

"The perception is that if you ride a bicycle in Boston you will just get run over...

...by everyone....

...and die."

HA! That cracked me up! If you have ever been here, you probably understand. If not...it's not an unreasonable perception...trust me! LOL!

...Anyway...they are working on that, and I am happy to hear it!

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  1. I like the way you did the ribbon! And now I know not to go to Boston on a bicycle. Good to know! LOL.

  2. You crack me up thanks for the monday smile!! Love the card too!!

  3. Lovely card. Now where is my lightbox? :)

  4. I like this card! I have one of those brass embossing templates. I should pull it out. It just takes a while and I get impatient. :) I really like your card. The ribbon is very nice.

  5. wow--nice hand embossing...totally impressed!


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