Halloween Treat - Custom Wrapped Hershey's Bars!

Well, I had an absolutely FABULOUS holiday weekend! I hope you did, as well.

I spent all day Friday like this:

It was SOOOO nice! An absolutely PERFECT beach day! You could lay out on the beach and not get too hot and not get too cold, the crowds were thin, so you had a nice private space on the beach, the water was slightly less freezing cold than usual, making it possible to go in for a nice refresher, and lunch at Forbes and dinner at the Maine Diner pretty much made it an absolutely perfect day with my Mom, Daddy, and The Hubbums. I want to go back. Like...nowish.

But, alas, reality has hit once again, and the cooler temps are creeping closer and closer by the day. Thus, it is time to start making cute fall goodies! LOL! The Use Your Stash Challenge this week is up (actually, I'm a day late...it was up yesterday!) and it is a fun one! We have created inspiring designs using the following:

A. Alphabet Stickers B. Bookplate C. Crayon

Obviously the challenge is inspired by the back to school rush, but don't let that box you in! Take this challenge wherever you would like to go with it! There are so many possibilities!

Treat Hershey's Bar for Halloween or fall

I created this fun, festively wrapped Hershey's bar! First I wrapped the candy in cardstock. I colored the edges with the crayon to highlight the fabulous texture of the cream colored cardstock. Then, I wrapped the outer layer with one of Prism's fantastic shimmer papers. I dug deep into my stash for some of the embellishments on this one! The gold glittered leaf came with a few fun things someone kindly sent to me, the bookplate (Lil' Davis Designs) was buried in my drawer of metal goodies, and the gold trim came on packaging for something or another and, you know I just HAD to keep it! LOL! The letter stickers are from My Little Shoebox and the brads are classic Making Memories.

Treat Hershey's Bar - Halloween/Fall

This was a super fast and way fun project to create! And the best part is....

.....it sort of hides your candy bar, making it less likely that you will eat it. HA!

No, really, though...these make great little gifts on their own or they can top off a larger gift. They are fun to send as treats for your kids at school (or even for the class for a special event)!

Head on over to Use Your Stash to see what the other DT girls created and get inspired to create something fabulous!

Or....go have a Hershey's bar. With almonds. You know you want one.


  1. I haven't had breakfast yet and that chocolate looks really good! Love what you've done with it :)

  2. Very very pretty! I never actually used my stash during a use your stash challenge. I just collected more stuff.

    :::visits from SITS:::

  3. What a great idea. you could even do them up with really girly paper and use for a birthday party favor

  4. fabulous halloween treat, I love how you wrapped your Hershey bar! I am definitely going to give this a try!
    hugs Debx

  5. The beach sounds heavenly!

    What a cute idea with the custom wrappers.

  6. oh, super cute. I've made some of those wrappers before and they are so fun.

  7. I love this idea! I think I would probably do it for very special friends though versus the entire neighborhood. :)

  8. Oh, I'd still eat it! But I'd try to slide the chocolate out and then slip another back into the wrapper. An excuse to buy more chocolate, I'd hate for the pretty wrapper to go to waste!


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