Let's take just a Moment to Talk About What I Want!

Ha! No, really. That's what this post is about today. What I want. I have been totally falling in love with some way fun stuff on Etsy lately, so I am going to show you so that you can buy it all for me! HA!!! Totally kidding! (Unless you are my Mom! Then, you can feel free to buy me any of the following items!!! No...really...I'm totally cool with that....Just say'n.)

But, in all seriousness, there are some GREAT things being created by some amazingly talented folks out there and I just get so excited about them sometimes! Check these out!

This amazingly happy print is called rainy day and it is by Tummy Mountain. You should see the REST of the artwork in this shop! SUCH amazing cuteness! And...more cuteness on the Tummy Mountain blog, too!

Check out this amazing little moss terrarium!!! I am in love. I know, theoretically I could make one of these, but why? I mean, The Greenbriar shop seems to be doing a great job with it! I might need to add a gnome, though. You know how I do so love gnomes!

While we are on the subject of gnomes and faeries and such do you even SEE what that is???? It's a tiny little faerie door!!! So they can get in!!!! Tee-Hee!!!! I love it!!! Who THINKS of these wonderful things??? Well, apparently the people who run Wilson Graphics, do. Thank you to them!!!!

Yes. I love this. It's fabulous. Just fabulous! From Quiet Doings amazing shop!

Ummm...if ever a salt and pepper shaker were to make one giddy. This would be said salt and pepper shaker! Seriously, folks!!! Talk about total and amazing cuteness! I love it!!! This one is from Paper Doll Wood Shop! Incidentally, they also have a fun robot wine rack!!

And....we shall end with this one...

From Dogbone Art

The question, my friends, is not why...

...but rather...why not?! I love toast! Toast makes me happy. Well, at least plushy toast does. Real toast is just sort of so-so. Depends on the day.

So...go over to Etsy and find something else that I need and come back and tell me about it for goodness sake! LOL! It's way too much fun not to do it! You want to!


  1. Hi! You have very good taste - I enjoyed all the items you chose greatly! LOVE Etsy. Coming by from SITS to check out your blog, which is very cute, btw! You beat me to roll call today.

    See you around!


  2. Is that salt and pepper shaker a mustache?

    At any rate, I love all of your fab finds too! :)

  3. I love those terrariums! So cute!

  4. I sell on Etsy, and I am there WAY more often to look around than I am to manage my own shop. LOL

    I absolutely LOVE that Tummy Mountain print!

  5. All fantastic goodies!!! That mushroom terrarium is awesome!

  6. I think you should pick out my Christmas gifts this year. I love your taste!

  7. What fun things. I am new to etsy and let's just say I could get in BIG trouble there.
    I notice you have lots of buttons on your side bar. I just had one made by "The cutest blogs on the block" girls and it is so cute. So... if you are needing another one to put on your page... just sayin :))

  8. Well, the other day, I posed a ring I wanted on AMR. I never did order it.

    Now I just found this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=29990825
    iPod classic case. I have the iPod classic, now I just need the case! I love that!

  9. Ok...loving the gnome idea..and I want that toast!

  10. I love Etsy and love your finds! Have you seen this? http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=30223177

    I love to-do lists and love that one.

    Oh and check out my shop if you get a chance - Shana's Shop http://www.ShanasShop.etsy.com

  11. Such fun things!!! Love them all, thanks for stopping by today and entering in my giveaway! Hope your day was wonderful!

  12. Today my favorites are:

    Cupcake Scarf

    Zombie Kitten Mary Janes

    Owl Pillow


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