Does Your Mother Have a 5 o'clock Shadow?

'Cause Mine Does!!!! No....my mother is not the bearded lady at the circus.

That would just be frightening.

And I hate the circus.

'Cause it is just plain creepy.


So....as I mentioned a couple of days ago, we got to spend the day at the beach last Friday. We love the beach. It's a happy place. It's a relaxing place. And....apparently....it's a place where you can laugh a LOT with your Mom! LOL!

Let me set the scene for you:


There is my sweet Mommy. There, in front of her....is her shadow.


BUT...my friends...that is not just any old shadow, mind you. No, sirreeeee BOB! That, folks, is my Mom's 5 O'clock shadow! Yes, it just so happened to be about 5 o'clock when she discovered this absolutely perfectly fabulous shadow looming before her and, jumping up and down all excited-like she announced that she could see her 5 o'clock shadow. We laughed.

A lot.

It was SO stinking cute! But, the shadow is really cool! AND...here is a fun photo of the two of us together....
...enjoying our 5 o'clock shadows! I LOVE IT! We look so wonderfully tall and skinny! It's super fun!

But, we didn't ONLY play with shadows, oh no! The fun did not stop there!

We also discovered THIS!


A Ruby Pearl.
Covered in Brown Sugar.

Okay...so by 'discovered' I might actually mean my Mom made it from the neat wax stuff that comes around Baby Bell cheese wheels, and by 'we' I might me Mom.


A Ruby Pearl.
Covered in Brown Sugar.

Yes, I realize I am repeating myself, but I just wanted you to feel the impact of the hilarity, here. 'Cause, I don't care who you are...that's funny stuff! HA!

I think at one point it was also a beautiful cherry covered in brown sugar (actually...that's where the whole sugar part came from in the first place....) but then it became MUCH more valuable when it became a RUBY PEARL.

We left it in the shell. So that someone would find it on the beach and be so excited to find a Ruby Pearl! (My Dad, kindly let us know that that someone would probably have to be close to the age of 4 or so to see it the way we did, but we just ignored him. HA!)

Seriously, though....it is amazing the things you can discover when you just relax and have fun! We laughed so hard. Oh! And I found out that my aunt, whom my parents recently saw when visiting family in Florida, actually sent one of those cool closed oysters home for me. When you open it you find a pearl, but it could be any kind of pearl from a basic, every day one to a really gorgeous and valuable black pearl or something. So now...I'm quite convinced that I know what will be in it when I crack it open:

A Ruby Pearl.

One of a Kind.

Maybe I should be sure to open it around 5 o'clock? Hmmmm.......


  1. I love taking shadow shots, they are so much fun!

  2. awwww this post made me laugh and cry both! You are soooo blessed to have your mom! Now I know where you get your sense of humor from!!!
    sending you big hugs for making my day!!!

  3. Definitely not what I was expecting! Thanks for the laugh!

  4. A ruby pearl in brown sugar is PURE genious :) Maybe you should market that idea!

    Great story - thanks for sharing - see you on Monday:)

  5. Fun post!!! And I love that you hang out with your Mom and Dad!!! My parents, next to my hubs, are two of my most favorite people to hang out with!!!

  6. Hahahaha I love shadow pictures! Sounds like you had a great day at the beach. I would totally be excited if I came across a Ruby Pearl. Just.like.a.four.year.old.

  7. I love your mother. I think we would get along famously!

  8. wow - i don't think i've ever heard of a ruby pearl! cute shadow pics - me and the hubs did the same thing recently!!!


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