Pink Paislee Banner Goodness and Chef Ramsey - Eat Your Heart Out!!!

Pink Paislee Create Banner Close Up

I did it!!! I finally made a banner, bunting, thingy or whatever you call these things that people keep making.

I really love it. It's pretty simple, but yet, shimmery and fun all at the same time and I love that about it!

I actually decided to do it for a contest over at Everything Scrapp'n. I had to use at least 50% Pink Paislee Product - ummm.....so NOT an issue! LOL! I LOVE PP and I think they make fabulous papers for this application!!! LOVE IT!

'a' pennant from PInk Paislee Create Banner

All of the patterned papers are Pink Paislee, as well as that fabulous velvet ribbon on the bottom. The letters are chipboard Thickers from American Crafts that I covered in Ranger Stickles so that they would GLITTER!!!! I also outlined the die cut scalloped circle (thank you, God, for nestabilities) with glitter to add more sparkle! I do so love glitter! I used good old fashioned Walmart crepe paper for that fabulous edge behind the scalloped circle. Then, I just added some eyelets quickly and easily with my Crop A Dile and strung each pennant onto a Joann's clearance section ribbon! LOVE THAT!!!! HOW CUTE! Seriously. I love it.

Pink Paislee Create Banner Close Up

Pink Paislee Create Banner

Complete. And. Utter. CUTENESS!

And...I made one OTHER fabulous accomplishment last night, too! I, Jingle, made my very first (but certainly not last) Risotto!!!!!!!

Yup! Risotto is one of those things that scared the heck out of me. Mind you, I can't cook to save my life, so tackling something like risotto, when everyone and their brother claims it is SO hard to get right and people like Chef Ramsey make a habit of SCREAMING at people for getting it wrong, well, you can understand my trepidation. BUT...it always LOOKS SOOOOO good on all of those shows, and so I just HAD to try one! So I did! I made a butternut squash risotto and can I tell you something? It. Was. Perfect.

Seriously. Chef Ramsey would have had to stop yelling at me and actually be impressed for a minute. I promise. It was that good.

Butternut Squash Risotto

Seriously. Good stuff.

SOOOooooo.....I did TWO fun things this week that were new to me, so that makes me totally happy! That...and the fact that in my head I TOTALLY told Chef Ramsey off for yelling at me the whole time I was making the risotto since he loved it in the end. (Ummm....okay.....so maybe some things that go on in my head should not be shared? Hmmm....oh well. Too late now!)

Have you done anything new lately? What? If not - you TOTALLY should, Dude! Seriously! Then tell me about it. 'Cause I really wanna know! I do! I do!!!!!

Something tells me that today is going to be a hyper day. I dont' know where I'm getting that idea? HA!!! Have a good one! And don't forget to leave a comment....'cause they make me happy!!!!!!

***OH! And I know it's been like FOREVER and a DAY since the contest ended, and I will be picking a winner very soon! It's just a lot of comments to sort through!***


  1. Great banner and I know, Pink Paislee is awesome!

  2. Thanks for participating. I really like your "thing" LOL. That is one of Pink Paislee's papers I've always wonder how to use!

  3. What a cute banner and I think it is funny that you said "whatever you call these things that people keep making."

    I almost made one this weekend but made some organza flowers instead. :)

  4. Your banner is so PRETTY!! I made a banner for when I sell my tutus that basically rocks, and that's the newest thing I've tried lately. So we both are new banner-maker-peoples! Yay!

  5. Good job!!
    The risotto looks amazing!! and the banner is soo cute

  6. Ohhh great banner and your risotto really does look yummy I am gonna do a google search for a recipe!!
    thanks again for my daily dose of Jingle...I always crack up when I am here!!!

  7. Beautiful banner girl! I haven't made one yet, but they are way cute!

    I made a skirt last week...that's major for me! :-) I want to overcome my fear of messing up with the sewing machine. There are way too many cool fabric out there to not be able to make something fabulous with. Am I rambling??? Well, you asked.

    Have a wonderful day!


  8. I think your thingy is FAB! LOL! Risotto really isn't that hard... just a lot of stirring. ;)

  9. That is freaking adorable! Well done.

  10. Love your banner and the glitter letters on it!!!

    Mmm, that looks yummy!! Love it when something turns out perfect.

  11. Great entry thanks for participating in the contest at http://everythingscrappn.blogspot.com good luck!

  12. Awesome banner! I haven't made one, either! I'm so proud of you -- and for the risotto, too!

  13. Thats the greatest banner ever!!! Ill have to make one to hang in my crafting area!!!

  14. Freakin' loving that banner girl!!! You rocked the PP for sure!!!!! I have always wanted to try risotto....but too scared!!!! See ya on Twitter!

  15. I love banners. Yours is so awesome. So, you made risotto. I must admit that I promised myself to make it since it is on Hell's Kitchen every week. Never did I come across it in a restaurant, yet Chef Ramsey makes it sound like we all eat it every day. So glad yours turned out.


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